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Stellar @ 1-Altitude: New Gastronomic Menu!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Food Review

Dining with a view can’t get any more magnificent, than when you’re 62 storeys up high at Stellar, 1-Altitude!

I’m not really that extravagant an eater, and fine-dining isn’t really in my book when it comes to eating and food, but I couldn’t say no to an invitation by the kind folks at 1-Altitude to sample their new gastronomic menu! I was pretty excited about it too, because I’ve heard and read a lot about how amazing 1-Altitude is!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude View

1-Altitude is situated at the old OUB building, and we started our evening by travelling up 63 stories to the rooftop for cocktails and the most amazing view! We were even higher up than MBS and had a fantastic bird’s eye view of the waterscape and city area!

Evonnz Ng Yina Goh

Can’t miss out this beautiful dining partner of mine, Evonne! All decked out in hot pink and looking like a life-sized Barbie doll.

We admired the view for a bit before proceeding down to Stellar on the 62nd storey, where dinner was to be held.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

With Stellar at 1-Altitude’s new gastronomic menu, it was extremely hard not to be spoilt for choice: they now offer 4, 5 or 6 course tasting menus, for $95++, $120++ and $140++ respectively.

I love variety, just like any typical Singaporean out there, so if you used to think that fine-dining is not your cup of tea, it might just be because you haven’t yet been to Stellar at 1-Altitude! Be warned: come on an empty stomach because you’d need every ounce of space there is for all the yummy food!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Menu

Stellar @ 1-Altitude
面包也要拍?! Lol. It’s a little silly but I always love bread baskets, especially when the bread is toasty warm! 😀

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Amuse Boche

We first started with the amuse bouche, to cleanse our palette! It was sake sorbet served on hamachi tatare and was deliciously light and refreshing! An good omen and fabulous start to dinner!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Scallop

Scallop ($28++)

This is definitely one of those on the must-order list! All of us savoured every single bite of this ravioli sheet that hide three juicy scallops, accompanied with pear cubes and parmesan cheese! I don’t like too much cheese, but this was just nice, without being toooo cheesy. The scallops were seared to perfection and were super juicy and sweet!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow ($24++)

An interesting dish for those that fancy pig trotters and bone marrow, it combines braised and deboned pig trotters rolled together with pork belly, as well as a bone marrow custard. The flavours were very interesting really, but it was also quite heavy on the palate. The parsley salad with bacon bits was too sharp tasting for me though I liked the smooth bone marrow custard very much.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Bone Marrow

Close-up of the bone marrow, it tasted just a little like steamed egg but richer and more flavourful!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Aglio Uni

Aglio Uni ($44++)

Another dish that won unanimous favour with all the diners! A portion of capellini with leek, ebi sakura and smoked sea urchin butter accompanied by two huge king prawns that were so lip-smackingly good!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Yellow Tuna Fin

Yellow Tuna Fin ($44++)

This is one of the dishes that Stellar at 1-Altitude is acclaimed for!

We were only provided with the tasting portion, which I thought was quite a generous portion already. Wood-fired yellow tuna fin and an herb-ish tasting rissoni (the grains of pasta that resemble rice): Evonne didn’t like this dish but I loved the tuna! Tasted almost like the one I had in France, the texture was amazing, juicy and firm at the same time. There were some pretty exotic tasting spices in this, but on the whole, I enjoyed this dish alot for the tuna.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Yellow Tuna Fin

Beautiful plating, too!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude
For our next course, a waitress appeared with boxes of steak knives… and asked us to pick a knife 0.0 Not too sure why we had to pick our own knives, but I suppose that’s fine-dining for you?

The chef himself, Chris Millar, appeared at our table to personally do the carving of meats for us!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Chef Chris Millar
That’s Chef Millar expertly slicing a rack of lamb.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Stellar @ 1-Altitude
Wagyu beef! D:

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter

And here is the wonderful looking meat platter.. Are you salivating yet? Meat-lovers like me will certainly go gaga over how beautifully cooked and presented all the meat looked!

We had a platter that consisted of pork chop,Wagyu beef, Kobe beef, and lamb rack!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter
Meat Platter 
$120++ for 3 meat selections (550g) and $140++ for 4 meat selections (720g).

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter
Sorry for spamming so many pictures. I guess you can tell that I super loved the meat platter! And I was  particularly partial to the Wagyu beef.. So so so tender, and juicy, with that wonderfully beefy flavour! The Kobe beef paled in comparision because it was somewhat tougher and dryer. The Wagyu beef.. Words can’t begin to describe how orgasmic it was D:

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter
The meat platter also came with a generous side of greens as well as a whole lot of sauces. The foie gras sauce was SO good!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter Sauces

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter Sauces

Foie Gras Sauce | Morel Sauce | Café de Paris Butter | Bearnaise Sauce | Dijon & Grain Mustard

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Meat Platter
Was surreptitiously reaching out for piece after piece of Wagyu while noone was looking 😛

The stellar dining experience at Stellar at 1-Altitude (pun intended) was rounded up with an incredible dessert creation that was executed right at our dining table! We watched Chef Millar as he created his work of art in front of us. It was an exquisite sight!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Dessert

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience
We were very busy too while Chef Millar prepared the desserts: Busy with taking photos and videos! Haha

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience
It was really a sight to feast upon!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience
The Valrhona Chocolate Bomb melted to reveal a cake! Cool.

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience
Flaming baked Alaska D: This was flame-torched “live” at the table!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Sweet Experience

Om nom nom!

Stellar @ 1-Altitude Chocolate Truffles
We ended the night with these delicious bites of chocolate truffles. Perfect!

Stellar at 1-Altitude is a place I’d certainly place on my list for a special celebration. Perfect ambience, checked. Magnificent view, checked. Visually appealing food that tasted just as good, checked! Everything was top-notch.

If there was anything that I had to nitpick on, it would be that the staff was almost TOO attentive, asking us for our opinion of every course at every opportunity. Lol. Sometimes I just want to enjoy my food in peace, you know? Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience at Stellar at 1-Altitude!

❤ ❤ ❤

Stellar @ 1-Altitude

1 Raffles Place, Former OUB Building, Level 62

Tel: 6438 0410

Opening Hours: 

11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 12am (Mon – Fri); 

6pm – 12am (Sat – Sun, PH)

Visit 1-Altitude’s website here!

❤ ❤ ❤

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