An Evening at Skyve Wine Bistro

Obviously, I’ve been having one too many good meals lately! Getting oh-so-fat, and it’s really time to stop eating so much O_O But well, at least I’m sharing the love.. And letting you guys and girls know about all the awesome food places I’ve been to! 🙂

If you’re looking for a place to spend your evening/night in a wonderfully comfortable environment, enjoying drinks and food whilst listening to laid back acoustic live music (only on Wednesdays and Fridays!), Skyve Wine Bistro could be your new favourite hang-out!

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

It was my first time at Skyve Wine Bistro  and the place is located along Bukit Timah Road, which is honestly rather inaccessible for me without traveling by car/taxi 🙁 It does make for a nice and quiet food establishment though, as Skyve Wine Bistro is tucked into a little corner of Winstedt Road. And it’s near town! Just not too near my home. Mehhhh.

Skyve Wine Bistro is housed in a former school campus, and I like the wide and open feel of tbe restaurant! There’s a very nice al fresco area, which I didn’t take pictures of, and a lot of seating available indoors.

Formerly known as Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar, Skyve Wine Bistro now has a new Executive Chef, Jachin Tan, along with a revamped menu and an extended wine list of more than 70 labels! (Ok, I don’t really drink wines so the wine bit doesn’t mean anything to me, but I’m sure there are wine connoisseurs who would appreciate that!)

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

When we arrived, it was still quite early in the evening, and the restaurant was quite quiet. Customers started streaming in in small groups throughout the evening though!

My dining companions need no further introduction, I think?

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

Three pretty ladies, Evonne, Jayne and Jess!

It’s always nice to unwind in the evening after work, especially in the company of awesome people! We got ourselves settled in on the cushy seats with drinks and casual talk!

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore
Hello, me! 😀 Oooh good hair day.

We started off our dinner with…. Oysters!!!

Skyve Wine Bistro Oysters

Mentaiyaki – seasoned and served with mentaiko, ebiko, lemon juice and aioli ($34++ for ½ dozen)

Chilean – seasoned and served with serrano, lime juice, red wine vinegar and cilantro ($34++ for ½ dozen)

Kilpatrick – seasoned with lardon of bacon, worchestershire and chive ($34++ for ½ dozen)

Skyve Wine Bistro Oysters
Now.. I know some people LOVE oysters. I don’t really like slimy and fishy tasting things, so it’s very rare that I’d even think about having a RAW oyster. Orh lua or oyster mee sua is about my limit as far as oysters go… But thanks to the egging on of the girls.. I TRIED MY FIRST RAW OYSTER. O_O

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

It was also Jess’s first taste of raw oyster and we spent about 10 minutes gathering up the courage to stuff those things in our mouths hahaha. 

Verdict: Still not a big fan of oysters. They just taste.. kind of slimy to me! And I don’t like slimy things. But I’m sure there’d be others who’d love the oysters! Like Jayne who’s an oyster fan!

Skyve Wine Bistro Bar Snacks
Trio of Ceviche – Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Chilli Lime Ceviche, Toasted Breadsticks ($22++)
Truffle & thyme fries – Truffle oil, Thyme salt, Granda Padano ($16++)
 Pigs can Fly – Thinly sliced Crispy Luncheon Meat ($10++)

The Trio of Ceviche is really interesting, it’s like a fresh sashimi parfait made from Tuna, Salmon and Yellowtail in a very tangy and refreshing citrusy marination! Yummy.

Skyve Wine Bistro Truffle Fries
I really liked the truffle fries too, they were so good! Served fresh in a cute dimsum basket and brown paper, giving it a homely old-school touch. And they were generously garnished with cheese shavings too! The aroma of truffle that infused the fries was distinct and earthy, and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out repeatedly for these 😛

Skyve Wine Bistro Lucheon Meat Fries

And because these luncheon meat fries sounded so interesting, we ordered them too!! Tastes exactly like how you’d expect deep fried luncheon meat would taste like hehe. They were thinly sliced and were super crunchy! Like ultra sinful potato chips, but better!

Skyve Wine Bistro Bar Snacks
The dips that went along with the fries. Yum yum!

Next were some of the dishes I really liked! All of them are prepared Sous-Vide style, which is what Skyve Wine Bistro is known for. It’s a famous technique that uses regulated temperature and long cooking time in a water bath. Food cooked sous-vide is juicer and more evenly cooked, with a better texture!

Skyve Wine Bistro Chimmi Squid
Chimi squid – Chimmichurri Squid, Olive Tapenade ($14++)

Squid is one of the dishes I really like if cooked properly, because I hate it when it gets all rubbery and tasteless from overcooking! This Chimi squid was well-marinated and was tender with a soft, chewy texture!

Skyve Wine Bistro Chimi Squid
It tasted as delicious as it looked!

Skyve Wine Bistro Dengaku Prawn
Dengaku Prawn – Egg & Miso Tiger Prawn Skewer, Chilli Vinegar ($14++)

The prawns that were first cooked with Sous-Vide and then lightly grilled for a wonderful flavour. I liked the fusion style of egg/miso marination with chilli vinegar! Very palatable for our local taste buds. The prawns were crunchy and firm too!

Skyve Wine Bistro Dengaku Prawn

Skyve Wine Bistro Beef Skewers
Chargrilled Beef Skewers – Green Harissa ($16++)

Green Harissa is a herb-based chilli, and it actually went very well with the Chargrilled Beef Skewers, also cooked Sous-Vide before being grilled to a golden brown charred finish! I prefer my beef a little less done, but this was still juicy and had a chewy but soft consistency! Came in bite-sized pieces which was great, because it allows the chargrilled flavour to really permeate the meat!

Skyve Wine Bistro Beef Skewers

We rounded off the dinner with Pizza Slabs, that are freshly baked in-house everyday!

Skyve Wine Bistro Pizza Slabs
ABM – Artichoke, Black Olives, Mushroom Ragout, Tomato Concasse, Four Cheese ($16++)
Red & green – Arugula Ricotta Base, Sundried Tomato, Bacon ($16++)

I didn’t particularly like the Pizza Slabs, found the cheese too overwhelming without any other real flavour or enough ingredients to really give the pizzas an oomph! Give me Ricciotti or Mozza for pizza any day.

Skyve Wine Bistro Dessert Menu
Some of the desserts are definitely worth ordering though! We were pretty spoilt for choice!

Skyve Wine Bistro Snickers Bar
Snicker Bar – Salted Caramel Pudding, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Ganache Feuilletine, Flambed Bananas, Vanilla Gelato ($12++)

My favourite dessert, the “Snicker Bar”! It is a salted caramel pudding with peanut butter and chocolate ganache, and was served with a scoop of delicious Vanilla ice cream from Movenpick! The slices of banana are torched with liqueur, which gave it a really interesting texture too! Sinful but good.

Skyve Wine Bistro Tiramisu
Tiramisu – Lady finger sponge infused with coffee liqueur, whipped mascarpone cream, kahlua granita ($12++) –

If you prefer your tiramisu traditionally rich and creamy, you might not like this one, because it doesn’t really taste like tiramisu at all. The granita tasted like coffee-flavoured ice, and I didn’t think the different components fused together well.

Skyve Wine Bistro Mango Cheese Semifeddo
Mango & Cheese Semifeddo – Rippled frozen mousse, Frozen lime foam, sablee cookies ($12++) 

This was pretty interesting, with a texture that tasted like a cross between mousse and ice cream, it was smooth and creamy but didn’t melt! D: Those flower petals are edible, I think!

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore
By the way, there was live music going on whilst we chomped down on all those bar snacks, and coincidentally, it was one of my guitarist friends who I’ve gigged before with, Clarence, with a wonderful singer, Renny! They did a number of acoustic tunes, and it was so soothing and laid-back. Great accompaniment to the food!

Jess and I stayed all the way to the end of their last set, and Clarence even got us to sing a couple of songs! Hahaa. It was Jess’s first time singing with live music and I made her sing Skinny Love, she sounded really good!!

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore
With Clarence! 😀 He’s an amazing musician!

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore
Thanks for the invite, Skyve! 😉 The four of us had a fantastic night!

❤ ❤ ❤

Skyve Wine Bistro

#01-17, 10 Winstedt Road Block E 

Phone: 62256690 

Daily: 10:00 – 01:00

❤ ❤ ❤

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore
Outfit of the day, fully from The Velvet Dolls, save for the shoes! 🙂

Lattice Back Top in White
Ashford Blazer in White
Roseanne Floral Bandage Skirt in Blue
Courtney Box Clutch in White

Love the clean, white look!! Anyway, I’ve been so obsessed over whites and florals, I don’t know why. Hahaha.

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore
The floral skirt was launched last week, but I think blue is sold out! Also comes in Cream and Daffodil on The Velvet Dolls, which are super pretty as well! 

Am having a really relaxed Sunday off today, so I’m taking the opportunity to blog and edit some photos! ^.^ The weather’s so chilly and cosy too! I wanna put up some pictures from my weekend trip to Medan/Siantar, and edit photos from so many events! As well as edit photos from TVD’s last shoot. Hope I get some of those work accomplished today! *fingers crossed*

Be back again in abit! Enjoy the last of the weekend, y’all!


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