At Bras Basah Bugis Arts Flea Market by Public Garden

Happy Sunday!!! ^.^

This weekend has been an extremely fruitful and happy one for me, because I had some time to really unwind from work, spend precious moments with loved ones, and hang out with awesome people.. Love weekends like this! Usually, I’m working throughout the weekend, because I teach vocal classes, and have choir rehearsals and photoshoots, so such weekends are really rare and much cherished!

So yesterday, YZ and I went down to the Bras Basah Bugis Arts Flea Market by Public Garden at CHJIMES!

It’s been a looong loooong time since I’ve been to a flea! The last time was probably when TheVelvetDolls were still taking part in flea markets, a good two years ago. We stopped doing it because it was really very tiring and time-consuming. But I’ve always loved the hustle and bustle of a flea market, and I love the eclectic crowd and mish-mash of creatives, vintage, handmade, and all things unique!

The flea was held at CHJIMES main hall, and it was so packed! At least it was somewhat air-conditioned. Though you could barely feel it cos it was way too crowded lol.

I was there at the flea to support Suying and Suling, who run MerryLove, a newly established wedding shop/company! 😀 And MerryLove will be in charge of my wedding styling/set-up… So excited about it! We haven’t really settled on a theme and all that, but we’ve already discussed quite a bit and I’m really looking forward to working with these two wonderful girls!

Below are some of MerryLove‘s offerings, they have pre-orders and ready stocks for beautiful wedding things, deco, props and the likes! All at affordable prices too!!

Their paper pompoms are extremely popular and instantly charms up any space.. I love them!

Flower headpieces. Perfect for a lovely garden photoshoot!

Paper flower bouquets which I think are so much more economical than fresh flowers, just for the fact that they can be kept and re-used.

This is actually Suying’s personal bouquet that she held for her wedding.. Super sweet!

Lovely rustic ring pillows.

Mr and Mrs signs!!! Hehehe.

Here’s the two sisters from MerryLove! They are really lovely people and I am very thankful for the chance to be able to work with them! Thank you ❤

We also wandered through the entire flea market, which wasn’t really that big, and I really really liked some of the stalls!

Like this one that sells hand-made knit and felt plushies and soft toys! Plus, it’s actually operated by a family, the mummy is the one who makes these lovely crafts and her daughter was there to help her sell them. I found the shop on Facebook, it’s called Lcube!

There was a minion knit toy that was available for pre-order too! Mad cute.

There were also a few stalls that sold pretty jewelry pieces, though I didn’t get any.

I particularly liked this stall.. It’s run by OhPopDog, and these girls design and handsew their own doggie clothes and accessories! Lovely branding, and great work on the doggie clothes! The owners are very young and enterprising, and have alot of love for the things they create. It’s very heartwarming to see such passion and creativity and love in Singaporeans! :’) Support!!

I thought these knit doggie bow-ties were super adorable! Bought one for Baby. Teehee.

Another stall that YZ and I had a lot of fun at! This stall brought us back to our childhood days with their kitschy and vintage inspired pieces, like brooches, necklaces and small objects inspired by childhood snacks, games, and the likes. We were exclaiming with delight and getting so excited over them! Much reminiscing was going on too. Good old days!

These snack brooches were first drawn and painted before being printed on fabric and made into little pins/brooches! Some of my all-time favourite snacks! 

And these rings look just like the biscuits I loved as a kid!

I have the real thing in my kitchen right now hehe Mummy bought them! Love these biscuits!

Rabbit milk candy and Mamee, two of my favourite snacks!

A stall that showcased the watercolor illustrations of a local artist, I thought the way she displayed her pieces was ingenious! I also loved the unique illustration style, and how some of her illustrations had a local flavour to them!

For instance this Ang Ku Kueh one! Super cute ah! Didn’t take down the name of the artist though. Oops.

Food can never go wrong, and this stall was just next to MerryLove’s, her bakes looked very enticing!

We brought back a Salted Caramel Nutella Tart and it was pretty good!

With YZ! ❤ Can you believe this is the first flea market that we’ve went to, together? Glad that we went down, it was a magical experience that brought us out of our usual boring comfort zone and it was such an eye-opener too!

All in all, we had a really good time exploring the flea market, and most of all, I really admire all these wonderfully talented and creative people who are all fiercely pursuing dreams and passions with their unique gifts and offerings. I like chatting with all the different stall vendors who are always more than happy to share about their products and themselves. To me, it’s like getting a little peek into the lives and dreams of strangers who are just people like you and me but have their own aspirations and love for what they do. It’s always inspiring for me to meet and talk to such people!

Put the knit bow-tie I got from OhPopDog on my fattie chihuahua!

Teehee. I hope her silly face adorned with a cute bow-tie made you smile a little!

And that’s the end of a beautiful weekend. I did a whole lot more, but will share in another entry cos I don’t want this to be too long a post! I’m feeling all charged up with positive energy and brimming with happiness! What a wonderful way to end off August, and start off September! ❤

If you haven’t yet checked it out, there are also new arrivals on TheVelvetDolls!

Only limited sizes/pieces left, but I really love this collection! 🙂

Go check it out! 

And I wish everyone a blessed September too! ❤❤❤


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