The Story of the Proposal

It’s been exactly 10 days since… the day I got proposed to! And here’s the story of exactly how it happened, and what took place. Warning: This is one heck of a long wordy entry! Please skip if you have no interest in reading about the proposal.

To be honest, everything still feels a bit surreal to me, and it sort of feels like it was someone else’s proposal/it didn’t happen to me HAHAHA. And it’s such a super long-winded story omg because I have to start from two weeks ago when YZ and I went down to Jann Paul to look at diamonds and rings, all thanks to Trish who introduced them to us!

YZ and I have briefly discussed the idea of getting a ring together, but he told me that he didn’t want to rush me into marriage or anything, and would leave it up to me to decide when I was ready to settle down. Well.. We’ve been joking about getting two-carat rings for some time now, and I knew that YZ was really serious in wanting to look for a ring together with me.

After recommendations from Trish, YZ and I decided to head down to Jann Paul together to learn more about choosing a good diamond and to look at our options! We booked an appointment with Jann Paul (they operate strictly on appointment basis only) and went down together.

Posted this picture on Instagram then.

We sat down with Casey, one of Jann Paul‘s partners, for a good 3-4 hours, while he patiently explained to us what seemed like practically everything about diamonds! 

YZ chose the diamond he deemed fit, in terms of cut, carat, clarity and color. I decided on this gorgeous filigree design ring setting, but we wanted to customize it further, which is also part of Jann Paul‘s services: they do free customization for all customers! 

However, the customization to actual hand-crafting of the ring takes about 4-6 weeks at least, so Casey said they would get back to us in a couple weeks with some 3D renders of a few variations that we could then pick from to tweak further and finalize.

This is the reason why I was totally not expecting any proposal any time soon, because I knew for a fact that YZ had no ring to propose to me with.


Fast-forward to two days before my birthday, it was a Thursday night and I was having dinner with my family, with YZ present as well.

I got an SMS from GROUNDzero‘s manager, Lorraine, asking if I’d be available to sub for a gig on Saturday, the day of my birthday. This was at pretty short notice, just two days before the actual gig day but I agreed, since I’ve sang with GROUNDzero a couple of times already, plus I love Switch.

I showed YZ the message and asked him if it was okay to take on the gig, since he might have had plans in mind for my birthday. He shrugged and said to go ahead, cos it isn’t often that I get the chance to gig. So I replied Lorraine in the affirmative that I was good to go on Saturday. And I was elated about getting the chance to do a gig.. What an awesome “birthday present”!!

Silly video taken during my birthday celebration at home!

I had a quiet celebration at home with my family the day before my birthday, on Friday night, since I’d be busy on Saturday with my classes, choir rehearsal and gig. 

If you didn’t already know, YZ has a penchant for wanting to plan huge, overboard surprises, so I decided I needed to stop him in his tracks in case he had any over-the-top epic birthday plans for me.

Our conversation on Friday night went like this:

Me: B, don’t plan any birthday celebrations for me for tomorrow (Saturday) already okay? Don’t need to buy cake and all that. We already celebrated liao mah.

YZ: *innocently* Huh, so last minute, how to plan? You know you only confirmed the gig yesterday. No lah, I’m not going to plan anything.

BUT RIGHT AFTER THAT, this dumbo left his laptop while I was working on my laptop right next to it, and I saw a Facebook event he was creating to invite friends down for the gig at Switch for my birthday. 


So I found out that he was planning something after all, but I thought it’d be a surprise birthday celebration or something, thus I pretended I didn’t see anything and decided to just let him do whatever he wanted to..

On the day of my birthday itself (Saturday), I was getting ready to leave the house for my class at 11am, and caught YZ laughing hysterically to himself whilst looking at his phone =.=

Me: Why you laugh until so happy, ah?

YZ: No lah, it’s nothing. Group chat with my family. My cousin said something funny.

Me: *suspicious*

Unbeknownst to me, this was what was going on in his so called “family group chat”! The conniving gang allowed me to see the group chatlog after the entire proposal was pulled off, so I’m going to post up part of the conversation here because this bunch of girls seriously. HAHAHA. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry =.= If you have the patience to read through it, here it goes! 

Accomplices in #OperationProposal in the below conversation include YZ (Yongzhuan Bai), Evonne, Trish (Trisha Liang) and Tricia (Tricia Ong Vainglorious), so don’t get confused with the Trisha/Tricia! :X

Hello lol

Liang: Hello yz!!

Bai: Tonight 830pm

Anyway we are all Gg

Liang: Yah

Evonne: I
think one of us bring cake

Liang: U not gonna propose right???????

Yah lor


Evonne: You not gonna suddenly propose

Bai: Not going to scare her like that


I think you can do it



Liang: LOL

What scare

It’s about time

Everyone waiting

Liang: Lol

He no ring

Some more whole world gonna be there

Ya la use coke ring

Liang: Yet


Yongzhuan Bai: Wei…. I already
choose diamond ring with the help of trish le


Bai: U think NDP rehearsal meh?

Yah lor

Just do it

Bai: I go collect the ring later 

Trisha Liang: Lol yz no matter
how fast later also can’t give u ring leh. Usually it takes 4 to 6 weeks to
hand craft a ring

Then you show her this pic


*pic of diamond*

Liang: Lol ya

Liang: Evonne and Trisha be guarantor

Bai: Evonne u super funny can!!!!

Evonne: Or
or I lend you my empty box


We put paper ring inside

Eh can guarantor

Then we sign paper

Bai: Empty box seems cool


Seriously I think quite funny

But you think she will angry not

Liang: Won’t lah. I nv see Yina angry before


Liang: Ok yz what u wan do

U the lead u so quiet

Evonne: I
think he not prepared


You don’t keep thinking will
scare her

Right now she keep thinking you
no ring won’t propose





And also 7th month coming Liao

Bai: WAH Lao, u serious bo?

Evonne: I auntie pantang don’t
propose during 7th month ok 


Yah I serious

Or you find a replacement somehow


Alternatively we can do a love
actually thing lol

She can sing halfway

Then Yz will hold up a series of

And then the board will be like

“I know you think I don’t
have the ring…”

*next slide* “And that I
can’t propose..”

Liang: LOL

Yz if u want big proposal tonight
is your chance

Evonne: *next slide* well I DON’T

*next slide* but I’m sure you
will marry me.. Right?

Liang: I don’t have the ring … YET

*or should I ask again?*


Then you walk over and propose

Liang: Aiseh

Evonne: I think she will let out
a blood curdling what the ffffff while singing halfway

Maybe mic will drop


Trisha Liang: He must prepare
proposal props ring and to sing

He damn busy now Liao

Still wan settle cake

Cake we settle Mah hahaha

Evonne: I
still have to help him lor

Yz we can get the cards and ring
express printed if you want

But you have to let me know ASAP

I will photoshop and give you

And give you contact

Yz you need to do the unEXPECTED!

Do you want to do it or not

Liang: Ya

Quick say


Liang: Else later u wanna do no time prepare Liao

Bai: Ok ok

I do I do


Liang: How can we more excited than u

Wow I do I do

Bai: 我愿意

You rehearse her lines ah


Liang: We love her more issit?????

Evonne: I
think you do we put fake ring

Liang: Ok


Evonne: You must wait until it’s
her last song on set then we chut the stunt

Then you ask live band switch
song lol

Den you sing a few lines

N one knee

Then fake ring box

I think she will beat me up


Also your fb event got set to
private or not later she can see

Liang: Lol

Bai: I set to only invited guests

Doubt she’ll see it 

Liang: Ok so which plan u wan

Or u have something in mind

We work from there


Is it we must shout 他,嫁给他!!!

What’s the plan Yz lol

Yongzhuan Bai: Yina just walked
over and asked me “why u laugh till so happy”

I dumbfounded

Liang: Omg yz

This is big matter

Please straight face

Bai: Ok ok….

Yongzhuan Bai: “6 years in
the relationship, I’m never more serious than tonight”

Liang: That’s all ah???? Haha

Yongzhuan Bai: “Tonight
decides our future and everlasting happiness”

“I’m very confident I can
make you a happier person being together with me”

You running for president or what 

Ong Vainglorious: LOL omg so funny

Ah Yz that one your speech

Bai: “Will you propose to me?”

Evonne: The board one make it
short sweet and funny



Trisha Liang: And u need to be
short and sweet! Cos she will be kan chiong and cannot process all words

Liang: Yz

I flip table Liao


Bai: No no

Sorry sorry


Bai: Give me one more chance


Is that in your lines or you tell

Bai: Wah Lao very stressed


You can put the will you propose
to me at the last line

Liang: Short and sweet and try to insert funny lines

Can one lol

Tell you Liao

“I know you’re not expecting

“You think I don’t have the


“I don’t hav the ring..

“BUT 我有满的

Ong Vainglorious: Why not

U kneel down on your knee and
look deeply into her eyes

And tell her happy birthday




Ya then she stunned finish

Tricia Ong Vainglorious: Do
everything damn slowly. Look into her eyes slowly and kneel down one eye slowly

Lol omg

Liang: Then u shock her again with proposal

Tricia Ong Vainglorious: Omg u
really gona propose tonight????

So this conversation not a joke??


The plan is

“Hello, I know you’re not
expecting this..”

Liang: It’s not a joke!!!!

Ong Vainglorious: Hello!?


“You think the ring is not ready”

“Well it’s true! It’s not

“Happy birthday Yina



Ong Vainglorious: Lol omg I can’t stop laughing

Evonne: And he will suddenly be
on stage with the ring box (with no ring inside)

Then you say


Liang: U die die wanna expecto pertronus

Bai: Evonne’s idea is so so perfect

Ong Vainglorious: What’s petronus

Liang: Some Harry potter spell

Yina read Harry potter right???

Bai: Yes

Harry potter her favourite

Maybe we print a GO YINA

We print a fake


behind cover sticker

And peel off



Evonne: Steady

Trisha Liang: Swee lah lol


And that was how it was all contrived! I giggled to myself non-stop when I was reading the conversation post-proposal, cos it was just too hilarious! 

This Evonne super pantang, like auntie like that. And YZ’s presidential speech.. I’m glad they stopped him from doing that. Lastly, this Tricia Ong, 这女人真搞不清楚状况 hahaha! And hello?! Next time set event to private already remember not to leave the page open on your laptop hor! *pointers for future proposing boyfriends reading this*

If you read through the entire chunk above, you’d have gotten the gist of a couple of things:

1. The proposal was planned and conceived ON THE DAY ITSELF!

2. Evonne and Trish are really the main masterminds behind it hahahahaha

Once they had finalised the plans, YZ went on a frenzied search for a dummy ring, and a printing shop to print out the placards speed-designed by Evonne for the big night! During this period of time, I was happily unaware in choir rehearsal the entire afternoon.

Here’s the $8 dummy ring that YZ bought from Chinatown. He was (and still is) super proud of it.. Lol.

The A3 sized placards designed by Evonne that YZ spent so much time and effort to get express-printed because all the print shops were closed on Saturday. In fact, he almost wanted to call off the entire thing because he couldn’t find a print shop to get the placards printed. Nearly 氣死 Evonne and Trish in the process. Hahaha. In the end, he found a shop somewhere damn ulu, and was charged an arm and a leg for the express printing! Meh 🙁

Fast-forward again to Saturday evening…

Now the stage was set, while I was still totally unaware of what was about to take place later. After choir rehearsal ended, I arrived at Switch with Fish, and whilst having dinner together, I told her that I saw the Facebook event page that YZ created, and that I hoped he wasn’t up to any big surprises. Fish didn’t know about the proposal yet as well, because it was so last minute that only that handful of people knew about it.

In the middle of our dinner and conversation, YZ suddenly popped out of nowhere, and I was surprised to see him so early, because the gig was only gonna start around 9ish to 10. And when I questioned YZ about it, he said he knew I’d be coming straight over from rehearsal and since he didn’t have any viewing he came down first wtf.

 I was suspicious because I knew about the Facebook event thing, but I didn’t want to be all detective about it so I just let him be, and was giving Fish “I wonder what’s going on” looks when YZ kept on disappearing outside to make phone calls, which he said was work-related (and I believed him because he always spends alot of time on the phone all the time)

The other band members started arriving, as well as groups of my friends and family. I put YZ’s suspicious antics at the back of mind because I was more worried about getting tables and seats for everyone coming, because it was Saturday night and super packed! And very soon, the first set started and I was up on stage, concentrating on singing with Allie and the rest of the band.

During the first set, Allie kept on mentioning to the audience that it was my birthday, and when it came to the last song of the set, she said something about dedicating it to me, and started singing What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction. I didn’t think much of it, except feeling slightly embarrassed, but little did I know that the song was expressly chosen for the proposal that was about to take place.

Half-way through the song, I started to notice Evonne, who was standing up near the stage, waving away enthusiastically with a placard which said “Go Yina! Happy Birthday!” in her hands!


I was super confused and was wondering what was going on… I even made a “You siao ah?” gesture with my hands at Evonne. Until my boyfriend magically appeared out of nowhere dressed in a white blazer (he was only in a tee-shirt earlier) carrying up EVEN MORE placards. Then I realised that it must have been a distraction ploy…. =.=

When YZ started walking towards the stage, holding up a placard which said “You probably didn’t see this coming…” followed by “Cos you think I don’t have the ring…” That moment felt like I was in a dream. Something I never expected would happen and right there and then I started tearing straight away omg. I was so so so so so shocked!

(My friends are very proud to have made me cry. #AchievementUnlocked because they have never even seen me close to tears before. You win, girls)

One moment I was up on stage minding my own business, and the next, I saw my boyfriend, perspiring like a nervous wreck, and about to propose to me in front of the entire restaurant. That part when Evonne is waving the Expecto Patronum sign… I was like WTF. Hahaha. And all my friends were cheering super loudly, especially Evonne and Trish.

It’s pretty hard to explain the rush of emotions I felt. 

Incredulity, utter shock, and finally, feeling tremendously moved by YZ’s gestures and words. I guess if you watch the video, you’d probably be able to understand a little of the myriad of emotions that were coursing through me at that moment. Plus… It was so bright because of the stage lights! I couldn’t see the words on the cards clearly! Which only added to my state of confusion and overwhelmed-ness.

Then, Leon the keyboardist started playing super emo music (Pachebel’s Canon in D =.=), and Eve handed YZ a bouquet of roses, which he presented to me while kneeling down on one knee. I nearly tripped and fell over the monitor on stage wtf because I was so flustered. Everything felt so unreal! And when he finally popped the question, I was too shy to even say yes, but I just stuck out my fingers for YZ to put the ring on.

And of course, you have to listen out for that part when Evonne goes “EH, KISS FIRST CAN OR NOT??!! WHERE IS THE KISS??” hahaha because of course we were too lost to even think about the kissing part. Damn awkward.

No I really didn’t see this coming… (And once I saw this Lobster font, I knew it had to be Evonne’s handiwork….)

For that split moment, I had a wild thought that YZ had gone back to Jann Paul and finished the customisation of the ring without me, and somehow managed to procure the ring already.


And I had to laugh at this ridiculous 爱爱爱爱 slide… Hahahaha. But it’s true, because YZ is always full of unfailing love for me, which is something that I’ve never ever doubted in our six years together 🙂

This Expecto Patronum thing ah…. Lol. 我无话可说.

When YZ knelt down on one knee and pulled out his ‘ring’, I was crying and laughing at the same time =.=

The moment he uttered the words.. “Baby, will you marry me?”

I was saying something along the lines of “I have this really ugly mole on my ring finger and we were joking about how I have to get it lasered away before I can wear my ring, but I guess there’s no time now…”

With my $8 dummy ring on… Hehehe. Must be the cheapest proposal ring ever 😛

And YZ serenaded me with 天使 by 五月天, which is a song I have NEVER EVER heard him sing before. I asked him afterwards why he chose this song, and he said he thought it was apt for the occasion, because I’m his angel :’)

Whilst he was singing, I asked him: “So when did you know how to sing this song?” and he replied “Oh, I’ve known how to sing it since a long time ago!” cheekily.

The happiest man of the night.. Now my fiancé 🙂 Look at the perspiration beading on the sides of his face, that was how 紧张 he was!

Engaged! ❤

All my lovely friends and family present, who were just as happy for me. So glad to have all my wonderful loved ones there for the momentous occasion!

I made sure I got back at YZ by sabotaging him to come on stage again later to sing a song!

Some pictures taken before the proposal, most of these people didn’t know about it until later on when it started happening!

With my sissy Gina~ Even Gina didn’t know about the proposal beforehand!

With Tricia, the blur sotong in the group chat haha. She wanted to stay for the proposal but had to rush off for dinner! This silly girl even blurted out very loudly “Eh what time is the proposal, ah??” when I was just two tables away (I found out afterwards) Thankfully for YZ, I didn’t hear nor suspect a thing. Hehe.

With Serene and Evonne!

Speaking of Evonne, I was wondering why she was applying makeup halfway into the evening… NOW I KNOW WHY ALREADY LOR. She knew there was gonna be lots of picture-taking later on hahahahhaa. The poor girl was running a fever that day, but had to bear with her fever throughout the long night for me! 爱死你了~

Dear Yingdan, who came down with a group of friends as well! ❤

The choir mates who came to support the gig without knowing about the surprise proposal, but were let in on the secret halfway throughout the evening!

Another huge surprise of the evening for me was when Jess arrived with this amazing cake! If you don’t already know, Jess is the super talented person behind Shiberty’s Sweets, and she does the most incredibly gorgeous customised cakes and cupcakes!

Jess made a special TheVelvetDolls doll cake just for me.. and it’s SO SO SO SO SO pretty! Everyone was just raving over it! THANK YOU JESS!!! ❤

I didn’t even tell Jess that it was my birthday when I asked her to come down for the gig, but she found out afterwards cos I posted a picture of my birthday celebrations the day before on Instagram. Usually, Saturdays are her busiest work days when she has to churn out cake orders like crazy, so I was super touched to see that she made a cake especially for me.. and in my favourite flavours too: Red Velvet and Salted Caramel! Just too perfect! ;___;

It tasted so good too that the entire cake was wiped out by everyone! Even the fondant D:

After a round of congratulations and much love from all my wonderful friends, they sang a birthday song for me!

Posing with my lovely cake. Still can’t believe just how pretty it is!

Singing Happy Birthday to myself hehe.

More pictures!!!

Trish and Evonne, the two masterminds! Love you girls very much! Thank you for making this happen lolol.

My sissies who were also caught as unawares as I were haha! Pictures here are also credit to Lina and Leonard! ^.^

Jess!!! Who made this beautiful cake for me! MUACKS. Love the cake so much but most of all I am so super touched that you took the time to make this cake for me!

Serene and Min, the banana sisters! Poor Min Poh was another one who didn’t know about the proposal, and only found out about it when she was on the way to Switch, via Jess’s Instagram. Hahaha. The power of social media!

With Shirleen, Cyndy and Trish again!

Two of YZ’s good friends, Chris and Shelly! They even gifted us with a bottle of red wine as congratulations on the special occasion. Thank you, guys!

William and Elaine, two of the rare ones who were there before the start of this relationship, and are still here now!

My choir mates, including Fish and Aini baby! Love y’all for being there too! ❤

The entire gang!! I actually missed out on photos with some very dear friends, such as Reenie Poh and gang.. 🙁 Sorry gaiz!!! There were also other friends and readers who came down that night but I didn’t manage to take a picture with because they left before I could do so. Thank you so much for being there and sharing in our happiness!

You won’t believe how tiring it feels to have such a major surprise sprung on you. And I still had two more sets to sing through before I could call it a night! I was so exhausted wtf! But it was a good kind of tiring. And I couldn’t have had a happier birthday!

Though once the first set was through, I turned to the band (who were all in on the surprise, dammit) and went like, “IS ALEX REALLY SICK OR IS THIS WHOLE SUBBING JUST STAGED??!” But phew, apparently the surprise wasn’t that elaborate a set-up, if not I’d have felt extremely cheated, meh. 

And for the record, most of the friends and family who came down did not know about the proposal at all, and thought they were just there to support my gig/celebrate my birthday! I still do wish I had just some tiny inkling of what was going to happen.. so that I could have done my makeup better, dressed up more nicely, and did my hair wtf. SIGH.

In hindsight, I’m glad that the proposal happened when it did, because I know that should it have been left to fate (i.e, without the insistent egging-on of my two friends who decided for me that it was high time I got engaged), YZ would probably spend months worrying and deciding over every single little detail of the proposal, and I would probably eventually have found out in the process of it.

Also, the setting of the proposal couldn’t have been more perfect, and holds extra significance to us, because we first met each other and fell in love at a music cafe six years ago, and now, it feels like everything has come full circle :’)

All superficial concerns and surprise elements aside,
I am truly truly overwhelmed and have never been at a happier point in my relationship together with YZ. This proposal was not an easy task for YZ, and there were many uphill struggles for the two of us over the past year, so you might not know how much this one step closer to a life together means to both of us. That we’ve managed to “conquer” yet another milestone in our relationship has made this 26th birthday an unforgettable one for me, while marking a new phase ahead in our lives.

I used to be a person who was afraid to love, and afraid of being hurt. I always felt ugly and unattractive, and never dared to think that I would find someone who would think I was beautiful and could love me wholly, heart, body and soul. Until you came along, and swept me off my feet six years ago, and six years later, is still the man who continually and unabashedly loves me for who I am. The man who loves me despite all of my imperfections and flaws.

And despite your failings too, your hot-headed-ness, your impatience at times, despite our petty quarrels and sometimes huge frustrated arguments, at the end of the day, everything just falls into place because I feel so right when I’m cuddled up next to you, with you pressing affectionate kisses like raindrops on my forehead.

Regardless of where I am, as long as you’re there next to me, it instantly feels like home. When I look at you and your eyes crinkle up at the corners into a loving smile. When you’re sleeping like a log and I entwine myself into your arms to feel protected and sheltered by your comforting warmth, and you hug me tighter in your sleep. When I do my best to annoy you and laugh crazily cos I think it’s super funny, and you are damn annoyed but you think I’m cute cos I’m laughing at you like that. When I wake up in the morning and you’re just gazing like me like I’m the most beautiful thing on earth, even though I look super ugly bare-faced and with messed up hair. TSK.

So baby, thank you for everything ❤
Thank you for the abundance of love and happiness you’ve given me. Thank you for driving out shadows of fear and doubt with your constant assurances of heartfelt love. Thank you for always being the one to pamper me, to keep me safe in your arms, and to be my steadfast rock.

Let’s work hard for our life together.

There will be many more challenges ahead for us, simply because life ain’t a bed of roses. I know we will still get into heated quarrels, and disagree over stupid things. I will still get pissed off with you, and you with me. What’s different now is that I know I have the assurance of a life-long contract, not bound by law yet but by love.

And if you ever dare to bully me, Evonne and Trish tell me they have warned you that they will be right there to kill you.

Lastly, thank you for all the well-wishes and blessings once again from every single one of you! I am so immensely blessed in every way, and absolutely grateful for it. 

For the kind folks who have contacted and emailed me offering me your services and sponsorship, a thousand and one thank yous! I am truly humbled and thankful for all the lovely people who have contacted me thus far, I hope to get back to every one of you soon! I do need all the help I can get, because I really know next to nothing about weddings and getting wedded. So glad to have been offered so much help and services already! Thank you!

And if you read to the end of this lengthy post, I thank you too because this must be one of my longest blog post ever! Geez. THANK YOU, my dear reader!


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