The Proposal Video

I’ve already shared the news on my other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook…) but nothing beats an honest-to-earth blog entry, and Instagram can only do so much with its tiny little square pictures and limited text space! But I’m guessing many of you have already seen the good news.. which is that I got proposed to, right in the middle of my gig at Switch!

 Thought it was just gonna be another fun night singing with the GroundZero folks, but little did I know that there was a mini three-man conspiracy hatching quietly that day.. And YZ with the egging on and help of my two scheming-but-loved friends Evonne and Trish, contrived the hugest birthday present I’ve ever received in my 26 years. A surprise (and very public) proposal that I did not see coming at all!! Even the band was roped in too to help stage the entire proposal!

 When Evonne started standing up and waving a funny signboard that said “Go Yina! Happy Birthday!” I started to get puzzled and was wondering what was going on, until YZ appeared in a white blazer and holding up even more flash cards.. I began to realise what was going on just started tearing on stage (so embarrassing).. And then came a bouquet of gorgeous roses (it didn’t even register to me what color the roses were, or how many stalks there were cos I was so overwhelmed already, even if the roses were made of plastic I doubt I would have realised it at that point in time) before he finally produced a ring box from his pocket and presented it to me. 

For the record, the reason why I wasn’t expecting it at all is because the ring that we picked a ring a couple of weeks at JannPaul, but it isn’t even ready yet so I didn’t entertain any thoughts at all of bring proposed to! Who would have thought that a $8 dummy ring would serve the purpose just as well?

Because I was so shocked and shy on stage yesterday in front of such a huge crowd, I didn’t even say those three words I was supposed to say… So here they are: 白永赚, Yes I Do! 

 Thank you to everyone who were present that day at Switch and shared our happiness and joy, we are so immensely blessed!

For my friends and loved ones who weren’t present that day and were as shocked as I were to learn of the proposal via social media, this is for you! 😀 I’m so sorry that some of you couldn’t be around to witness it in person, the whole proposal deal was such a surprise hush-hush affair because I think YZ and my friends were worried that someone would give the secret away -.-

Edit: My sissy Lina took another video and uploaded it for me too… So I’ll just put it here as well! It’s clearer than mine -.- And has YZ’s and my singing too. Haha.

I apologize for the lousy hand held quality from my camera and my amateur editing skills… As well as our awkward unscripted dialogue and floundering about. But this is as real as it gets. And I’m so thankful for it 🙂

There are many pictures that I haven’t received from my lovely friends and close ones, but I really want to share the wonderful news with everyone, so I hope this video of the proposal itself will suffice first! Edited it myself in iMovie HAHAHA. Thus I added in all the captions here and there.. So that you might get a better idea of how I felt! I could probably write a ten thousand word essay on this, lol. But I’ll save it for a future entry (with more pictures!)

For now…..


The two masterminds ❤ Trish and Evonne! Big fat round of applause goes to these two amazing people. Will share more in another entry I promise!!! Love you two girls!

The entire party that turned up to share this extremely special day with me (There are more who weren’t in the picture!). THANK YOU EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! You guys make me feel so blessed! 🙂


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