Japanese Eyelash Extensions at GRACEOUS!

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
Beautiful eyes? Only because of my gorgeous Japanese eyelash extensions done at GRACEOUS!

You know, beauty is not effortless for many girls, and that includes myself.

There are days when I stare at my makeup-less reflection in the mirror and start feeling really sad that I can’t be effortlessly beautiful like some of my gorgeous girlfriends (Jayne, Evonne, Tricia etc.) but in today’s society, I always believe in one thing: 世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人! (There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones)

Of course, beauty can come in many shapes and forms, but I think there’s one thing that most people would agree on, a mesmerising pair of beautiful eyes is something that every woman strives to achieve! And when it comes to the eyes, I don’t deny that I’ve always envied those with long, dolly, eyelashes that can break hearts with a flutter, a department that I’m definitely lacking in ;(

I’m sure there are many ladies like me as well, who are born with naturally short and sparse lashes.. And we have to spend so much time everyday doing things like curling our lashes before applying coats of mascara, or even putting on false eyelashes every day. It is super time-consuming, and does require a lot of practice before getting it to look right! (I remember the first time I put falsies on… It looked so bad!)

Which brings me on to the main topic in this post: Eyelash Extensions! And more specifically, Japanese Eyelash Extensions, at GRACEOUS!

Before I continue, let me first state that I have actually done eyelash extensions twice, and somehow both experiences left a bad taste in my mouth and put me off wanting to get eyelash extensions done. In fact, the second time was so bad that I went back to the salon after one week to get the extensions removed.. They looked SO unnatural, and felt so extremely uncomfortable! In fact, my friends laughed at me and started calling me Snuffleupagus =.=

Mr Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.

Me with previous done eyelash extensions that were so super stiff, hard, and unnatural.

HAHAHA. Okay, I dont blame my friends. The resemblance is uncanny.

Apart from how unnatural they looked, the process of getting the eyelashes extensions done was also rather nasty. The smell of the glue that was used was extremely stinging and strong, which caused my nose to water up throughout the entire session! And when it came to removing makeup/washing my face, I felt very uncomfortable too, because of how stiff and hard the eyelashes were.

Evonne has always been telling me, “Go and try Japanese eyelash extensions lah!!!“, but I didn’t know of any Japanese eyelash extensions salon in Singapore, until I was recently introduced to GRACEOUS, which is an authentic Japanese style Eyelash Extension and Gel Nails Salon in Singapore, opened by a very very sweet and nice Japanese couple!

And after seeing the effect of Tricia’s eyelash extensions done at GRACEOUS, I was so excited to try it for my very own! Booked an appointment with GRACEOUS, and communicated via SMS with Tomoki-san, who runs the salon together with Nao-san, his wife.

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
GRACEOUS is located along Mohammed Sultan Road, right above Chikuwa Tei Japanese Restaurant.

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
It’s right up in the attic, so just go all the way up up up, until you come to this cosy little space that looks so inviting and simple!

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
Before you start the session, you will need to fill in a couple of forms first, as well as decide on the kind of eyelash extensions you want. There are varying kinds, like the J-curl, L-curl, and C-curl! There are also different lengths, from 8mm to 14mm, as well as different styles of extensions (some are longer in the middle, others are longer at the ends etc…) depending on what kind of look you want to go for.

I told Nao-san I wanted something natural but still fluttery and would help to open up my eyes, and she decided to do the C-curl, 9-11mm!

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
Got settled down and Nao-san started working on the eyelash extensions!

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore

The very first thing that struck me was that.. THERE WAS NO OVERPOWERING SMELL OF GLUE! Trust me, it is a very very pungent and eye-watering smell, and having that smell in your nose during the entire 1.5-2 hours procedure would be really uncomfortable. But no, there was practically no smell at all, for which I’m very thankful!

And guess what.. I actually fell asleep halfway through the session (and according to Evonne, started snoring lightly =.=) because Nao-san was so so so gentle, I couldn’t feel anything at all! Must have been so tired I fell asleep haha. Can’t believe I actually fell asleep, but I did!

As you can see, the eyelash extensions are attached on painstakingly ONE BY ONE.. It definitely requires alot of patience and skill! Nao-san has got years of expertise in doing eyelash extensions in Japan, so be rest assured that your beautiful peepers will be in good hands! All materials are also specially imported in from Japan too!

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
Right: my own lashes. Left: with the C-curl 9-11mm eyelash extensions on.

Can you tell that they are so extremely natural and look just like my own eyelashes, except fuller and denser? 

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore

And this is the end result.. Extremely extremely natural lashes that look just like my own, but prettier, longer, and fuller!

With the beautiful Nao-san, thank you so much for giving me such lovely eyelashes! ❤

I don’t have very good before and after comparison pictures, but you can see the stark difference!!!

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
Before: My own eyelashes are quite stick-straight, and sparse.

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
Two weeks after: Long va-va-voom lashes that still look extremely natural! 

Graceous eyelash extensions Singapore
And the best part of all is that…. I don’t look like Snuffleupagus anymore!!!!

Sorry for this bad picture of me, but don’t you just love how natural my eyelash extensions look? Have received many many compliments from friends and acquaintances already and it’s all thanks to GRACEOUS! 🙂

I also really really appreciate the convenience of having eyelash extensions.. It saves SO much time every day, because I don’t need to carefully curl my eyelashes, layer on mascara, or even stick on falsies! In fact, even drawing my eyeliner can be done in double quick time now because I just need to define my eyes a little bit more and wing out the ends. If I’m in a rush, I just need some concealer and powder and I’m outta the house still looking good! ^.^

It’s been about 3 weeks since my lash extensions, and they are still looking good! Contrary to what some people think, it’s not that difficult to maintain the lash extensions! Just be gentle when removing makeup/ washing up, and avoid using oil-based products around your eyes! Also, you can’t use mascara or lash curlers too.. Not that you’d need them!

I highly recommend GRACEOUS if you’re thinking of getting eyelash extensions done! Nowhere else that I’ve done eyelash extensions have come close to the kind of quality and experience I’ve had at GRACEOUS. Thank you so much, Tomoki-san and Nao-san!

GRACEOUS is also offering a 20% off your first session with them, you just need to quote my name “Yina” in order to enjoy this 20% off!



9 Mohamed Sultan Road 

#03-02 (Attic level) 

Singapore 238959 

Website: http://www.graceous.com/english-top/ 

Book your appointment with them at +65 6235 6935 or SMS them at +65 8699 6045


I would recommend you to book your appointment via SMS because as both Tomoki-san and Nao-san are Japanese, it may be harder for them to understand you over the phone! Please also use English when communicating with them ^.^

If you have questions regarding GRACEOUS or Japanese eyelash extensions, just leave a comment and I will get back to you! 🙂 Hope this post was informative, and stay gorgeous, every one!


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