Brunch at Canopy with the furkids!

Happy national day weekend, folks!

Teehee, I’m still on abit of a post-proposal high.. So hopefully everyone bears with me hahaha because I’ve been posting mushy and lovey-dovey stuff these few days while still soaking in the newfound bliss ๐Ÿ˜› Thank you so much for everyone who’s congratulated me in person and offered your heartfelt blessings, or left a comment or message via Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and my blog, I feel extremely blessed by all your well-wishes and congratulations!

Coincidentally, it also happened to be YZ and my 6th anniversary last Tuesday, just 3 days after my birthday! Six years sounds like such a long time! It’s hard to believe how fast the six years have gone by.

We had enough of excitement so we kept it simple and just went for a simple meal together, and I decided on brunch at Bishan Park 10 minutes away from my home, so that I could bring the furkids out for a rare excursion!

Have you met my two furkids? If you haven’t, say hello to shaggy QQ, a miniature Yorkshire terrier and Baby, our overgrown chihuahua (also affectionately known as Ah Fat!)

You have no idea how much they loooove going out “gai-gai”, so much that Baby tried to squeeze into QQ’s pet carrier, which is way too tiny for her! The only bag that Baby can fit into nicely is my Gucci canvas tote bag which is huge! So in there she went ๐Ÿ˜€

The two furkids all ready for their trip to Bishan Park! Hehe.

I love Bishan Park for being so dog-friendly, apart from the enclosed dog run, many of the food places in Bishan Park are also pet-friendly, such as Grub, and Canopy, which is where we were headed on this day!

Parked at the car park and Canopy is the very first establishment you’ll see when you walk into the park!

These two were super excited to roam about! Look at their adorable little faces hehe.

Canopy Garden Dining and Bar was quiet and serene on a Tuesday afternoon, and we opted for a table outdoors as we had the furkids with us!

We got a spot right under a fan, and thankfully the weather was pretty cool because of the slight shower of rain earlier in the morning.

YZ posing with fat Baby! Baby look super happy and adorable! She’s about 7 years old by the way, and used to be really hyperactive when she was younger. But now she’s extremely lazy and looks like a walking roll of ham LOL.

We ordered the classic Eggs Benedict and Mushroom Pasta in Truffle Cream for our mains. The prices are fairly decent and affordable, but unfortunately the service was very slow and it took us almost 10 minutes to catch the attention of one of the waiters to get our orders taken, even though the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all. Quite a turnoff, especially for hungry folks ;(

As for the food, presentation was quite lackluster as well, with seemingly no attention paid to details. Taste-wise, it doesn’t compare to some of my favourite brunch places such as Antoinette or Choupinette or even Grub, which is just a short distance away, and could be a better option in future. 

The pasta had a rich and fragrant flavor that was well-infused with truffle, but could do with a more generous portion of mushrooms, I felt. I would also have preferred the sauce to be thicker as well.

Similarly, I felt that the Eggs Benedict were passable, but nothing to shout about. The poached eggs were done nicely, at the least, though the hollandaise sauce and ham were just on the verge of acceptable. I’ve had worse, to be sure. (Speaking of bad eggs benny, never order the ones at L’etoile! They were so badly cooked and tasteless I didn’t even want to finish them!)

It was YZ’s first time trying Eggs Benny (I’m inducting him into the brunch cult a tad late, but better late than never!) and he actually enjoyed them alot!

To end off the meal with something for our sweet tooth, we ordered the sticky date pudding! One of my favourite desserts anywhere, and the sticky date pudding at Canopy came with a rich gula melaka caramel sauce that was yum yum! 

Again, I prefer my sticky date pudding at Marmalade Pantry or Halia anytime, but if I were craving for a quick fix, this would still satiate the taste buds ๐Ÿ™‚

We still enjoyed our meal, because of the chill ambience amongst the greens, and with the company of our two adorable and curious pooches!

Look at both of them both greedily licking their lips in this picture.. Haha! Super cute the two of them!

And picture spam of my two little dogs! We placed them on a chair initially but were told later that it’s not allowed lol.

These two little dears are such a joy and never fail to put a smile on my face with their antics! They were having a really good time outside, and were sniffing around inquisitively and eliciting smiles from the staff and customers are nearby tables! Just look at their happy little faces ๐Ÿ˜€

Love this shot with both of them smiling away with their tongues out!

They got tired of the over-enthusiasm after awhile. Hahaha.

Fatty looking so smiley hehe.

Happy 6th anniversary, love! And may there be many more to come!


Canopy Garden Dining & Bar 

Bishan Park II, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 



Restaurant: Weekdays – 9am till late Weekends – 8am till late 

Bar: Everyday – 5pm till late 

Last order: 

Sunday to Thursday : 10pm Friday / Saturay / Eve & 

Festive Days & PH : 10.30pm


Canopy’s abit of a hit and miss for me. I love the location and ambience, as well as the fact that it’s pet-friendly, but the mediocre service and food doesn’t compel me to want to go back again. For a similar price, Grub is also nearby my place and serves better food ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Still had a lovely time nonetheless with my little furkids!

Anyways, hoping that everyone has a fab National Day weekend, and pop by for our National Day promotion: you get 10% off all in-stock purchases above $50!

Be back soon to share many more entries, for instance, my gorgeous new hair color by Salon Vim, and the pictures from my birthday/engagement night :*)

Take care y’all and enjoy the long weekend!!!


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