8Days X Marina Square: Food on Foot Trail!

Hello folks! ^.^

Today’s blog post is about an event i attended sometime back, on the 20th July last month!

Marina Square organised a Food on Foot Trail event for the first time with 8Days, and I was there for the event, together with YZ and Jess!

Got ourselves registered and headed into Three Bistro, where the event started off!

At Three Bistro!

Here’s YZ and I, all smiles with our team tags 😀 I knew there was gonna be a food photography “race” but at this point of time, totally did not know what to expect!

And guess who were the emcees for the event? None other than the very entertaining Vernon and Justin, otherwise known as The Muttons! They kept us super entertained with their wise-cracks and jokes!

The event started with a Food Photography Workshop, with food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay and MediaCorp photographer, Hong Chee Yan, and it was really extremely informative! We were taught lots of tips on how to take good food pictures, and what to take note of, including useful pointers on lighting, composition, and so many more.

Here’s Dr Leslie of ieatishootipost fame teaching us how to take a good photo!

There was a short Q&A session before we were briefed on the food photography race.. Couldn’t wait to begin cos I was so super confident that my team would do a good job! 

Justin explaining the rules of the ‘race’!

And it’s off we go to the starting challenge! I thought there’d only be maybe 10-20 over teams, but there were many many more than that… O.O Less chances of winning… Meh!

Our first challenge: to finish this huge glass of fizzy drink with the 1m tube/straw provided!

I think there was like one litre of drink OMG

YZ finished off most of it woohoo! My hero teehee.

Then we collected the ‘race cards’ and off we went!!

We had to go to every location stated on our card to complete a task/challenge before moving on to the next station.

Excited much to go. I was all out to win the prize of $500 worth of The Dining Edition Marina Square vouchers (The Dining Edition is Marina Square’s new gourmet zone)!!!

Our first task was at O’Coffee Club: to stand from a designated spot and capture a table of dishes!

Honestly more difficult than I expected cos we weren’t allowed to move the display and we were supposed to capture the entire table of food! And we could not do much about the lighting 🙁 But I thought we did a rather decent job!

Next, we were tasked to go to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for our second challenge!

We got caught in a human jam while waiting for our turn to do the challenge, there were quite a few teams all waiting patiently for their turn!

#gottimecamwhore hahahaha

Soon found out why there was a queue, because the next challenge required us to choose from a variety of props in order to present the dishes to our best ability! I guess everyone took a lot of time trying to arrange and present their dishes and props :X

I decided we should keep it simple so I only used the simplest props like a paper doily to make our shot slightly more interesting. Since food photography means the focus should be on the food, right?

What do you think? 

Next, we went to The Dining Edition, which is a new collection of many mid-to-upmarket trendy restaurants, bistros and delis on Level 2, and our job here was to be able to capture a shot with four restaurants and their logos all in the same picture!

We had problems too because my camera isn’t wide-angle enough =.= so this was the best I could do!

In my shot, Beanstro, ST.MARC CAFÉ, and not just two other restaurants but three! Can’t see their logos here, they are Carnivore Appetite (next to Beanstro), Addictions Café & Remedy Bar (next to ST.MARC CAFÉ)  and Saigon Lotus (orange exterior, at the back)!

Upon completion, we hurried over to The Beacon where we had to taste three drinks and guess which drinks were what, before taking a picture of the three drinks together!

This shot was the easiest for me 😀 Nice attractive colors and natural sunlight! Always the best kind of lighting for anything!

Pit-stop: Take a jump shot with the Marina Square logo! Made YZ do this since he can jump much higher than I can anyway :X 

Next, we ran over to the other end of Marina Square to look for The Gallerie, a food court in Marina Square! This station was relatively easy, we were given a card with pictures of 6 dishes, and we had to match them against the stall and name of the dish!

Quite a variety, ranging from yong tau foo to thai basil pork.. Now I’m hungry ;__;

And our very last challenge for the race was at Alfero Artisan Gelato!

We answered a simple question (What are three ingredients found in gelato?) and were rewarded with a cup of gelato that we had to take a picture of!

Our gelato being served!

Hazelnut flavor gelato is the best, and YZ loved the gelato so much! Yes, we got to eat it after we were done, yay!!

Tasted so good after all the running around.. Yum!


Ran back to the printing booth where we got our shots printed!

We went around scouting out the competition while our photos were being printed.. Some teams had really nice shots! Thumbs uppppp. 

Made our way to Three Bistro where we were served with a buffet reception, yay!!! Super hungry by then and we were glad to get some yummy food in our stomachs!

The entries were judged by the two special guests Dr Leslie and Chee Yan, as well as The Muttons… I really thought we had a winning chance (even Jess said our shots were nice too!) but……

NOPE 🙁 We didn’t win! No more $500 dining vouchers from The Dining Edition. So saddddd.

Nonetheless, we had a really fun time!! 

We got to bring home goodie bags and Marina Square gift vouchers too!

My most wonderful team partner and best boyfriend! ❤ Hehe.

Team 23.. Didn’t win but sure had lots of fun!

With pretty Jess! ❤

Our Marina Square gift vouchers that were given to us as pocket money, we didn’t spend it since we got the tasks done correctly, so… we rewarded ourselves with a dinner at Marina Square wheeee! Had a super shiok dinner of nasi lemak and other food at Qi Ji together with YZ and Jess! :DDD

Here’s the post-event feature in 8Days.. Spot me in the pictures!!

Thank you 8Days and Marina Square for the fun afternoon! To find out more about Marina Square’s upcoming gourmet and shopping trails/events, do visit Marina Square’s website here! 😀


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