I Still Believe

I’m editing pictures in the middle of the night and listening to mandopop songs as I edit away, and I suddenly remembered this extremely old video that YZ and I recorded almost 2 years ago on one of those “Let’s do a duet video!” kind of whim.. It’s so long ago I think we both look completely different now: this was before I even got my braces done! D: 

Look at those long permed locks and my weird awkward smile (still weird now but marginally better with my braces done and removed :D) YZ has got amazingly long sideburns that Evonne commented look like helmet straps bwahaha. 

I never put it up (I forgot why, but I suspect it’s because we both look very stupid, I thought and it didn’t sound that good. HAHAHAHA) I always have the funniest expressions when I sing 🙁

But well, since it’s sitting around doing nothing in my hard drive, here it is! 🙂 Hehehe. It’s not perfect or very good by any means, but please don’t judge me here :X Enjoyyyy! I hope.




愛情就像水晶球 堅固而脆弱




喜怒哀樂共同擁有 不讓遺憾留


Baby~ I still believe 


緊緊握住雙手 一秒就夠


Baby~ I still believe 




感覺寒冷時候 我抱你在我胸口

當你淚流的時候 我在這裡不走愛

散發的溫柔 在此刻用心感受

我想和你一起 讓幸福轉動

Baby~ I still believe 


緊緊握住雙手 一秒鐘


Baby~ I still believe 



你和我 到永久


YZ just turned the big 30 yesterday, and we went out for a nice movie date: Despicable Me 2! As well as a sumptuous dinner feast with his family! ^.^ Nothing very fancy, but most importantly, we spent some precious quality time together 🙂 Gonna put up the pictures soon once I’ve sorted through them and edited them.

Happy Birthday to you my dearest, and this year, I wish you happiness, fulfillment, lots of love (from me), and 永遠賺多多錢!  May this turn of decade bring you maturity on a new level and yet keep your spirit youthful and soul young. And may you always look like your babyface 26 years old look!! (Cannot be 25 cos then you look younger than me) 

Love you! â¤

Now it’s back to editing pictures for this week’s new arrivals on TheVelvetDolls.sg! More previews are on Facebook heh so go check out TheVelvetDolls Facebook page okay?

Hoping that July has been nothing short of wonderful for everyone!


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