Birthday Boy turns 30!

So I asked YZ, can I reveal your age online? 

And he was like…. Go ahead lor, anyway it doesn’t matter to me.

So yes. This baby-faced boyfriend of mine whom everyone thinks is the same age as me (MAYBE I JUST LOOK OLD.) actually just turned 30 this month!

Which part of him looks like 30, huh? Tsk.

Turning 30 is quite a big deal, mostly because it signifies the end of the young 20s! But since he’s a guy after all, I guess it doesn’t make any difference. And also, I do like older guys, so 30 is a good number, actually. Hehehe.

We decided to just have a simple celebration to commemorate YZ’s coming of age, so we went out for a nice movie and dinner date! Sounds super boring, I know, but you’d be surprised.. we usually spend a lot of our time hanging out together at home, or at our favorite few eats. Or we’d be at KTV hehe or maybe at our long-time foot reflexology centre at Fu Lu Shou. 

I hardly dress up when I’m together with YZ and vice versa, unless there’s some special occasion or event. I like to think that it’s because we’re so relaxed and comfortable around each other, that dressing up becomes an extra chore that gets in the way, it’s like how no one actually bothers to put on makeup or dress up at home, right?

But since it was a special day after all, we bothered to suit up for the occasion! We decided to celebrate the day before the actual birthday, since we’d be having a family dinner with YZ’s family on his actual birthday.

YZ told me he’d leave the day’s activities to me, so I knew immediately that I wanted to go watch a movie together, and I knew exactly which movie too… Despicable Me 2!

I’m the worst girlfriend on earth. (No I’m not actually but anyway..) I picked Despicable Me because I’m the one who wants to watch it.. I love cartoons!! And YZ doesn’t really like them, but ever since we got together, I’ve made him watch quite a number of them with me already, and now he is very tolerant towards me and my cartoon-watching tendencies. HEHE.

We went to Cathay at Cineleisure, and here is where I made another bad girlfriend mistake: I wanted to book The Cathay (at Doby Ghaut) actually, but when we arrived at The Cathay fifteen minutes before the movie, we realised that my movie tickets were for Cathay at Cineleisure instead of The Cathay -__- AHHHH horrors. What a mistake to make!

After some quick mental calculations, we decided to rush down from Doby Ghaut to Somerset via MRT.. Ended up just being slightly late for the movie, ugh. So thankful and appreciative for the boy’s patience with me. If this happened a couple years ago, he might have just blown up at me already because 1. He hates being late and missing the start of the movie 2. He hates it when I am so super careless and I make stupid mistakes like booking the wrong tickets =.= But well, all he did was to just grumble the slightest bit about missing the beginning, and afterwards gave me a peck on my cheek and everything was alright again! ❤

Nevertheless, it was sooooo super funny and cute! Those ridiculously minions never fail to steal the show away! Gotta watch it!

Bwahahaha. Too cuteeeeeee!

They had a huge blown-up minion standing in the basement of Cineleisure, so of course we had to take pictures with the minion! My dear Jayne was at work at Sœurs, so we borrowed her for a few minutes and she helped us take some shots!

This naughty Jayne took candid pictures of YZ adjusting my hair for me because my hair was so messy. Ain’t YZ sweet?

The nicest picture! We decided we were too tiny in the picture and did the smart thing: moving forward so we were perspectively (is there such a word?) bigger in comparison! Hehe.

Took a mirror outfit shot too while I was at Sœurs.. I swear that Jayne’s mirror has got a lengthening/slimming effect :X And yes.. If you spotted from the earlier pictures, I’m wearing TheVelvetDolls‘ newly arrived eyelet cut-out romper which is sooo much love!!

After the movie, we headed to The Halia at Raffles Hotel for dinner!

I previously attended a food tasting session there, and I have been wanting to bring YZ there, because we went to The Halia at Botanic Gardens for our first anniversary, and it’s a place that holds alot of meaning for us. ^.^ Since The Halia is so conveniently located in town, we took another train ride from Somerset to Cityhall, and walked our way over to the restaurant!

It was about 6.30PM on a Monday night, but the restaurant had just a sprinkling of occupied tables, which I like. Overly crowded eating places sometimes give me a headache from all that rowdiness.

We wore our matching watches too! I got these as an anniversary gift for the two of us last year, from France. Love the simple but classic black and gold faces 🙂

I took care of the food, and ordered some of the favorites from the food tasting session. We took the Pre-Theatre set (applicable from 5.30-7PM) and paid $33++ for one small plate, one big plate, and one dessert!

There’s only limited choices available for the Pre-Theatre set though. For the small plates, we could choose from either soup or the cheese plate, but I don’t take cheese, so we went for the soup, which was tomato soup. As for the big plates, you can pick from the Sous Vide Chicken or Chilli Crab Spaghettini, both are great choices and I had a hard time battling the two greedy voices in my head! Went for the Chicken in the end, because I wanted to get the Seafood Gratin 😉 Dessert’s a choice between ginger nougat parfait and sticky date pudding so the choice was clear, half the reason why I was coming back was for the sticky date pudding!

Unfortunately, the tomato soup failed to impress, I didn’t find the flavour tangy or distinctive enough. I also ordered the Foie Gras Salad which was just as orgasmic as the first time I tried it! YUM YUM.

Tucking in yay!

The restaurant’s interior (or just the spot where we were seated actually) had terrible lighting for taking pictures, because of the ceiling lights ;( So if you plan to take some pretty pictures, you might want to seat in the middle of the restaurant (where I was seated the first time) where the lighting is somewhat better!

That being said, you could just turn on the camera flash too, hahaha. My camera doesn’t have a built-in flash and I’m not accustomed to flash photography.

We waited for quite a fair bit in between our small plates and big plates, and if you’re particular about waiting time in between courses, I would recommend you to inform the waiter 10-15 minutes in advance before you finish the starters so that the kitchen can start preparing!

Thankfully, the standards of the food remain the same from my previous visit. The Sous Vide Chicken was just as tender and well-grilled, while the Seafood Gratin had generous portions of mussels, prawns and other seafood amidst a bed of creamy pasta, topped with baked cheese!

We were unable to finish the huge portion of Seafood Gratin, but the staff kindly packed up the leftovers for us.

As I’d indicated to one of the staff that we were celebrating a birthday, they were super cute and served our dessert, sticky date pudding, with a candle, and a procession of waiters singing a birthday song for the birthday boy!

And you absolutely cannot miss the Sticky Toffee Pudding, it’s officially one of my favorite places to have sticky date pudding now!

This picture is just hilarious.. YZ wanted to take a picture with his birthday “cake”, but the ice cream tumbled off the sticky date pudding just before I pressed the shutter, resulting in YZ’s I’m-actually-posing-with-a smile-but-my-eyes-are-on-my-fallen-ice-cream expression. Hahahahaha.

We were absolutely stuffed after our meal! Almost wanted to get another sticky toffee pudding but decided to restrain ourselves. We’ve been having one too many good meals of late!


On YZ’s actual birthday, we had a family dinner at Thai Village Restaurant, at Kallang Leisure Park! This is one of my favourite restaurants that I frequent alot with my family too, so we suggested it for YZ’s birthday dinner.  It’s a tad pricey but is worth it if you’d like to splurge a little for a nice family meal! I love the food there 🙂

YZ and his huge family! They are all really close, and make a point to celebrate every single member’s birthday with a special family dinner.

With my birthday boy!

And without fail, the cake that we get every year, because everyone in the family loves it! It’s Rive Gauche’s Guanaja cake, and it is sinfully addictive, especially if you’re a chocolate lover! You have got to try it to know what I mean. I love the crunchy biscuit base to it, reminds me of a Kit Kat wafer!

YZ with Zavier and Zylia, the two little imps. They are super cute but such a handful to deal with at times!

Happy birthday again to the man of my life 😉



TheVelvetDolls Embroidered Eyelet Cut-Out Romper in Salmon Pink

TheVelvetDolls Courtney Box Clutch in White

Sam Edelman loafers from OnPedder

I was so super excited that stocks for this manufactured romper finally arrived, that I wore it out on the very same day! 

You might remember my original inspiration from Topshop that I wore in this entry, our own version is finally here, and we did some amendments to the fabric and cutting! Choose a smoother and better quality material, and added inner lining to it as well so that the lighter colors wouldn’t be sheer cos my original piece from Topshop was so sheer. Am absolutely in loooove with it, and couldn’t be more pleased about how the four colors we chose turned out! Yayyy!

Beautiful eyelet cut-out details and scalloped hem!

There’ll be more previews on TheVelvetDolls Facebook soon so keep a look out 😉


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