MIYOC Showcase: The Offline Edition

Hello everyone!!!

It’s been a super hectic week.. With the launch of the new TheVelvetDolls.sg and also, the MIYOC Offline Showcase that’s been going on at JCube ever since Monday!

It’s TVD’s first time taking part in an offline showcase, and we were in a frenzy tagging stocks non-stop for the event! But the crowd there has been amazing thus far, and this weekend is gonna be the most exciting two days yet with lots of events all lined up for you shoppers!

It’s pretty exciting because there are a total of fifteen popular brands all being showcased at the event, all in one space!

Other than TVD’s booth at the event, I’ll also be appearing as a “guest blogger”… 😀 Along side other really well-known and popular bloggers such as Tammy Tay, Rachel Wong, Melissa Celestine Koh, Ding Xuan and a few more! Super honored to be one of the bloggers gracing the event, and I’m sure it’s gonna be really fun as well! (OK. I am like the ugliest blogger FML.)

There’s also many promotions going on, both by MIYOC and also the individual shops being showcased at the event, lots of good deals not to be missed, really!

Enter MIYOC’s Facebook “Like & Share” give-away, in which you stand to win $20 MIYOC cash vouchers!

There were also special promotions held by some of the shops, such as a clothes buffet, free manicures, and even more… Amazingly good deals!

And in case you didn’t know… One of the biggest attractions in JCube is the Ice Skating Rink!!! I LOVE ICE SKATING. There’s a special promotion for free skate boots rental on the 14/15 (This weekend!) so you get to save money for your ice-skating session! WHOOP WHOOP.

To sum it up… It’s gonna be a great weekend, with MIYOC Offline Showcase, and you have to come down, just to grab the good deals and enjoy the exclusive promotions and discounts!

Some of the brands being featured at MIYOC Offline Showcase:

A for Arcade!


The Stage Walk!

The Tinsel Rack!

And of course… The Velvet Dolls!!! :DDD

Here’s our booth.. Love our giant backdrop looking so pretty!! We have both new arrivals, as well as sale items at super cheap prices, all available at MIYOC Offline Showcase!

PS. We’ve got word that all the racks have been specially topped up with more new arrivals and sales items, especially for this weekend! So even if you’ve already been down to check it out, you have to come back again!!

And while you’re at JCube, COME JOIN US FOR ICE-SKATING! It is one of my favourite sports and it’s gonna be waaaaay fun!!!

Alright folks, see you at JCube (I will be down from Saturday afternoon to night time!) and please come and say hi to me if you spot me! 😀

Have a fabulous weekend ahead! 


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