ELLE X Darlie Workshop at Loola’s

When it comes to toothpaste, there is no question for me: it’s always Darlie Expert White, ever since I tried it for a sponsored review and have loved it since!

It sounds strange to rave over a toothpaste but its true, Darlie Expert White is now my favourite toothpaste, I love everything about it from the gel texture to the minty taste and the way it keeps my teeth clean and white! 😉 

Attended a ELLE X Darlie Expert White workshop/event that was held at Loola’s and it was such a fun and interesting session, with talks from celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo, nutritional advice from Bibi Chia and photography tips on how to pose, from the famed photographer Joel Lim! 

Each speaker was very informative and interesting, and it was a great session! I was roped in to do a demonstration as well.. (You’d have seen the video before in my previous Darlie Expert White blogpost) and I think everyone was just as convinced with the efficacy as Darlie Expert White as I was the first time I tried this experiment 😀 

Had a lot of fun at the event, with my fellow beauty bloggers and friends! (Pictured above: Roseanne, Evonne and Charmain!) Thanks for having us, Elle! 

Thought I’d be a lil more casual on this Saturday afternoon, so I donned on a Basic Tee Top in Yellow and Denim Dungarees Skirt in Rose, both are upcoming pieces on TheVelvetDolls.sg and I love them to pieces! Fun and easy to wear, and I like the bright color combination 😀 Paired with my bling Toms, which are one of my favourite pairs of loafers. Super comfy!


In other more recent news, the haze is so insaneeee 🙁 Hope everyone is drinking lots of water and staying indoors! All-time high of PSI 321 earlier, and I shut myself off in my enclosed room once I got back home from rehearsal. I think everyone had the same idea as I did, because I couldn’t even get a cab from town: all the cabs were busy when I usually can get one in minutes! Had to take the train back and get a cab from Serangoon Central instead.

Thankfully, this week hasn’t been as crazy packed as last week, so all’s been good! The staff are all working hard and everyone’s doing their best to adapt to the new system/website. Of course, there’s still been problems and cock-ups, but sigh, I guess it’s only to be expected.

It was a nerve-wracking launch night, because despite all the preparations we did and assurances from our server guys, YES… the website still crashed, and was down for a good 2-3 hours! And of course, it wasn’t like I could do anything to help so all I could do was to stare at my phone, waiting for updates, and refreshing every 10 minutes (but trying not to refresh so often so that I didn’t contribute to crashing the website) and just praying to see the website online again ;( 

Thank God my awesome tech team (you guys know who you are but your identity is a secret on here) was so on the ball and was making frantic calls to the server guys and doing emergency upgrades to the servers and system, and despite all the issues, managed to get everything up and running! 

I’m also extremely grateful to the very understanding customers who have been so patient and supportive, you don’t know how much it means to us :’) There’s so much more going on behind the scenes that the customer does not see, and I do honestly feel very helpless and at a loss sometimes, when it comes to handling issues with orders and customers. I just hope that in the long run, customers will see that we are truly putting in effort into serving them well, and most importantly doing what we do best, providing pretty and affordable apparel! 


Hope everyone stays healthy, and have a fantastic rest of the week!


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