Dinner at Fremantle Seafood Market (Clark Quay)

I haven’t been a very diligent blogger recently.. Last week was just complete madness with lots of running back and forth for TVD, events, and launching the new website. I’m glad the week is over! And that means I also have time to sit down and do some blogging.. You wouldn’t believe how many backdated entries I have πŸ™ Sorry! Promise to do some catching up this week, so please come back often if you love me, okay?

So a couple of weeks ago, I spent an awesome evening having dinner at Fremantle Seafood Market!

Does Fremantle Seafood Market look familiar to you? It should, if you frequent Clark Quay! It’s right opposite the Central, (near the reverse bungee jumping) and there’s an al fresco sitting that offers an A-MAAAAZZZ-ING view of the river!

Unfortunately, we were seated indoors, hahaha. So no pictures of the amazing view. Please go and check it out for yourself πŸ˜€

Fremantle Seafood Market is of course, known for its seafood, and have just recently launched a brand new menu showcasing the culinary brilliance of Australia with the finest and freshest seafood!

Took a peek at the menu and my appetite was immediately piqued. Everything looked SO good!!! The seafood fans would be extremely happy! πŸ˜€ From fish, oysters, mussels, crabs and almost everything else, Fremantle Seafood Market definitely got it all covered!

We were even provided with disposable bibs so that we didn’t get our clothes dirty while eating… That’s what I call thoughtful!

With mai pretty Jayne!!

Vern and YZ also came along, so it was a double date! πŸ˜€ Yay!

We started with one of my favorite seafood dishes EVER, mussels in white wine broth!!

Mussels in Spicy White Wine Broth ($15 for single portion, $25 for sharing portion)

May I emphasize again how much I love mussels? πŸ˜› Especially in white wine broth.. It is yummy addictive and I always enjoy mopping up the white wine broth with toasted garlic bread! The mussels at Fremantle Seafood Market were great!! Fresh and soft, without that fishy taste. It was also slightly different from the typical White Wine Broth because this one was spicy, with bits of chilli padi in the broth! I really liked that extra kick! Om nom nom. I think I converted YZ into a fan too!

YZ says: Im not a big fan of mussels and rarely find them tasty. But the combination of mussels and white wine blended so well and made the mussels very refreshing and sweet!

Clams in Erdinger Beer Drawn Butter ($15 for single portion, $25 for sharing portion)

Other than the mussels, we also tried the clams! The beer infused flavor of the clams was really interesting, and you could taste the slightly bitter tinge of beer in the broth. If you enjoy beer (like Vernon), you would probably really like this dish! πŸ˜€ I personally preferred the taste of the Spicy White Wine Broth though, but the clams themselves were good.

By the way, there are also other sauces available for both the mussels and clams, such as Cream Herb Pesto, Porcini Pomodoro, and Thai Green Curry! Sounds really interesting, and you ought to try these flavours if you have adventurous tastebuds!

Whilst we were waiting for the rest of our dishes to be served, we got ourselves a Bulmers that washed down all the food perfectly! I don’t really drink beers, but I like ciders in small amounts! 

Stir-Fried Mushrooms, Topped with a Poached Egg ($8)

We ordered a side (One of the rare non-seafood dishes!) of stir-fried mushrooms, topped with a poached egg and it came piping hot and fresh. Utterly delicious! I love shrooms too, so you can never go wrong with freshly cooked shrooms, in my book. Especially not when it’s topped with a soft liquidy oozing poached egg!

So far, every dish was really quite a winner in my eyes, and I couldn’t be more excited to set sight on one of the star dishes of the night that arrived shortly at the table!

β€˜Live’ Dungeness Crab in a creamy and tangy Honey Mustard Sauce ($78 – Crab weighs between 800gms to 1kg)

None other than the Dungeness Crab in Honey Mustard Sauce.. The aroma that was wafting off this dish when the waiter presented it at the table was soooo appetizing!

Most of us have crabs in a very traditional fashion: Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab etc.. This combination of Honey Mustard with Dungeness Crab was invented by the new Chef de Cuisine, Cher Ter Ming Yuan, and I thought that it was really very refreshing and different, and it tasted amazing too! The Honey Mustard provided a rich and buttery flavor to complement the sweetness of the crab, and I couldn’t resist my favorite fried mantous together with the Honey Mustard sauce, it was sooooo good!! 

The Dungeness Crab is also a different species of crab from the usual (Sri Lankan crab, usually, which is also available on the menu) and it tasted slightly different as well, with sweeter flesh and a softer, thinner shell. All of us at the table really enjoyed it!! Other than Honey Mustard, you can also pick from good ole’ Chilli Crab flavour, or be adventurous with flavours like Cajun Spice Garlic Herb and Thai Green Curry!

YZ says: I’m pretty impressed with the flavor used to prepare this dish. One of my favorite dish as it’s very tasty and rich. Simply love the sauce and it’s really creative of the chef to think of using Mustard to prepare this dish. Thumbs up!!!

Salmon Fish Head Grilled with Kabayaki Sauce ($15)

This might not be a dish most of us would order, but we ordered it on recommendation, and it was excellent! The salmon fish head was well-grilled with a light tasty marinate, and the meat was so soft and light it practically melted in the mouth! I believe YZ particularly enjoyed this too!

Scottish Salmon Fish & Chips ($22)

We’ve all had Fish & Chips before, but a Salmon Fish & Chips is something special that I haven’t seen around very often, maybe because Salmon fish is notorious for being tough and dry with a fishy taste once overcooked, and deep frying it probably takes a lot of skill to get done correctly!

Amazingly enough, we all agreed that this Salmon Fish & Chips was one of the best Fish & Chips we’ve tasted, thanks to the juicy and soft texture of the salmon fish that was cooked just right! Went so well with the crispy batter and tartar sauce especially.. And it’s only $22 for a very generous portion! I would take Fremantle Seafood Market’s Fish & Chips over Fish & Co any day now! 

YZ says: Never like cooked salmon other than raw sashimi with wasabi but i was surprised to taste fish and chips using salmon which was uniquely tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Good choice of fish for deep frying!

Look at that deep brown batter.. So good!

Crimson Sea Perch ($32)

Grilled Sea Perch & Scallops Wrapped in Marigold Leaf Served with Wilted Spinach, Mashed Potato, Wild Mushrooms & Emulsion Lobster Bisque

Other than crabs and other seafood, the fish at Fremantle Seafood Market is really good too, and I thought that this Crimson Sea Perch was definitely worthy, I liked the flavor of the lobster bisque emulsion and the sea perch was moist and firm! The sauces complemented the fish very well, too.

Wild King Snapper ($28)

Pan-Seared Snapper & Shellfish Wrapped in Marigold Leaf Served with Sauteed Mushroom Cream Sauce

We also tried the Wild King Snapper, which was pan-seared and had a sweet and delicate texture.

I would say that you won’t go wrong with either dish, but if you like it richer and more flavorful, go for the Sea Perch, while if you prefer a dish that allows the taste of the fish to shine through a little more, go for the Wild King Snapper πŸ˜‰ Because so many of the dishes we ordered were very rich and strong, I personally liked the Wild King Snapper more! πŸ˜€

‘Live’ Whole Lobster Thermidor ($58)

Baked with Mushroom Cream, Hollandaise and White Wine

This dish is oh-so-sinful.. Just look at that layer of baked mushroom cream and hollandaise sauce on top of it! The lobster is procured live, and you can taste that the meat is really firm and springy and fresh. It was so delicious with the rich sauce, and I like it that the lobster meat was thoughtfully prepared by the chef and cut up before baking, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of digging and pulling it out from the lobster shell! Yums!

Lastly, we finally made it to the end of our extremely scrumptious dinner, with desserts!! πŸ˜€

Half & Half Cheese Cake ($8)

I can’t believe we managed to still find space for desserts, but the Half & Half Cheese Cake was so good, I almost gobbled up one entire portion by myself! It’s called “Half & Half” because the bottom half is baked, while the top half is non-baked. This gives it a very interesting texture that is lighter and less dense than a regular baked cheesecake, and I really enjoyed it! πŸ˜€

YZ says: It presented a different texture on each layer and I like this dessert very much especially the non baked portion. Soft and smooth and not too sweet.

And with that, we concluded our extremely yummy dinner.. Was so super duper stuffed but it was worth it!! Can’t wait to be back again, for my favorites like the Dungeness Crab with Honey Mustard Sauce, Mussels with White Wine Broth, Salmon Fish & Chips and more!!


Bye bye live Dungeness Crabs, I’ll be back for you soon *evil laughter*

And you, Lobster!!!


Fremantle Seafood Market is located at:

Clarke Quay 

3E River Valley Road, 



Tel: 6337 1838

Visit Fremantle Seafood Market’s website here, and Fremantle Seafood Market’s Facebook page here.


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Terms and Conditions applies 

– Valid for dine-in customer only. 

– Not valid for Public Holidays. 

– Price indicated are subjected to service charge and prevailing government tax. 

– Not applicable with other promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, credit or privilege cards. 

– Management reserves the right to amend any promotion items, dishes, prices, terms and conditions without prior notice.


Trust me, you won’t regret trying the Dungeness Crab with Honey Mustard Sauce.. It’s REALLY GOOD!!! (YZ would tell you the same thing)

Please do go take part, and who knows, you might get to try the Dungeness Crab with Honey Mustard Sauce for FREE! πŸ˜€ Go go go!


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