Brunch at Choupinette: The best Eggs Benny in Singapore!

Good morning Sunday!

I’m in a super cheery mood because:
1. The haze is finally lightening up!!! (I hope it stays that way)
2. I have an “off day” today: no shoot, no class, no rehearsals, no nothing!
3. YZ is back from Genting after 3 days! (My beh teh sor is here too wheeee!)
4. Just because it’s a Sundaaaaay!


So yesterday, I was dragged out of bed way too early. For a brunch date with Evonne, at 9.30am no less. Which means I had to wake up at 8, spend an hour getting ready, then take half an hour to travel down. 8am on a Saturday morning! That is an unholy timing.

And of course, when I arrived late at about 10am, my dear Evonne was still on her way because she OVERSLEPT. What’s new, my friend? Bwahahaha. Our brunch started an entire hour late =.=

Our conversation on where to have brunch went something like this:

Yina: “Where is Choupinette, ah?”
Evonne: “Bukit Timah. LOL”

Evonne: “Or you want to go Little Diner?”
Yina: “And where is that??”
Evonne: “Bukit Timah also. LOL”
Yina: “……..”

Evonne: “I will fetch you to Paragon (for event) afterwards mah. So you only need to cab once!” #consideratefriend Meet at 9.30 or 9.45?
Yina: 9.30 for sure. Cos we are gonna end up starting at 10.30 instead. #imsopsychic

Yes, apparently all wonderful brunch places in Singapore are in Bukit Timah, which is one of those strange locations that is exceedingly centralized but insanely far away from my house. Travelling to Bukit Timah feels like travelling to Pasir Ris for me. Meh.


Back to our brunch at Choupinette!

Choupinette Singapore Bukit Timah
Choupinette is located at 607 Bukit Timah Road, next to Coronation Walk. It’s pretty easy to spot, with a huge signage right above the restaurant.

The place is cozy and tiny, and it was jam-packed at 10am on a Saturday morning! Bustling with all kinds of folks, from families, to expats, and the usual brunch suspects, young couples, and groups of friends.

Fortunately, I spotted a tiny table for two right in a corner of Choupinette, almost every other seat was taken! We were then served the menu, which is just a simple one-fold spread.

Choupinette Singapore Menu
Choupinette Le Menu

Choupinette Singapore Menu
Choupinette’s menu is simple and easy to pick from. Every meal comes in a set, and when we inquired for ala carte prices, we were told that it’s more worth it to get the set because getting the food ala carte is only about $3 cheaper than the set, which comes with a fruit juice and any hot drink.

My cranberry juice and I. And an extremely puffy face with swollen looking eyes 🙁 I woke up with teary eyes and a runny nose, no thanks to the haze!

Act 一个 looking out of the window face. Haha.

Choupinette Singapore Juice
Here’s our juices: they are not fresh-made by the way! I got a Cranberry juice and Evonne got an Apple juice.

Choupinette Singapore Coffee
Thought that having a double expresso might wake me up a little and de-puff my eyes, but this tasted kind of weird to me and a little sourish *makes face* Not sure if it’s just me because I don’t know how to appreciate coffee, or are expressos supposed to taste like this?!

Choupinette Singapore Tea
Evonne’s safe choice: A pot of Earl Grey tea never goes wrong!

And finally on to the food.. We ordered one brunch set each to share, and when they arrived on our table, we were absolutely salivating!

Choupinette French Toast
Di Di’s Set $19
French Toast with Berry Compote & Honey

Choupinette Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict’s $22
Eggs on Toast with Ham and Hollandaise Sauce

Choupinette Brunch Food
Doesn’t the spread look super appetizing? The perfect brunch to make a Saturday morning better, really.

Choupinette French Toast
Evonne started on the French Toast first whilst I had the Eggs Benny.. Two bites into it and she was like “Mmmm this is so good!!”. The toast was liberally drenched in honey and berry compote. Evonne loved it.

I didn’t fancy it as much because I felt that the compote was too saccharine sweet and by the time I got to this dish (since Evonne had it first) the toast was kind of soggy already! Much prefer Antoinette’s crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside version with cream and salted caramel! Had a piece if it, before returning the dish to Evonne, who happily took it back. Hahaa. Well, to each their own!

Choupinette Eggs Benedict
As for the Eggs Benny, it was done to perfection.. I don’t even like poached eggs and hollandaise sauce usually, (all the runny egg yolks went to Evonne) but Choupinette’s Eggs Benny was definitely one of the best Eggs Benny I’ve had, (other close contenders would be Hatched and Antoinette) and I especially loved the generous serving of finely shaved ham sitting atop the toasted baguette!

The hollandaise sauce was rich and creamy too, and the entire combination was just superbly tasty! Ahhhhhhhh. *contented sigh* On the contrary, Evonne didn’t like this because she prefers soft muffin instead of the toast, which was a lil tougher.

On the whole, I thought it was a very enjoyable brunch, the food made going the distance worth it! I’ll be dreaming about those Eggs Benny for sure.

I wish calories didn’t count, or that I had a bigger stomach, because Choupinette had such a huge display of bakes, cakes, and pies available! And they all looked so good!

Choupinette Bakes
Giant chocolate covered doughnuts D: D: D:

Choupinette Macarons
Macarons, cakes, and more!

Choupinette Bakes
A row of delicious looking eclairs….

Choupinette Singapore Bakery

I’ll consider it a Saturday morning well-spent at Choupinette. Heh! Looks like waking up early on Saturday mornings ain’t that bad after all!


607 Bukit Timah Road 

Tel: 64660613


Tue – Thu: 09:00 – 20:00 

Fri: 09:00 – 22:00 

Sat: 08:00 – 22:00 

Sun: 08:00 – 18:00

Visit Choupinette’s Facebook page here.


Some details of my outfit, which I love!

A textured faux leather box clutch in white, this is my new favourite sling bag for being so chic looking and roomy at the same time! It even fits my camera, which is no mean feat. It will be available on TheVelvetDolls.SG very soon! The quality is amazing, you’ll love it too!

My lovely ring is from Sensibar, and it is handmade by dear Jazreel! I love it because it’s such a simple and classic piece.

Gorgeous new heels, from Jeffrey Campbell! The color combination is so lovely, and they are surprisingly easy to walk in, thanks to the thick ankle strap and chunky heel! 

So happy that JC shoes are now available at PVS Cineleisure, I love stepping into that shop even when I’m not looking to buy shoes. And I got this pair on sale too! *happy*


ZARA white shirt and printed floral skirt

Box clutch from TheVelvetDolls

Jeffrey Campbell heels from PVS

The full outfit. And my cute bunny mask that was protecting me (minimally) from the haze! Haven’t gotten my hands on any N95 masks yet, but thank God the haze looks so much clearer today.

Don’t worry, no photographers were harmed in the making of this shot. Hahaha.

Yup, this is how we roll. With our masks! Evonne’s super hardcore. Haha.

Ending off with this lovely shot that was taken at Valentina event at Paragon later in the day! Had much fun at the event, but will leave that blog post to another day 😉

Have a fabulous Sunday, y’all!


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