7-Eleven: Hello Kitty X Tokidoki Limited Edition Collectibles!

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This has got to be one of the most ADORABLE news of 2013 so far.

Call me a sucker for cute things, but Hello Kitty and Tokidoki are two adorable brands that I love, and combined together, HOW TO RESIST THE CUTENESS???! It’s a double dosage of cute!

This is pretty funny, but I remember how much I loved Kitty when I was a kid! On my 10th birthday, I instructed all my family and relatives to buy me only Hello Kitty presents, and I ended up with an entire tableful of Hello Kitty merchandise, from stationery, to musical boxes and toys. Ahhh. The simple joys of childhood!

Tokidoki also happens to be one of my favourite designer brands. In fact, even before Tokidoki became commercialized into merchandise and apparel, I was already following the artist, Simone Legno, online. Now, Tokidoki has got massive cult popularity status worldwide that is insane! 

Fellow Hello Kitty and Tokidoki fans, we now have reason to rejoice!!!

Cos these uber adorable Hello Kitty x Tokidoki limited edition collectibles are now exclusively available.. only at 7-Eleven Singapore from 27 March to 4 June! Check out all the super cute characters, there are 10 in total and each and every one are all too cute to be true!

Attended a special event that was held at 7-Eleven, UE Square.. I loooooove the graphic backdrop and look, GIANT KITTY!

Here’s the figurines on display.. They are too cute!

I’m sure everyone is as familiar with 7-Eleven as I am, it is one of my favourite convenience stores, and I have many nostalgic memories of buying my favourite snacks and food from 7-Eleven! Most of my fondest memories revolve around food, lol. 

My classmates and I would run over to 7-Eleven right after school everyday (there was one conveniently located just across the street!) and treat ourselves to a Slurpee, or buy ourselves cup noodles which we could cook straight away with the hot water available! I remember having fun with the Big Gulp drinks dispenser too, and always mixing the weirdest concoctions ever. Hahaha. Those were the days!

Even after so many years, my favourite part of 7-Eleven still has got to be the food! :X No matter what I need, be it a quick bite on the go, or to satisfy those midnight junk food cravings, 7-Eleven never fails me ❤

Nadia and I, enjoying our food at 7-Eleven! ^.^ I tried the Oden for the first time and it is really comfort food, hot delicious soup with tasty ingredients too! Yumms!

Nadia had the Beef Rendang, and we were all surprised cos it tasted really good!

I had an Ice Latte from Cafe Royale, which is 7-Eleven’s in house cafe and can you believe it costs $2 only?! For such a huge cup too! Super value for money!

Another of my favorite sections in 7-Eleven.. ICE CREAM! Yay! 

Full pint or a mini-sized one? Lol. 

The mini sized ones are great for snacking on straight away! Love them so much! 

Of course.. 7-Eleven doesn’t just have food.. though that’s my personal favourite part of 7-Eleven. Muahahaha. You can even pay bills, do CashCard and EZ-Link top-ups, and purchase other things like toiletries, magazines and so much more!

A group picture with all the bloggers, Esther, Nadia, Sophie and Qiu!

Lucky me got a set of all ten Hello Kitty X Tokidoki collectibles, and some of them are now happily gracing my bedside table. Can’t stop gushing over how adorable they all are!

Here are a few of my favorite Tokidoki X Hello Kitty figurines!! Seen here: Scooter Ride Kitty, Sunshine Kitty, Cactus Kitty and Unicorn Kitty!

Scooter Ride Kitty! Love the iconic Tokidoki character with cute Kitty at the back! 

Which person here doesn’t like unicorns. Not me! I LOVEEEE this Unicorn Kitty! Cute until cannot.

Rocket Kitty!!! Star shape head on Kitty lol SO CUTE.


How to get your hands on these irresistibly adorable figurines!

It’s real easy!

All you have to do is to spend $4 to collect one stamp,

SIX stamps + $3.90 will give you one figurine, while EIGHTEEN stamps will give you one FREE figurine! ^.^

PS. Watch out for these star products because they will let you collect stamps faster! 

When you buy star products, you get 1 extra stamp with every $4 spent instead!
(maximum of 2 stamps) 

 Star products: 

 27 March – 23 April 2013 

The Straits Times, The New Paper, H-TWO-O Sparkling Original (500ml) 

 24 April – 21 May 2013 

Giant Slurpee (22oz), 100 Plus Original (500ml)

Yup, it’s that simple! And with such a huuuuge variety of products to purchase at 7-Eleven, I think it’s gonna be a breeze to collect the stamps! BUT, do take note that the figurines are going to be sold in blind packs, which means you won’t know which one of the ten figurines you’re getting! Get your family and friends to start collecting them too so you can swap and trade to get all ten Hello Kitty X Tokidoki figurines!! 😀

In addition, you can enjoy the following promotions too!

1. Present the original Hello Kitty Tokidoki box to enjoy 10%* off standard tickets at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia) 

2. Win 2D/1N stay at Tune Hotel (Danga Bay) and Standard Tickets to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia) for 4 with min. spend of $5* (12 prizes to be won) 

*T&Cs apply

– Each set of prize comprises of 2 Double rooms + 4 tickets

Waddya waiting for?

Go get your Hello Kitty X Tokidoki now!



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