Ricciotti: Pizza Pasta Grill at The River Walk

One of my favourite restaurants for a nice chill Italian meal: Ricciotti at The River Walk 😉
Went there a couple of times lately, and I really like dining there, chill ambience by the river, great food and affordable prices!

It was a Saturday night with Fish, and we ordered some moscato because they have 1-for-1 wines on Saturdays!

Pretty good deal, if you do drink wine and the likes. Fish is a closet alcoholic so she forced me to order the wine since it was one for one anyway.

We headed there around 8PM ish on a Saturday night after choir rehearsal, and it was pretty quiet, surprisingly. Which is great because noone likes to dine in overly crowded places, right?

Bianco Cozze (500g) $25
Fresh black mussels with toasted garlic bread in white wine sauce

I’ve been really addicted to mussels lately! Especially mussels in white wine sauce! They are SO yummy. Ordered the large pot at Ricciotti, and it was absolutely delish! The mussels are huuuuuge and very fresh and juicy indeed. Plus it came with two slices of perfectly toasted garlic bread which was just heavenly dipped into the white wine sauce. LOVE.

The mussels come in two different serving sizes, either 300g or 500g. We got the 500g and it wasn’t really that much because the mussels are so big! We finished them easily. Am pretty sure 300g wouldn’t be enough for me!

I think the mussels at Ricciotti are the best that I’ve tasted so far. Really big and fresh with no fishy taste or anything of the sort. Anyone has got good recommendations for white wine mussels? 😀 I would love to try more!

Pizzotto (9″) $16
Bacon, mushroom, egg, pomodoro and mozzarella pizza

There were so many pizzas to choose from, we were pretty spoilt for choice! But we finally went for the Pizzotto, which is Ricciotti’s specialty, and it was a fantastic decision! Just look at the crowning glory: oozing eggy goodness that’s sitting atop a bed of mushrooms and bacon in tomato sauce and cheese.. I loved the thin crispy crust and the burst of flavours in my mouth! Daaaaaaamn delicious.

Of course, we had to end off our meal with a sweet treat: so we got the dark chocolate lava cake with ice cream. 

Soffiato $8.90 (?)

Didn’t ooze quite as much as we liked, so we actually feedbacked to the staff, who replaced it for us, which I thought was very nice of them! I liked it that it wasn’t too jarringly sweet like some desserts can get. Can’t really go wrong with flowing dark chocolate and ice cream either way, right? A sinfully decadent end to our satisfying dinner!

I was having cravings for the mussels on another day, and I brought YZ to Ricciotti for lunch! Initially, I planned to go on a Tuesday because Ricciotti used to have 1-for-1 pizzas on Tuesdays, but now, the promotion has been changed to 50% off the second pizza, which isn’t such a good deal, so we decided not to get two pizzas in the end!

And also my mussels were not available that day (I forgot why) :(((( Sad!

In any case, if you do plan on checking Ricciotti out, here’s the various promotions they have every single day of the week! Some of the promos are actually quite value for money!

We settled on getting a starter, a pizza and a pasta ^.^

Fritto Misto (Small) S$15.50
Combination of suppli, calamari, pollo fritto 

Got the combination fried platter, but didn’t realise it was so big, kind of too much for two people! Would probably be a better serving portion for 3-4 persons! I really like the calamari though, and the mozzarella cheese balls!

Crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside! Mmmmm.

Got the Pizzotto again, shiok!

Linguine Al Granchio $22.50
 Linguine with crabmeat in creamy tomato sauce 

This was really tasty, crabmeat linguine! It’s really rich and very creamy though, not recommended if you’re not a fan of creamy pastas. I thought it was good for sharing, but if I had it all by myself, I would have gotten tired of the strong creamy taste halfway through. YZ slurped up every last strand of the pasta, he really loved the rich creamy taste! I thought it could do with more crabmeat 😛

I wanted to try a different dessert, but it turned out that sometimes the tried and tested are the best. Got the chocolate brownie which was quite substandard. Too hard and dry, not moist or fudgy enough, meh. Go for the chocolate lava cake any time over this!

Nonetheless tucking in!


Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill

20 Upper Circular Road 


The Riverwalk 

Tel: 66816403


Two random pictures from the day I bought my camera! ^.^ (Which is the day I went to Ricciotti for dinner.) Loving the new 17mm 1.8 lens that I got mwahaha. It renders very beautifully shallow depth-of-field: yes I am a sucker for bokeh, so sue me.

My new camera!

Right now, I really want to go travelling and bring this baby along to get trigger happy with! My other camera, the Ricoh GXR, is in hospital cos I brought it to the service centre to get it repaired. Missing my camera and hope I get it back soon!

Orite, I’m going back to beddy bed now so that I can get my beauty sleep! What’s up with my terribly breakouts of late man. Even though I’ve been practically sleeping 8 hours a day, they are just not getting any much better. I do suspect that I am having a reaction to one of my products and I think I’ve figured out which it is. Have already eliminated said product from my skincare routine, and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Cheers to a new week ahead, and less pimply skin, please!



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