Review: Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Liquid Foundation

Blessed Good Friday, everyone!

Don’t you just love long weekends? It’s not much of a big thing for me since my weekends are usually packed regardless holiday or not, but it’s Easter Weekend, and just the thought of cute bunnies and easter eggs is enough to cheer anyone up 馃槈

There’s much to be thankful for this Easter;
Firstly, my skin has been slowly but surely clearing up… Thank goodness for that! And also to all the helpful readers/followers who have offered their various remedies, tips, or recommended skin doctors to me, thank you so much! ^.^ I’m not sure what I’m doing right, but I think the worst of the breakouts are over, and I’m hoping it stays that way!

Unfortunately though, there’s the aftermath to deal with and it ain’t pretty 馃檨 I’m talking about the scarring and blemishes left behind, as well as bumps and redness and all kinds of marks and imperfections.. Sigh 馃檨 But there’s nothing I can do but keep my fingers crossed and patiently wait for these scars and blemishes to slowly lighten up over time!

I can’t help but to feel self-conscious about how terrible my skin looks.. Can’t step out of the house without making sure I cover all those unsightly blemishes! But thankfully, I’ve found my holy grail foundation, and it’s the Lanc么me Mat Miracle 24H liquid foundation that promises long wear and comfort with a satin matte finish!

The Lanc么me Mat Miracle is housed in a sleek frosted glass bottle with a tinted black cap. It looks similar to the Teint Miracle, which comes in a clear glass bottle and has a transparent cap.

I was matched to shade O-02, which blends into my skin perfectly!

Lanc么me Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation is also designed for asian skin, and is non-comedogenic. Good news for me, because I certainly don’t wish to aggravate my skin and cause any more breakouts!

The texture of the Lanc么me Mat Miracle was much lighter than I expected, as seeing how it is supposed to be long-wearing with heavier coverage! Surprisingly enough, it is a light-weight liquid that is just slightly creamy and blends easily into the skin, feeling like it’s barely there at all.

I love the matte satin finish, it looks naturally so without being overly matte (some high-coverage foundations tend to finish off cakey, which is a major turn-off) but gives a smooth, shine-free look to my skin!

If you’re wondering how it measures up to Teint Miracle, I find the coverage better than Teint Miracle, which also has a more dewy finish in comparison. It really depends on how much coverage you need, and whether you prefer the matte satin finish of the Mat Miracle or the dewy glowy look the Teint Miracle gives.

One point to note about the Mat Miracle: It only comes with SPF15 which is pretty low, so you definitely want to have on a sunscreen underneath that’s at least SPF30!

Although the Lanc么me Mat Miracle does pretty well on its own, I still like to set it with some powder, especially when our climate is so hot and humid. The Lanc么me Teint Miracle loose powder is the perfect companion to the Mat Miracle liquid foundation, a few pats on the skin with this finely-milled and almost translucent powder and I’m good to go!

The Teint Miracle pressed powder gives a slight shimmer because of light-reflecting particles in it, so it helps to brighten up the complexion subtly as well!


I was introduced to this amazing brush: the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80, and I am totally sold! Previously, I’ve always applied my liquid foundation with my fingers, but after trying the Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 brush with the Lanc么me Mat Miracle, the end result is like OMYYYYGAHHHHH. I am never going back to applying foundation with my fingers again!!

What I do is to pick up a small amount of foundation from off the back of my hand with the brush, then dot it onto my skin and buff gently in small circles. With the brush application, coverage is improved and I get a marvelously flawless finish that manages to conceal most of the redness on my skin, while not looking like I’ve got heavy makeup on at all!

I got my Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 from Doll To Doll Cosmetics, where it only costs $29.90. The bristles feel luxuriously soft and gentle on my skin and makes me feel like I’m painting my face into a work of art lol! Very decent price for a brush of this quality. Doll To Doll Cosmetics carries quite a wide range of Sigma brushes, of which some are very very popular! Try googling for reviews!

To summarize the above,
Lanc么me Mat Miracle Liquid Foundation + Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 + Teint Miracle Pressed Powder = my holy grail combination for that perfect flawless makeup base! It’s like magic!

Bare-faced and devoid of make-up:

I wasn’t kidding about the blemishes and scars… they are this bad. Depressing, I know. Surprising though, with the brush application method that I’ve been using, I only use about 1-2 pumps of the Mat Miracle foundation, and it does a pretty good job of evening out my skin tone and concealing the redness!

Of course, I still use concealer over my dark eye rings and some areas that need heavier coverage. I’ve been mixing the ZA Perfect Fit Concealer together with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, because I find the latter a little too thick and pasty on its own. Mixed together with the ZA Perfect Fit Concealer, the consistency is slightly thinner, but still provides the coverage that I need.

After the full works: base make-up, concealer, blusher and some light eye makeup! Of course, good lighting as well. HEHE. Ready to take on the world!

Forget all that crap about beauty coming from within because sometimes, you need to LOOK good to FEEL good. It might sound sad to some, but I enjoy making myself look beautiful with makeup, and why not, when it makes me feel more confident about how I look?

I spent my afternoon at an event in the swelteringly humid weather, and the Lanc么me Mat Miracle foundation really lived up to its long-wearing claim, I barely had to touch up/blot at all throughout the day! No doubt about it, it is officially my new favorite foundation!

The Lanc么me Mat Miracle retails at SGD $66 and will be available at Lanc么me counters island-wide in April.

Perhaps a more extensive review in a future post, with a before/after shot and more pictures of how it held up throughout the day 馃槈

The event I attended was held at a poolside lounge at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, so EvonneJayneFelicia and myself took the opportunity to take some pretty pictures, despite the crazy weather! 馃榾

Shampoo ad worthy shot, or so I say. Heehee.

Mai lovely Jayne who has since chopped off those feminine tresses.. Still lovely to boot but with more spunk!

Poor Evonne made the mistake of wearing pants. In this insane weather. What’s wrong with you woman?!

Dying from heat never mind, still can take chio pictures one!

Such demure, sweet smiles! Awww.

Here’s a beautiful group shot of us! Lovely background, despite the haze that has been enveloping the entire island. What’s up with the haze, man? Our neighbours burning more forests, again?

So in love with this romper and its exquisite eyelet details. Definitely gonna manufacture something similar for TheVelvetDolls! I adore rompers to bits and pieces! 馃榾

I have also been wearing those Sam Edelman gold capped bling loafers to death, so much that I had to buy another pair of silver bling Toms for those days I don’t die die have to wear my gorgeous gold bling shoes just so they last longer. Meh. I know, excuses for buying new shoes, I can think of anything.

Long day ahead tomorrow, because I will be performing at the Esplanade, as part of the SYC Ensemble Singers! We are having a concert in the Recital Studio, for which we have spent hours and hours rehearsing for. Gonna go get my sleep so that I can be all recharged and energizer bunny tomorrow.

Enjoy your Easter weekend! 馃檪


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