Reunion Lunch with the Nuffies!

One good long year has passed since last year’s Nuffie Reunion Lunch.. And this year we were invited back again to the same place: Crystal Jade Palace at Takashimaya for reunion lunch again! I’m not complaining, because I remember the food there being really awesome and it was just as good this time round! Crystal Jade Palace really serves one of the best dimsum in town, methinks!

This year’s lunch was with a slightly different group of lovely people: It was myself, Juli, Valerie, Vel, Bea, Evonne, together with Boss Ming, Melissa, Gabby and Jayne! Yay!

A polaroid shot we took.. Bea left early so she’s not in this photo!

Two of the newer additions to Nuffnang, Evonne who just joined this year, and Juli whom I first met at a Kiehl’s event last year! Glad to have made more new friends like Juli, as well as welcome existing good friends into the “family” hehehe.

Le awesome fooooooood @_@

流沙包!我的最爱!But Crystal Jade’s is OK OK only. Passable but not as good as my favourite one from Victor’s Kitchen!

三辰肉 @_@ Crispy crackly skin, soft tender meat. 爽!

萝卜糕 aka Carrot Cake! Very delish, melt in the mouth. Not too oily or greasy either!


烧卖! The best Siew Mai I’ve tasted in Singapore 😀

虾饺 lost out in comparison to the 烧卖. I would order Siew Mai over this next time!

小笼包! Tasty but the skin was so fragile it broke when I was attempting to get a piece with my chopsticks! 🙁

Sauteed shitake mushrooms VERY SHIOK.

Fried prawn wanton! I didn’t try this but it sure looks good!

MUST MUST MUST TRY. Mini egg tarts damn good especially when served fresh, flaky crust and melt-in-your-mouth texture that isn’t too sweet!

虾酱鸡! Crispy crispy. Very nais!

Mango dessert!!! Damn good with mango pudding in the middle. SLURPS.

Honeydew sago which I felt was slightly less nice compared to the mango.

Group picture of all the prettyyyy ladies together with Boss Ming! I swear everyone in the restaurant especially the men at the next table were all staring. And then one of the waitresses came up to us while we were leaving and asked us 你们到底是做什么的啊, 怎么个个都那么美? HAHAHA.

Thank you for lunch, Boss Ming!!

It was a really great get-together, and I’m hoping this year will be another better year yet for myself, this little blog, and Nuffnang! I am indeed privileged to be part of this amazing bunch, and there is so much to be thankful for! 🙂 And just as importantly, this blog is only here today, because there are lovely people reading this space like YOU.

No matter why you’re here reading my blog.. Because you’re a fan/customer of TVD, because you’re my family/friend/acquaintance, or even if you just happened to stumble upon this page randomly, thank you so much for reading, and do know that I put my heart and soul into my space here, and I really do appreciate it so much that I can share a part of myself with all of you here! ^.^

I admit that this blog is still after all a public space, which is why I don’t feel comfortable sharing so much about my own personal/private emotions and thoughts at times, and it may even at times seem superficial or commercialised. But honestly, every blog post (even if it’s an advertorial or sponsored post!) has got hours of hard work behind it, when it comes to the photo editing, designing of graphics, and writing. It may seem easy and frivolous to write a blog like this, but I do put in a good amount of effort and stay up til wee hours sometimes, just blogging!

I hope that in some small way, that you’ve enjoyed my blog posts, thought that the photos were nicely taken? maybe admired the graphics, or felt inspired by some of my sharing. It is truly encouraging and motivating for me when I get readers who leave little positive comments, or even just to share their own experiences with me upon reading any particular blog post that struck a chord and resonated with them! These are the small and gratifying things that make me smile to myself and warm my heart.

Another thing that I’m so extremely thankful for, are the opportunities and friendships that this blog has made possible! How impossible a fairytale it may have seemed, but is now truly and really made possible. I don’t mean to sound like I’m damn upz now or something, because I am not! But I have been given so many blessed opportunities, which I will always be grateful for.

Hair sponsorship by one of the most respected salons in town? Who would have thought it 3 years ago? I remember getting a “hate” comment by someone who scoffed at me and said something along the lines of “Who do you think you are, asking for sponsorship? You’re no one famous!”

Thankfully, so many kind people out there have decided to give me a chance to prove my worth, and I am eternally indebted to every single brand that have had the faith in me, be it sponsoring me services, products, and engaging me as a blogger/social influencer.

Whenever I know that I have somehow managed to make a difference: for example, Jayne told me that she was at Salon Vim the other day, and one of their customers was showing her hairstylist my picture and asking for my hair color! ^.^ I feel insanely touched and happy to know that indeed, I have not let my sponsors down!

Oh gosh, I didn’t mean to get so long-winded, but I just did. LOL.

So ANYWAY. What I’m wishing for this year.. I would like to get sponsored to travel!!! ^.^ HAHAHA Ok here is me sounding thick-skinned again. But I love to travel so so so much, and I love travel photography so so so much! (Yes, I am a camera/photography geek. I carry like two cameras and four different lenses when I travel overseas) And I love!!! sharing about my travels so so so much too! I have been sponsored to travel a few times previously, and every trip was like a dream come true for me.

But really. Thank you thank you thank you and thank YOU :’)


After lunch session which was really long and intellectually-stimulating (HAHAHA. There was a huge debate going on at the table!!! But it was a good one!) Some of us girls headed over to TCC to chill and carry on chatting! Girly talks are the best.. 😀 The men probably won’t understand why we have so much to talk about! 😛

Evonne, Vel and myself! These two picture perfect ladies!

Juli and Val as well!

My tea. By the way, I always always order English Breakfast Tea almost everywhere I go. FML I am more boring than your grandmother.

Evonne’s something lychee or peach tea something. Hahaha.

Fuji Instax! Yay! Evonne always carries around her Instax cameras so we all get awesome keepsakes! Thank you! ❤

Had a long chat over drinks, heh. It’s always great fun! Oh, and I just realised all of us are also all sponsored by Salon Vim as well! Thus all the AWESOME hair! ❤

Juli and I look really matchy with the hair colors!

自拍 a little difficult with my camera because of the 17mm lens not being wide angle enough but we managed! 😛

AAAANDDD even more instax. Whoop whoop 😀


Orite folks. Signing off now! By the way, TheVelvetDolls gets back to work next week for real and I’m wondering if I should do a MASSIVE SAAALEEEE to kickstart the new year! What say you 😀

Oh yes I have not been logging into Formspring for the longest time because the app wasn’t working well on my phone, but I promise I will log in soon and start answering questions again! Enough of my awesomest long break and it’s back to work work work after this weekend!

Hope everyone enjoys your weekend!!! Have a fabulous one!


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