Kotex Breathable Liners!

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Kotex is the first to own a whole range of breathable liners in Singapore, and I am totally loving it!

This can be a pretty sensitive (girls only!) topic, so for the men, you might want to skip this blog post! 😛   Well, as you all should know, vaginal discharge is something that is common to all ladies as soon as you hit puberty, and this is actually your body’s wonderful way of self-cleaning! 

This fluid is made by glands inside the vagina and cervix and serves the important function of carrying away dead cells and bacteria, which keeps the vagina clean and helps prevent any yucky infections.

FACT: Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal!

However, I’m sure many of you ladies are like me as well, and feel uncomfortable sometimes, especially when the discharge is heavier on certain days ): Being active may lead to experiencing more discharge as well! Also, I tend to experience some light spotting before/after periods, and it can be really troublesome sometimes especially if you accidentally stain your undies, because it can feel really eeky and unhygienic!

I’ve heard the naysayers who think that wearing liners every day is unhealthy and will lead to vaginal infections and other complications, but it is totally not true! Liners are really helpful to keep us feeling fresh and clean down under, and it doesn’t even have to be unpleasant, especially if you’re wearing one that is breathable and comfortable! Wearing a liner helps me to feel good about myself, and gives me the confidence to look good as well!

A pet peeve I have when it comes to liners is that the liner doesn’t stay in place properly, and at the end of the day, it’s all bunched up and can’t even do its job properly! Some liners also feel very rough and abrasive, which can get really uncomfortable and makes me feel ill at ease. 

Thankfully, with the new range of breathable liners by Kotex, I can now feel at ease every single day, all day long! 

I’ve been using Kotex Fresh Regular Breathable Liners, and it is really extremely comfortable for everyday use!

Thanks to the breathable design, it leaves me feeling fresh and clean daily, and the soft touch cotton-like cover ensures that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or chafe against my sensitive areas at all!

The ends are thinner with a raised centre for better fit and comfort, and it stays in place perfectly with double all-around channels to help prevent bunching. It doesn’t twist, fold, or fray, and has what it takes to make it through the toughest thing any woman can put it through a regular day in their lives. Awesome!

Enough of the talk and let’s put all these claims into action!! I’ve put Kotex Breathable Liner to the test too, because I can’t be all talk no action 😛 I’ve pitted Kotex Fresh Regular Breathable Liner, against “Brand C” and conducted a little test! 

With the same amount of liquid tested on both brands of liners, you can see how Kotex Fresh Regular Breathable Liner appears to be significantly more absorbent and dry! This translates into a more comfortable and fresher experience for us, the consumer! After trying and handling both brands of liners as well, I can also vouch for the softness and comfort level of Kotex Breathable Liners, it just feels so much better!

Kotex Breathable Liners are also dermatologically tested for daily use, so you can feel safe using it daily 😀 

 From 28th Feb to 27th March, Watsons is running a $2 attractive promo offer for a pack of Kotex Fresh Regular Liners (usual price $2.95). It’s a super duper value-for-money price, so try a pack today!

And here’s the exciting part! ^-^

In collaboration with Kotex, TheVelvetDolls will be conducting a give-away! 

We’ve got FIVE gorgeous light, comfortable and airy dresses, and we’ll be giving away two pieces per design! To stand to win 1 of the 10 Breathable dresses, simply leave a comment on this blog entry with the following information:

1. Full name 

2. Email address 

3. Purchased a Kotex range liner to triple your chances (Yes/No)

4. Answer: You can wear Kotex breathable liners daily to absorb perspiration and discharge. (True / False) 

You can triple your chances of winning the dress by purchasing any single one of the Kotex® range liners scan and upload your purchase receipt to kotex@nuffnang.com.sg. Please include your full name and whose blogshop reader you are!

The contest period is from now till 17th March 2013, so hurry quick and join this give-away nowwww!

PS. Participants may submit multiple receipts to increase their chances of winning.

Every winner is entitled to only one win. Winners will only be selected in early April!

Say yay to fresh and breathable comfort everyday!


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