Happy Lunar New Year! Day Three

Happy Friday, folks!

CNY day three pictures.. Better a little late than never, right? 😀
I spent Day 3 out with YZ’s family and relatives, we had a buffet lunch at Sheraton Towers and went visiting at his relatives’!

The buffet lunch at Sheraton Towers was mehhhhh. Definitely not going back again. You know a buffet is bad when even the cold prawns aren’t fresh. I only enjoyed the freshly barbequed bakkwa and the froyo machine. And maybe the salmon sashimi. Other than that, the other food available was mostly mediocre and I don’t think it was value for money at all. Boo.

Camwhoring with YZ in the car hehe.

Since the food wasn’t that awesome, I just did a collage haha NOPE the food ain’t even worth the “airtime” on my blog. Meh.

YZ with one of his cousin’s kids. Soooooo cute hor! 

With pretty Gly, YZ’s younger sister 😀

Random nugget of information: YZ and Yingdan (if you find her familiar it is because she is one of the co-owners of Lilypirates!) are sort of distantly related: cousin’s cousin kind of thing haha so we see each other during CNY gatherings which feels pretty funny lol.

           Both of us adorned in florals and our own labels but of course!    

The rowdy and riotous poker table.

YZ’s nephew, Zavier! He’s super cheeky and mischevious but extremely adorable!

Lol doesn’t he look like YZ?

Couple outfit picture! ^.^
Wore the Lilith Floral Peplum Dress in Apricot with my Jeffrey Campbell heels!

TGIF all!


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