A little update on life + 三个神经病的 CNY Steamboat!

Hello all! (:

Before someone reports to the authorities for “Missing Girl in Action”, NO, I am alive and very well, as those who are following me on Instagram/Twitter would attest to.

It’s just that I’ve been thrown into one of those lull periods of seclusion and have decided to make myself a hermit (well, sort of) and am happily relishing my days of retiring to bed early; well before midnight, mind you, amidst spending time doing everything but blog/work.

Okay okaaay. LOL. I’ve just been rather extremely lazy, I admit it. But somehow, I feel like I’m taking ownership of my own life again. In the past year, there were periods when I’ve felt so continually harassed over work and blogging and all my thousand and one commitments, that every waking moment felt like work. I turned on my laptop when I woke up, worked, blogged, edited photos and worked my way until I had to go somewhere else, went back home, and carried on working til it was time to sleep.

It sounds silly, but everything I did had to have some kind of agenda. Going for events? Ok, I’ll wear one of TVD’s upcoming pieces so that I can hype up the sales a little. If I were heading out for a meal with the boyfriend, I’d think of going somewhere new so that it would mean fresh content for the blog! So on and so forth. It almost became like I was living for the sake of blogging and work, which has got to be extreme irony.

SO. I decided that I needed a change! Of course, I love to blog, and I love TVD, I really do. But this year, I’m gonna have a better work life balance, and not be thinking about work ALL THE DAMN TIME. Because everything I do is almost all related to work. Even the mundane things like putting on makeup, or having a meal. I want to have “off” days when I don’t have to think about what to blog next or how to push sales for TVD’s next collection. I want to go to bed not thinking about my to-do list, and just enjoy reading myself to sleep with one of my many dog-eared Harry Potter novels.

Thanks to my bad skin condition and other health issues lately, I think I also need to take a step back to look at my life and how I’m treating (or rather, abusing) my body, because health is something that money cannot buy. It’s about time I started taking better care of my body! Thus, no more late nights if I can afford it, and I also need to do something about my horrible diet. More greens! Less meat, less junk and less sugar! Regular meals!

Still, don’t worry, because I will do my best to be as regular as I can in regards to blogging! And also, TVD is not going to be affected la (as far as possible, hahaha). Right now, we’re taking things a bit slow because the factories have just started churning out stocks not so long ago, plus I’m preparing for our move to a dot com very soon, thus it’s still a lull season. Once we’re all moved to dot com and have all the knots and ends ironed out, it will be full steam ahead! ^.^ Oh yes, there will be more sales and also even a warehouse sale upcoming, to do a stock clearance so that the move to dot com will be as fuss free as possible! Look forward to that!

That’s it on my “life update”.. Hahhaha.

And just so that it’s not all words.. Here’s belated pictures from CNY steamboat with Evonne, Jayne, and the respective other halves! Jayne even brought along Momo who is MAD ADORBS! Awww.

Speaking of these two.. I’m real glad that blogging is less lonely now because of friends like them! Attending events sound really cool and fun, but it can get pretty awkward if you’re all by yourself and don’t know anyone else. But now I’ve got these two 神经病的, the blogosphere is a less lonely place. Yay! It’s not everyone that I can “click” with, but the three of us someone just seem to fall into place real nicely. Lol. Extremely blessed and thankful for having found them!


Shaggy QQ is always excited when visitors come over, and that evening was no different. Look at her cute little face and bright eyes!

Evonne terrorizing QQ. Mwahahaha.

And the fat roll ham is a fat roll of ham. No matter when, where or who.

Everyone’s favourite steamboat “liao”, enoki mushrooms, meatballs, crabsticks, sausages and the likes!

And I pestered Mummy to fry us some beehoon, which turned out to be the star of the night, everyone had two servings and were too full to finish the steamboat thereafter. #steamboatfail

But I have got to say my mummy makes a mean steamboat soup!!! It was delish!

Hello cutie Momo! He’s just so fluffy!

The two prettyyyyyys!

Momo the carpet!

And Vernon the Dog Whisperer. Hahaha. I swear, Vernon really has got a way with dogs! Both Baby and QQ were just happily enjoying his massaging and stroking.

Shiok-tisfied expressiong on Baby’s face. Hahaha damn funny.

QQ too!

We had ice cream post steamboat too: There’s always room for the sweets! Heh.

And we spammed the instax at the end of the night hehe. Thanks Evonne for sponsoring the instax mwahaha! ❤

We shall do a BBQ soon-ish! 😀


That’s it for now! Ciao ciao (I am dying to go on a holiday! I mean a real one, overseas.)
Have a great week, everyone! 🙂


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