The Burger Bar by Fat Boy’s (Far East Plaza)

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve yet to taste a burger from Fat Boy’s, you don’t know what a REAL burger tastes like.

Good burgers in Singapore are hard to find, and I used to be a Macdonalds burger kind of girl, but I never knew what I was missing out on! Until I got my first taste of a burger from The Burger Bar by Fat Boy’s Concepts! This newly opened burger joint is located in the heart of town at Far East Plaza Level One, and I know where to go now whenever I need my burger fix in town!

What’s so awesome about The Burger Bar, is the fact that you can customize your burger however you want it. From the bun, to the patty, and right down to the condiments and toppings! For all of you fussy eaters out there who spend five minutes picking the pickles out from your burger, or even removing the sesame seeds from your bun, (you’d be surprised but I actually know people who do that =_=) THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. 

Ordering has never been more convenient! You can place your order via two iPads available at The Burger Bar, and it’s easy peasy and fun to use!

Deciding on my burger… Cheeseburger or hamburger? Sesame Bun or Brioche Bun? Beef patty or Grilled chicken patty? Endless possibilities!

Sauces that you can pick from. Definitely truffle mayonnaise for me!

The burgers start from $6.50, and with every add-on, you pay about $1-$3 depending on which toppings you choose, so you’ll probably end up paying around $12-$15 if your burger is really decadent, my burger cost $15.50! Lol.

A word of caution to the wise. Please do not be greedy pigs like us, and just stick to maybe 3 add-ons maximum. I promise you’ll thank me for it later. Lol. We each had 6 different toppings for our burgers, and they were monstrous! 

Placed our orders for two burgers and two sides.. and when our food arrived about 15 minutes later, I was FLABBERGASTED D:

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks!


YZ’s insanely HUGE burger, honey oat bun, pork patty, sunny side up, grilled bananas, caramelised onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato.. with peanut butter sauce.

The combination of pork patty with bananas and peanut butter sauce was recommended by Vernon, who said that this combination went REALLY well! So YZ decided to be a little more adventurous and went for it. Unique, but the end verdict: yums! 

It was so huge that it couldn’t even be eaten the normal way (ie, chomping on the entire burger holding it in two hands). YZ had to dissect it apart in order to eat it!

I ordered chilli cheese fries, with wasabi mayonnaise sauce! Noms. 

And…. my burger.

Toasted sesame bun, beef patty, swiss cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, portobello mushroom, pickles and tomato with truffle mayonnaise sauce.

Damn sinful I tell you. But so so so so good!!

Check out the beef patty. It was juicy and tender and succulent! All their patties are made from freshly ground meat and grilled to perfection!

Oh by the way, I have never seen such giant onion rings before in my life!


Got bottled juice that’s available as well, helps to wash down all that food!

My burger that’s practically bigger than my face.

Thumbs UPPPZ.

YZ and I enjoying our huge ass burgers. I can tell you it took some effort for me to finish every last bite, but it was sinful goodness in every mouthful! We were starving when we arrived, and absolutely stuffed when we finished our meal!

The joint is pretty small and really casual, very no-frills sorta dining! You might have to squeeze a little but I’d say it’s worth it.

With my gorgeous Jayne who invited us over for the grand opening! 😀 

Oh oh guess who else was there! Jun jun! Jayne’s uber adorable nephew! For some reason he really likes YZ tsk! Usually it’s so hard to even get his attention but he let YZ carry him :O

Adorableeeeeee *pinches cheeks*

Peggy and Aileen arrived just as YZ and I were about to go, so we managed to grab a group shot together with Vernon and Jayne! Oh, The Burger Bar is actually co-owned by Justin and Vernon (of the Muttons) and Bernie (owner of the original Fat Boy’s) so CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! I’m sure it’s gonna be a smashing success, what with the fantastic burgers!

Go check out The Burger Bar everybody!


The Burger Bar by Fat Boy’s 

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road 



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