Lunch at House of Robert Timms!

Happy mid-week, all!

The days are settling back into normalcy post-festivities, and I’m almost ready to throw myself back into work again (almost but not quite yetttttt hahaha).

Been catching up with various friends over meals, and this week was Robert Timms’ with the girls, Huiwen, Valerie and Evonne! Well, I see Evonne almost every week or even more often than that so yes there’s not much catching up to do lol. Huiwen and Valerie are two busy bees I don’t get to meet often though, and it was a really enjoyable lunch session with the girls and one guy (David, Wen’s boyfriend. Hahaha)

I met Wen and Val both through Nuffnang, (in fact, Wen is the first person ever I got to know in Nuffnang) and I remember Val being at the very first Nuffnang bloggers’ event I attended! Woa… That was way back in 2010! 

Can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve joined Nuffnang, and even longer since the blog began in 2009. It’s quite incredible how long a way this tiny little blog has come, and how it has enriched my life in so many different aspects! :’) So very grateful for every opportunity that has been bestowed upon me, and the people from all walks of life that I’ve met, some are really those that I can call friends for life! :))) So extremely blessed, I know I am!

Enough of the talk and moving on to the food.. I’ve found that despite Robert Timms supposedly being a cafe that’s well known for its coffee, it has got surprisingly good food, and every time I have a meal there, I always feel spoilt for choice because the menu is so extensive! Most of the food that I’ve tried at Robert Timms are all pretty good, and quite reasonably priced as well. 

If you’re looking for a nice spot in town to chill with good food and coffee, Robert Timms is one of the places you can consider!

Val’s really awesome scrambled eggs with turkey ham on multi-grain croissant

Wen ordered something similar but with a bratwurst sausage instead! I somehow preferred the scrambled eggs with ham because it was more flavorful!

I’ve had serious mussels obsession lately so I ordered mussels, seeing that they had it on the menu! Pretty good, the mussels were quite big and juicy! Just a tad fishy, but the tasty white wine sauce helped to make up for it! The two sticks of toasted garlic bread dipped into the white wine sauce = BAGUS!

Evonne’s French toast was kind of disappointing.. I remembered it being really delish the last time I tried it at Robert Timms! This time it was too soggy and not crispy enough. Meh. Still tasted okay drenched in maple syrup, but definitely not what I remembered it tasted like previously! Hopefully it was a one-off slip in standards :S

Lovely Val and myself!

Wen and Evonne 😀

David kindly obliged in helping us with a group shot, hehe. (Though we look kind of weird, but I will blame it on the lighting.) Thanks David!

Had such a great time hanging out with you girls! ^_^ Good food, even better company.


House of Robert Timms can be found at the following:

 Wheelock Place

501 Orchard Road, #01-02/03, Singapore 238880
Tel: 6735 9201 

 Orchard Shopping Centre

321 Orchard Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 238866
Tel: 6733 0609


Psst.. The pictures in this entry are taken with my newly zhng-ed camera, TEEHEE. Went CNY visiting at Xuan’s house last Sunday and ended up raiding her stash of washi tape and embarking upon the project of washi-ing my camera! 😀

So so so fun! But I shan’t get addicted to the world of washi tape because I can see how damn addictive it is to collect and buy ’em all.. Just by looking at Trish and Xuan :X

But the end result is so so so so adorable! Yay! Hope the washi tape doesn’t get worn too soon! 😀 Now my cam cam is so cutesy-ish. But I like it 😀 Whoop whoop!

Off for reunion lunch with the Nuffies now.. Yay! Byes! 😀


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