Happy Lunar New Year! Day Two


Back with Day 2 photos! ^__^

Goodness me.. One week of CNY already over and another week to go before everything comes to an end! After which I need to start watching my diet and returning to my exercise pronto ;( Feel like a pig cos I haven’t been watching what I’m eating! Seems like most of my calories are coming from pineapple tarts and other things that are equally bad for me *horror* I feel like a fat bloated pig ;__; There’s still another two more “reunion” meals that are planned for this week, so yes. Right after those two meals, it’s back to hit the running track! Cross my heart and hope to die.

Lazy me haven’t been doing anything at all during CNY except spending time with the fam and relatives and boyfriend! No gambling (I did win $10 at one house, but that was it!) and lots of idling around and just enjoying the break from work! So much that I don’t feel like going back to work boohoo!

Didn’t do much on Day 2 except visit my aunt’s place in the afternoon for 拜年! Damn chillax haha. I love the adorable pooch! She’s a miniature toy poodle called Nicky! Awwwww. Never realised how adorable toy poodles were until this CNY.

A close-up of my embroidered peter pan collar!

And my gorgeous shoes from Jeffrey Campbell 🙂 I wear until 够本 this CNY hehe! 

Still determined to be decked out in red and thus I chose this Moroccan Embroidered Dress in Red! 😀 Upcoming piece on TheVelvetDolls! YAY.

I have many more pictures to post, for CNY Day 3, as well as Vday! There’s been readers asking me for a Vday post.. Hahaha. I would love to do one, but need to wait okay do in sequence! Okay I know Vday is over, but since I’m gonna blog some pictures from the actual day itself, I guess it will have to wait 🙂

But since I posted this on Instagram already, I guess I’ll just share this little collage first! Teehee. Unexpected roses for Vday (it’s probably my 3rd? bouquet of flowers from the boyfriend because he knows I find them a waste of money) and a very sweet day of surprises planned by him. Aww. More on that in a later post! ^-^

In other unhappy news, my skin has been breaking out terribly of late, and I suspect it could be due to my sleeping in a dusty room with bedsheets that are unclean 🙁 It’s all over my cheeks and chin, and totally sucks 🙁 Breakouts always make me feel so ugly and unattractive sighhhh. You can’t tell so much in the above pictures cos of the makeup/lighting/my awesome photoshop skills, but it’s really bad with angry red pimples on the sides of my face and my chin. Trying to remedy it now by cleansing my face thoroughly everyday, and wearing very light makeup to allow the skin to breathe. It’s really ironic that I have got so many skincare products (so many that I can’t even finish using them all) and I’m having the worst skin of my life 🙁 I really envy girls with flawless skin who look good without makeup because they don’t even need to conceal anything! Boohoo.

Off to beddy bed now! Hoping everyone is having a good week post-CNY festivities! Even I’m feeling the blues and I don’t even have to wake up early for work, lol. Be right back with more life updates and other blog posts very soon!


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