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I’m actually not a huge fan of perfumes.. I know there are ladies who have an entire dressing table covered with a dozen different perfumes, and love them to death! Never been one of them, but I’ve now discovered a new scent that I actually find myself wearing on multiple occasions, which is really a rare thing! (In fact, it is already rare that I even wear any scent.)

pureDKNY now brings to us, a drop of rose, a drop of goodwill.

“Naturally derived rose from turkey. In the rich soil, rain and sunshine of the isparta valley grows the perfect rose-lush, fragrant, pink. Once a year women, men and families work together harvesting full blooms by hand. Starting early dawn, roses are gathered one by one, then brought into the village for distilling. the process reflects the tranquil spirit of pureDKNY. Soft and sensually romantic, one flower, one love, one scent – pureDKNY, A Drop Of Rose.”

This scent doesn’t just smell good, but is born out of goodness.

More than a fragrance, through DKNY’s partnership with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, pureDKNY is helping to make an impact on improving the financial future for women, one drop at a time. By purchasing its rose from local farmers in Turkey, the majority of whom are women; pureDKNY has taken a step to help secure long-term production of rose production in Isparta.

I love the clean and fresh scent of roses in this perfume, just spritzing it on makes me feel more feminine immediately! It’s a very wearable fragrance with no overwhelming musk or heaviness, and I’ve been reaching for this delicate bottle surprisingly often! YZ loves the scent as well, and thinks it’s heavenly 😉

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose is available at all major department stores at the following prices/sizes/variations: 

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose EDP (50ml) – $96 SGD 

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose EDP (100ml) – $132 SGD 

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose Body Butter (150ml) – $62 SGD 

pureDKNY A Drop of Rose Body Wash (150ml) – $43 SGD 


Purchase A Drop of Rose and get a complimentary handmade item! 

In Singapore, pureDKNY partners with a local social enterprise, Mother and Child Project™, which seeks to empower disadvantaged women in Singapore so they can be equipped with a skill to work from home, have the time and capacity to take care of their children and ultimately, be self-sufficient. In the spirit of empowering women in Singapore, pureDKNY has purchased handicrafts made by these women from Mother and Child Project™

With compliments of pureDKNY, you will receive an artisanal handicraft with every purchase of pureDKNY a drop of rose. Visit pureDKNY’s event at Robinsons Raffles City Water Court from 20 – 26 Feb (that’s until this coming Tuesday!) and be a part of this good cause.

We were given a little lesson in sewing and trying our hand at making our very own stuffed heart key ring, and the kind folks from Mother and Child Project™ patiently guided us through this challenging procedure (Lol.. when was the last time you actually sewed something other than a button?)

I did put in my best effort, and thought that my little blue heart came out pretty decent! What do you think?

The event was held at Parco Caffe, which is a lovely restaurant/cafe that’s subtly garden-themed with a very nice indoor alfresco area, where we were seated.

The canapes that we had were really tasty, and I think I ate quite a fair bit! :X Heard that the brunch served on weekends at Parco Caffe is to die for, and I may go back for another visit, if I have a means of transport because this place (Raeburn Park) is one ulu land. Hahaha.


Parco Caffe
10 Raeburn Park#01-28

Tel: 62236338


My simple look of the day. I just realised that I took this picture before I applied my mascara on, but oh well, it looks pretty okay still so I’ll just post it up! Haha.

Been donning on this Scallop Hem Suede Skirt that’s upcoming on TheVelvetDolls more times than I can count because it’s just one of those pieces that’s just so comfortable and easy to wear! 🙂

Wishing everyone a happy weekend ahead! 🙂


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