Salon Vim: Lovin’ my Pink & Purple Highlights!

Hello all!

This is quite an overdue post.. SO SORRY ABOUT IT. But I gotta say, my latest hair color is amazingly stunning and I am so in love with it! And it is incredibly lasting as well.. It’s been almost a month since I got these pink/purple streaks done, and they are still looking absolutely gorgeous!

So in love with pink/purple hair still. Hahaha I don’t know why I love the pink hair so much, but I really do! I always felt that something was amiss whenever I did my hair red last time, but somehow, pink hair makes me feel completely at ease and just feels so… ME. It’s kind of hard to explain, isn’t it?

This time round, I went to the salon on two occasions, the first session was to trim/color my hair, and then i went back again for hair treatment because I didn’t have enough time during the first session!

Part One: The Color + Hair Cut

It’s been a good two months since my last visit to Salon Vim, and the previous pink/purple/ash highlights I did had mostly faded to a light ash color, which was starting to look rather dry and unkempt!

I requested for Stephanie to cover up the ash highlights, and also touched up my black roots which had grown out quite a far bit!

I’ve gotten alot inquiries asking if bleaching is required for my pink/purple highlights, and yes, bleaching is actually required for those streaks to be highlighted pink/purple, but because I already had the ash highlights put in previously, all Stephanie did was to cover up the ash highlights with the pink/purple! 🙂

Stephanie applying the highlights on.. Vibrant pink and purple!

With the highlights in, my base color was touched up at the roots to a matte brown tone!

And… TAADAAAAA….. Isn’t this completely lovely? Stephanie is sucha genius when it comes to blending those colors together, and the effect is totally mesmerizing!

And I snipped off a good two inches off the hair, somehow this slightly-longer-than-shoulder-length hair seems to suit me the best I feel!

My amazing hair stylist, Stephanie! After entrusting my hair to Steph for the past almost two years, I feel totally secure in her hands. Heh. Steph never fails to work wonders on my hair, and after our two year long relationship, she’s more like a good friend than a hair stylist to me now!

I really really love the amazing blend of pink and purple streaks mingled with the matte brown base color!

Check out the back view~ Looks so gorgeous!

Part Two: Redken Chemistry Cocktail Treatment!

Four days later, I popped by the salon again, to get hair treatment done! If you get frequent coloring and bleaching done so often like I do, hair treatment is absolutely essential to ensure that your hair condition is kept as healthy as possible!

This time, I also brought Gina along because she needed to get a hair cut as well! Lucky her, she was assigned Gary as her hairstylist!

Gina wants to grow out her hair, so she asked Gary to trim her hair in such a way that it’d grow out nicely.

Doing my favourite Redken Chemistry Cocktail Treatment! I love it that the Redken Chemistry Cocktail treatment is especially customised for me, to ensure that optimal results are achieved!

The different components are mixed together in a cocktail shaker, before being applied liberally to the hair.

And out comes the steam machine! It always makes me feel like I’m in an onsen. Hahaha. This step is important though because the steam helps to open up the hair cuticles so that the treatment can penetrate deeper into your hair to do its magic!

Finally.. finishing off with blowdrying, and I swear there is some kind of magic going on at Salon Vim because they always manage to blowdry my hair into perfection… SOMEHOW. EVERY TIME! Is damn chio de.

And here’s the final end result! Soft, bouncy, shiny hair thanks to Redken Chemistry Cocktail Treatment, and the most gorgeous hair color everrrrrrr!

And with sissy Gina! Who’s pretty pleased with her haircut as well, it looks so much neater and more stylish after Gary worked his magic fingers on sissy’s hair! Yay! We both left the salon happy campers!

No better way to start the new year than with a pretty head of hair. So in love with this hair color! I am ever eternally grateful to Salon Vim for being my hair sponsor for the past two years.. I have honestly not had to worry about my hair at all!

There’s still time to go get your hair done before CNY, so give Salon Vim a call to book your appointment soon! Quote my blog/name to get 10% off all hair services too! Go get pretty!!!



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