Review: Benefit Fake Up Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer!

If I had to choose just one makeup essential that I can’t do without, it has got to be CONCEALER without a doubt! God knows how badly I need concealer, especially for my dark eye rings and blemishes.. I can skip the eyeliner, the mascara, or even the brow pencil, but to look even remotely presentable, concealer is a must-have for me!

I’ve tried many many brands of concealers in order to find the best ones that will help camouflage those horrid dark eye rings of mine, and I dare say I’m somewhat of a Concealer Connoisseur (hey that sounds pretty cool!). LOL. 

I’m always on the lookout for good coverage concealers, but many a times, it seems that with great power comes great responsibility. And why do I say so? Because the better the coverage, the thicker and dryer the formula of the concealer will most likely be, resulting in unwanted creases and a cakey, unnatural finish.

Banish all your concealer woes with Benefit’s star product of the year: the Fake Up Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer! When it comes to “faking” beauty, Benefit knows no bounds, and I was incredibly impressed with this innovative concealer that’s set to take over the cover-up industry by storm! Like they say it, “We fake it til we make it!”, what an awesome slogan!

Attended the press event for this amazing product last week, and it was a well-executed and fun event that had us all in laughter! An amusing skit was put up by the Benefit team, as we arrived at the “crime scene” to investigate who might have been the mastermind behind the stolen Fake Up Concealers!

Photobooth fun with Evonne and Arissa! Everyone loves a good photo, especially with cute props to play around with!

With my favourite company! 😀

Thank you Benefit for keeping our tummies happy too! 🙂

I really like the sleek and handy lipstick style packaging of the product, all you need to do is to uncap it and twist it before applying it onto your skin directly!

As you can tell from the swatch, the hydrating ring portion of the concealer is extremely emollient, and the concealer glides on like a dream onto the skin. 

I use my fingers to blend and tap it in afterwards, and I swear this is probably the creamiest and most hydrating concealer I’ve ever used! It is also very lightweight, and you’d love how the light-reflecting technology in this product help to illuminate the undereye area and diffuses light to smooth out any fine lines.

The coverage is medium, and will help to conceal most mild to moderate cases of dark eye circles and blemishes. For serious cases of dark eye circles, this works great as a base concealer (after which I layer another concealer for even better coverage) because it’s so moisturizing that it helps other concealers go on better over it.

Shade 02, Medium, works well on me.

Tap and blend the concealer gently!

Fake Up Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer will be available in Singapore at SGD38 island-wide at Benefit counters in April 2013.

More swatches/reviews over at Evonne’s blog, as well as Mag at MakeUpStash!




TheVelvetDolls Suede Lace-up Skirt in Red (size M)

Nude wedges from Heatwave

Bag from Bimba and Lola

Necklaces from House of Harlow 1960

Adoring the skirt with its yummy lace-up details and suede material! It makes me feel all perky and happy somehow. Haha.

There’s also been a massive amount of catching up with some of my favourite girls due to all the new product launches and events, I am super excited to share about them! Went for a ZA x Majolica Majorca event with Jayne, Evonne, Tricia and Juli last week and I am in love with their new upcoming products (more on those soon!)

Sneak preview of the new Majolica Majorca products! Lash Expander Edge Master, Lash Jelly Drop, Majoromantica M (limited edition), Skin Remaker Case 2013 (limited edition) and The Little Humming Book 1 (limited edition)


TheVelvetDolls Cossette Lace Overlay Tank Dress in Rose (Size M)

TheVelvetDolls Suede Biker Jacket in Black (Size M)

Necklace from Sort and Pepper

Jelly nude wedges I bought from City Plaza a long time ago!

My new favourite outerwear has got to be this suede jacket ^^ Been wearing it ever so often cos it is so chic and goes perfectly over most outfits! Paired it with the lace overlay tank dress, which is in a really vibrant shade of rose. One of my favourite colors! Really like the button details at the back as well. Wheeee!

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