Lunch at Violet Oon’s Kitchen + Accessorize with Sort And Pepper!

For those in the know, Violet Oon has been a long standing authority in our local culinary scene. As one of Singapore’s pioneer celebrity chefs, she has written cookbooks, appeared on TV shows, and is well-recognized as a guru on Nonya/Peranakan cuisine! (I have to admit.. I’ve never heard of her but that’s because I’m like a mountain tortoise 🙁 山龟)

Violet Oon’s Kitchen is a newly set up family establishment by the Oon family, and thanks to a special Sort and Pepper Shakers lunch organized by Jazlyn of Sort and Pepper, we got the good fortune to taste the wonderful food at Violet Oon’s Kitchen!


Violet Oon’s Kitchen

881 Bukit Timah Road

Tel: 64685430


The restaurant is tucked away in a row of shophouses along Bukit Timah Road, which could be pretty out of the way, especially if you don’t drive.

The interior decor is sleek and polished, with contrasting white/black tiles and gives off a wonderfully modernistic and contemporary vibe. Kind of reminds me of PS Cafe!

The cakes that caught my eye even before we started lunch.. was eyeing them already! Hehe.

Home-made cookies and jam available in little jars for purchase!

I really like the simple typography on the logo! So stylish and minimalistic at the same time.

The menu features a variety of food, mainly segregated into two sections: Western and Peranakan. We ordered a variety to share! We were really hungry and ended up over-ordering… too much food for just four ladies. HAHAHA.

Winged Bean Kerabu Salad $11

Our starter! I thought the winged beans were really special (they look like shuriken!) , but I didn’t quite know how to appreciate the raw taste of the beans with the strong belacan chilli and onions in this dish. Haha.

Chap Chye $8

I love love love chap chye in any form and this was delish! Loved the thick gravy and how the cabbage and vegetables were cooked til they were soft and absorbed all the goodness of the gravy. Yums!

Beef Rendang $22

Perfect with the nasi kuning (yellow rice), I loved the spicy and flavourful curry, though the beef was slightly on the tough side.

Pulled Beef Ragu Rigatoni $24

MY FAVOURITE DISH! This was so so so so good! The pulled beef was tender and well-marinated and with the penne pasta in the rich meaty ragu sauce, it was absolutely tantalizing! 

Buah Keluak Ayam $22

Another one that’s heavy on the spices, but I thought the Beef Rendang was better, haha. 

Dry Laksa $17

A must-try dish at Violet Oon’s Kitchen, a fresh take on our local favourite: Laksa! This dry version reminds me of a pasta, but with that awesome laksa kick and I could also taste coconut milk in it, which made it really fragrant. Best for sharing cos it may get a little jelat after a few mouthfuls.

ViO’s Shephard’s Pie $19

Strangely enough, I seem to enjoy the Western dishes more at Violet Oon’s, and this Shephard’s Pie got me addicted, digging into it spoonful after spoonful!! The smooth layer of mashed potato hides a tasty stewed ground beef that was really deliciousss! We were absolutely stuffed, but still managed to finish off almost the entire pie 😛

Jazlyn and Jayne enjoying the yummy food!

We had to have the desserts there despite our tummies being already filled to the brim.. and also because I had asked for a special surprise cake for Apple! Hehehe. This girl just turned 21 years old the day before our lunch so I thought it wasn’t too late for one more cake for her ♥

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream $12

Our “cake”, sticky date toffee pudding with ice cream, this is really for the sweet-toothed! The butterscotch/caramel sauce surrounded the cake and ice cream like an oasis haha. A little too sweet for my taste buds but I honestly cannot resist any sticky date toffee pudding and much of this ended up in my stomach 😛

Happy belated 21st, dear Apple! 

(You can tell how backdated this entry is. LOL.)

Burbor Cha Cha Panna Cotta $9

Before we retired our overly satisfied tummies for the day, we had this highly recommended dessert, Elements of the classic Burbor Cha Cha has been incorporated into the traditional panna cotta, with Gula Melaka and Coconut Milk. I loved the texture and how all the flavours blended together so well! Jayne nearly died with the awesome Gula Melaka and couldn’t stop gushing about it! Haha.


The ambassadors/bloggers for Salt and Pepper, also known as Salt and Pepper Shakers (cute name or what! hehehe) together with Jazlyn! 

Thanks for lunch, Jaz!!


So, moving on to Sort and Pepper, I am really loving all the accessories brought in by Jaz, and you will probably find many of them familiar because I have been using them for TheVelvetDolls shoots, and also been dressing up with them!

Sort and Pepper has got a wonderful variety of accessories, ranging from quirkier ones, to the vintage, and some that are really elegant and classic! I like how all of them are really unique and stylish, each with their very own character!

I had the chance to show off and wear my new accessories from Sort and Pepper this week, so here’s some photos of the week’s happenings as well!

On the day of the Lancôme’s Black and White press event I attended, I was going for a slightly more edgy/rock vibe in monotone shades!

With my dear Evonne at the event. (Please ignore random faces at the back. LOL)

The products we were introduced to at the press event! I am really excited to try them already!

Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser & Masks

Lancôme Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara feat Betty Boop

(Pictures credit to Evonne!)

The full outfit (already blogged a pic of it earlier, but here’s a better quality picture anyhow!) as seen, with my long layered necklace from Sort and Pepper! It went really well with my other accessories and I thought it finished off the entire look perfectly with its edgy chic style!

Like a Rock Star Cluster Long Necklace can be purchased here 🙂

Had a date with girlfriends in town last Friday, so I dressed up a little, and thought this lovely necklace complemented my hair and outfit perfectly!

With the gorgeous girlfriends Val, Evonne and Jayne, because we popped by Sœurs for a visit!

We went to Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery for dinner and catch-up session! Yums.

Had the Antoinette Salad again and it was as yummy as I remembered.

A full outfit coordinate together with Evonne hehe. I really like how the necklace added a pop of color and extra detail to my outfit!

Lace Peplum Top in Black and Leather Panelled Skirt in Camel upcoming on TheVelvetDolls!

Paired it with my Burgundy 13″ Cambridge Satchel which I’m bringing out for some fresh air because I’ve abandoned it for awhile now (I have this bad habit of not changing my bag once I start using one. Haha!) Loving the entire getup, if I do say so myself. Lol 😀

Round Gems Hanging on a Tree Branch Necklace can be purchased here 🙂


New arrivals come in on Sort and Pepper every Wednesday, so check it out weekly for your dose of fabulously fashionable accessories!


The rain has been dampening my spirits this Sunday and all I wanna do is to sleeeeeeep 🙁 Having an unproductive day and looks like it’s gonna be a long night for me again cos I need to get lots of work done!

Work hasn’t been easy, cos the collections this month are like almost twice as big as usual, and that means twice the amount of work, so it’s been really taxing on me and the staff. But we must press on!!! Trying not to get burned out by staying really positive and being as chill and stressed-free as possible! Jiayou jiayou!! *flexes muscles* I have to thank God that at the end of the day, I’m working for myself, and doing what I love to do. It’s not all a bed of roses everyday, but I know I am absolutely blessed already and have everything to be thankful for!

Weekend’s drawing to a close, so I hope everyone had a well-rested weekend, and that next week will be a fabulous one!


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