Guide to Natural Make-Up Look!

As the saying goes:


(There are no ugly women, only lazy ones)

It is indeed possible to look beautiful with thick make-up on, and as much as I love dolling myself up with the huge array of make-up readily available to women in today’s world, I’ve started to feel tired of putting on sooooo much make-up, and it’s definitely not something I can do on a daily basis 🙁

Don’t misunderstand me, thick makeup is awesome when the occasion calls for it, but the best kind of makeup, in my opinion, is the kind that looks like it isn’t there. (But you know it is. HAHAHA) You can’t exactly put on a full face of makeup just to head to the nearest coffee shop for lunch, can you?

The solution? A clean, natural look that looks well-groomed and flawless, something that looks so natural it’s almost as if you’re not wearing any make-up! This is the kind of make-up you can wear any time, without looking like you’re on your way for prom night. (Yikes!)

As I’ve gotten quite a number of requests asking for a daily make-up tutorial, I put together this simple walk-through for my natural make-up look, at the same time reviewing two of my current favourite products that work really well for this look: Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP in Brown (Brown Eyeliner) and eyebrow powder palette: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow and Nose Shadow Powder in 01 Light Brown (Brow powder palette)!

Without further ado, here’s my Guide to a Natural Make-Up Look!

The very first step to achieving a natural make-look has got to be a clean, fresh face, and the products that I’ve been using almost daily are the following:

Ettusais BB Mineral White SPF45 PA++ (review here)
Beauty Tech Ice Cream Concealer
Ettusais Quick Fix Powder

With my base make-up done! The Ettusais BB Mineral White has got rather decent coverage and with a few dabs of concealer over my terrible dark eye rings/blemishes and a coat of pressed powder, I’m pretty much set!

Moving on to the eyes, which are definitely the most important features in our face. To keep the look natural, I’m sticking to a brown color palette. By using two shades (a shimmery beige and a darker brown), depth and dimension can be created, while still looking natural and neutral. It doesn’t require much skill too, all you need to do is to dab the lighter color all over your lids, then work in the dark brown from the outer corner of your eyelid and gently blend it in with your little finger.

I used:
Peripera Eyeshadow (Sheer Beige)
Springheart Eyeshadow (#01 Mocha)

The pink area represents where the dark brown shadow should go!

After applying eyeshadow, define your lash line by using a brown eyeliner such as Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP to draw a thin line as near to your lash line as possible! Using brown instead of black eyeliner makes the look more natural, as black eyeliner can look potentially harsh and artificial, while brown eyeliner provides a soft definition.

The Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP (Brown) comes with a fine tip that’s very easy to use and control.

Remember to go as close to your lash line as possible!

Next up: defining the eyebrows! This is my favourite step hahaha. I’ve already previously had a simple guide on how to DIY your own brow shape, so do ensure that your brows are already tweezed/shaped properly, so all you need to do is to fill them in a little and add in some definition with the Heavy Rotation Eyebrow & Nose Shadow Powder in 01 Light Brown!

Definitely my current favorite brow product for the natural look.

I love that it comes with a double-sided brush, the angled brush is great for drawing in the brows while the blending brush is perfect for contouring! The three shades can be mixed-and-matched to customize a shade that’s most suitable for you!

Found this illustration online, which is exactly how I use the palette as well!

As illustrated above: draw in the brows with the stiff angled brush from the front of the brow to the middle, then from the arch down to the end of the brows.

Done with the brows! If you want to go for a more “Ulzzang” look, try drawing your brows a little straighter and thicker!

I posted this on Instagram a few days ago when I was experimenting with the Heavy Rotation palette, while attempting the “ulzzang” look.

This handy trick of contouring can really help to subtly alter the proportions of your entire face, giving you a slimmer and taller looking nose that’s more elegant and defined!

How the brows look like after I’m done with them.

And here’s a close-up of the eyes and brows. Natural, yes?

On most (lazy) days, I’d usually stop at this stage cos it’s good to go for the average day that I’m out and about! However, if you have a little more time and can afford another 5-7 minutes, then you can polish up the look just a little bit, with the last step of falsies or mascara 🙂

LOOK COMPLETE!!! Easy enough, isn’t it?


As you can tell, my natural make-up look is totally simple: I only focused on a few things: a flawless compexion, well-groomed eyebrows, and naturally defined eyes! I did not use any blush/cheek products, lip products, or anything else, because I think this is quite sufficient for my needs.

However, if you know you tend to look pale without lip color or cheek color, do feel free to experiment around with cheek/lip products for your very own best “natural make-up” look! I would recommend keeping the look as au natural as possible by sticking to tinted lip balms (my current favourite is Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment) and cream blush (such as Heavy Rotation’s Creamy Cheeks).

Last but not least, most of the products used in this look (Heavy Rotation, Springheart, Peripera, DUP) are all available at Watsons! The Ettusais products are available at all Ettusais counters, and the only product you won’t be able to find is the Beauty Tech Ice Cream Concealer which is no longer being sold in Singapore.

Have fun trying out this simple natural make-up look, and I hope this post was of help! ^.^ Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!


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