Dinner at Deli Turk Turkish Cuisine!

I haven’t had the luxury of having a Saturday date in agessss… Most of the time, my weekends are swamped with rehearsals and work and I’ve nearly forgotten what a proper weekend off feels like ;(

So last Saturday, YZ and I met up with Trish and we watched Les Miserables together! ^.^ The last time I watched a movie in the cinema was so long ago I don’t even remember when. And this was planned so impromptu hahaha only at 11am on Saturday morning! Yay! I was planning on spending my Saturday dating my laptop but I’m so glad for the change of plans! Love spontaneous friends and meet-ups!

The movie was pretty good, and Anne Hathaway was BRILLIANT! Her performance alone made the movie worth watching! I thought her on-screen time was wayyyyy too little, while the entire movie itself was too draggy and long. And some of the actors really cannot sing HAHAHA. But I still thought that it was an enjoyable watch! I would really love to watch the actual Broadway production though. I love musicals dearly!

The movie was much longer than I expected, almost three hours! And it was evening by the time we stepped out of the movie theatre. Trish was craving for this Turkish restaurant at Suntec City, so off we went for dinner there!


Deli Turk Turkish Cuisine

 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-004
Suntec City Mall S(038983)

Tel: 63368082

 Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 9pm


I’ve only tried Turkish cuisine once in a restaurant near Haji Lane, so it’s something that’s quite new to me! Oh, and random kebab shops along the streets of Italy. That’s like Turkish fast food though, and completely different from the more authentic Turkish cuisine served at this restaurant.

Random selca hahaha ooooh my hair color is mad pretty. Love it!

The menu looks pretty unassuming and humble, but it features an extensive variety of Turkish food!

The restaurant is next to Kuishin-bo, at the Sky Garden so it’s quite easy to locate. Nice view of the mall from where we were.

With le boyfriend! ;D Him looking all smart in a shirt cos he came from work!

And with Trish! ♥ Glad this last-minute date happened!

Apple Tea $7

We ordered a pot of Apple Tea to try, and it was really refreshing! Really tasted like apples haha I don’t know how better to describe it but it was good!

Mixed Grilled Vegetables $14.90

Grilled vegetables dressed with extra virgin olive oil

Got this as a starter. The veggies were crunchy and well-grilled, but a little pricey for being just grilled vegetables, as seeing how some of the other main dishes with meats in them only cost a few dollars more. 

Doner Kebab (Chicken) $14.90

Meat shavings served with rice or pide bread

Standard Turkish fare that almost everyone knows of! Kebab 😀 This was enjoyable with the yogurt dip and bread, but the meat turned cold rather quickly (because the meat shavings were smaller pieces, I suppose!). I really liked the taste of the spices and herbs because it’s so different from the spices usually used for local food!

King’s Kebab (Beef) $16.90

An excellent combination of stewed meat with herbs, mashed potato and cheese topping baked in pot

Extremely extremely gratifying dish, if you want meat and carbs combined in one dish of cheesy goodness!!! It was delicioussss! The beef chunks were juicy and succulent and together with the mashed potato and cheese topping, it was absolutely divine.

Caravan Grill Chicken $18.90

Marinated meat cubes grilled, served on smoked mashed eggplant and yogurt mixture and topped with melted butter and tomato sauce

The other hot favourite on the table. It’s just pieces of griiled chicken with a yogurt/eggplant dip, but it tasted amazing! The chicken was tender and tasty, and the yogurt dip complemented it perfectly. My favourite way to eat it is to bite off a chunk of chicken, followed by some bread that’s been dipped in the yogurt! It’s an amazing combination!

Chicken Pide $16.90

Minced chicken meat topped with paprika sauce and mozerella cheese baked on very thin crust dough

Turkish-style pizza! The thin crust dough was crispy and light, and with the savoury toppings on it, I could easily have had two slices of it 😀 It tasted especially good when eating piping hot with the melted cheese on it!

Our spread of food!

It’s been a long time since we went out dining at somewhere new ^^

And the reason why we came to this restaurant, cos Trish was craving for their desserts! If you do visit this Turkish restaurant, YOU HAVE GOT TO ORDER THE DESSERTS! They are a must-try! This is my first time having Turkish desserts and we were literally blown away because they were so delicious! 

Kunefe (slice of heaven) $12.90

Layers of shredded pastry joined by a thin layer of unsalted cheese, baked in a hot oven, topped off with light syrup and served with pistachios and a drizzle of cream.

Kunefe is a traditional Arab cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup, the crust is made from long thin noodle threads and there is a layer of cheese inside. The texture and taste of Kunefe is unlike any dessert that I’ve tried before, and it is REALLY GOOD. Especially in the cream sauce! It’s damn delicious!

We really wanted to try the other dessert on the menu, the Baklava, which was still being prepared, so we waited for about twenty minutes for it to be ready!

The friendly Turkish chef with a trayful of Baklava. Apparently, the preparation time takes hours!

Baklava $12.90

Layers of thin pastry flakes stuffed with crushed walnuts and baked in oven, sweetened with light syrup

There are 80 layers in this pastry, according to our friendly Turkish restaurant boss. Haha. In between the layers are crushed walnuts, and the entire pastry is baked before being drizzled with sweet syrup that makes it taste absolutely decadent! If you like walnuts (I do!), I think you’d really enjoy the Baklava! I can’t decide which I prefer, because I loved both desserts.

Complimentary fruit platter to end off the amazing meal. We will definitely be going back again for more soon! Good service as well, and the boss is really friendly and helpful! Can’t wait to be back to try more items on the menu!


Ombre Denim Jacket in Blue
Lattice Back Dress in Black

I kept this ombre denim jacket in both washes! Super love it.

Close up of the lattice details at the back! YZ loves the dress 🙂

Heading back to my Photoshop now, busy editing photos for the next collection! It’s just a short four weeks away from CNY and I’m absolutely swamped with work! But it’s also super exciting! Hahahaa. Favourite time of the year with super many pretty designs for everyone to dress up for CNY and Vday!   Yayyyy. Check out TheVelvetDolls’ Facebook page for the latest previews and updates! 😀

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