Christmas BBQ at Eve’s!

Backlog from Christmas! 😀

A bunch of us girls (Evonne, Tricia, Peiling, Jayne, Yunwen, Genevieve, Eve and myself) had a pre-Christmas BBQ hosted at Eve’s hugeass house… Thank you for the hospitality, Eve!!! It was also a surprise celebration for the two birthday girls Eve and Tricia! Hehe.

I have an insane love for BBQ and steamboat. Everyone please invite me if you have any BBQ or steamboat sessions happening soon. Hahahaha I can’t wait for CNY cos it’s gonna be steamboat galore!!!

Brought my mummy’s signature marinated pork chops for the BBQ and everyone was raving about how good they were!!! I wish i brought more cos they were snapped up so quickly! Next time, okay!

My silly little dog came along with me and she was MAD excited about going “gai-gai”! Made sure to give her a good brushing before I brought her out but MEH, she still looks shaggier than a carpet. I give up. This is Eve’s little niece who was quite fascinated with QQ. Haha.

Our two 贤妻良母 Tricia and Evonne.. hard at work making us some yummy enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon! This enoki mushroom with bacon is seriously DABOMBZ for BBQ-ing!

QQ the greedy little dog. Hahaha.

Vernon doing some dog-sitting! QQ was happily in his lap. She really has no loyalty to me. Everytime I bring her out, she just runs all over the place and totally disregards me! 真是个不孝子.

QQ really looked super happy in Vernon’s embrace. Hahaha


Enjoying lotsa yummy foooooooood!

Gen arrived with Caesar and caused a huge commotion cos everyone wanted to take a picture with the gorgeous giant!

That’s TinTin being terrorised by Caesar haha! But QQ’s reaction to Caesar really takes the cake.. When Caesar approached QQ, who was sitting on one of the dining chairs, the terrified dog literally flew off the chair with a super high-pitched yelp! All of us burst out laughing because it was so hilarious! I didn’t even realise it was QQ making that sound at first because she has NEVER made a sound like that.. Poor QQ! Her first encounter with such a huge dog! She was trembling all over when I went over to rescue her.. HAHAHA.

Caesar and I! He is really majestic and beautiful!


We then surprised the two birthday girls with a birthday cake! It’s my favourite chocolate cake from Rive Gauche! (I KNOW, not my birthday, who cares if it’s my favourite cake or not. Hahahaha but STILL.)

Happy birthday girlies! Tintin and Zia got to partake of the cake blowing and cutting ceremony too!

We ended the night with a super silly Christmas Gift Exchange! Haha. Starting from the youngest to the oldest.. We all got to pick a present of our choice, but could choose to swap for someone else’s present later if we felt that we made the wrong choice!

Jayne got a set of OPI polishes.. Instant keeper!

Tricia had a really hard time choosing HAHAHA. She finally settled on the Victoria’s Secrets shopping bag which contained a body mist!

Yunwen trying to figure out the contents of the different gifts. I forgot what she got in the end! :S

Peiling got mine.. A super cutely packaged bath and body set from Sephora! Yayyyy!

I decided to go for the most modest packaging. Haha! And i got a really fantastic tinted lip treatment from Sugar Rose! Thanks Eve!! 😀

Evonne did a swap with Eve.. or rather, with Zia who took over the present for Eve straight away! Haha! Evonne ended up with a really awesome set of scented candles and candle holder while Zia got a cute coin bank.. Good trade, I thought!

Vernon’s was the funniest..! Apparently these two didn’t receive the memo that the Christmas Gift Exchange was only for the girls (so that we could all buy girly stuff haha) so Vernon took part in the gift exchange too and ended up with really cute craft trinkets and a pair of indie earrings. HAHAHA. But he was damn sporty and put it on immediately! And then this Jayne put on the other side. Sooooo lovebirds. Get a room!

Jayne with adorable Zia!

Poor Tintin got bullied by Tricia who tied crepe wrapping paper around Tintin’s head… Hahaha the poor little dear looked so ashamed and humiliated of herself!

Awwww… Silly Tintin. She’s so adorable!

Everyone unrelentlessly laughed at her and happily snapped away lol. TSK.

Abrupt end to the fun night of food and laughter! We need to organise our CNY gathering, pronto! I volunteer my house for steamboat again! 😀

And I guess I have to thank Princess Elisabeth for giving me this opportunity to get to know this bunch of crazy girls.. Friendship cemented in crazy gangnam poses and insanely good PRC/Thai impersonations!

Below photos from Heroine Make Cleo magazine shoot in Agust 2012!



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