Browgraphy + Brazilian Waxing at Beauty Emporium (Dempsey Hill)

The festive season has been keeping me busy, but a girl’s gotta take care of herself, and thanks to an invitation from the kind folks at Spa Esprit, I brought Evonne along, and we had an absolutely pampered day at Beauty Emporium at House, Dempsey, where we got to try two of their most highly raved services: Browgraphy at Browhaus, and Brazilian Waxing at Strip!

Beauty Emporium at House is the world’s first one-stop transformation experience for beauty and nutrients, unlike most large scale beauty stores which are product determined, the grocer-inspired Beauty Emporium at House sets a brand new trend by focusing on expert services from our established beauty brands, while introducing new retail concepts. The result is a complete inside-out pampering that suits even the most frenetic 24/7 lifestyle.

I adore the quirky and refreshing interior of Beauty Emporium, it certainly stands out from your average beauty store/salon for sure! Thanks to the extensive experience behind Spa Esprit, Beauty Emporium at House is able to deliver fast results in a quirky setting.

Expect anything from the norm: a unique range of specially selected beauty potions combined with creative beauty treatments which are exciting, effective and cleverly packaged. From brow grooming to Brazilian waxing to discovering thought- provoking poetry, pick from an extensive menu of services that’s been customized to suit your body and leave you feeling loved and pampered. All in stylishly quirky surroundings that bring to mind a convenient modern grocer.

Browgraphy at Browhaus

As you might know, I’m pretty anal about them brows and I do tweeze and shape them myself at home. Once every few months though, I visit the professionals to do a proper brow shaping, to ensure that my brows stay in shape!

I have always looked to Browhaus for my brow grooming needs, and I was really excited to take brow grooming one step further with Browgraphy, which is a brow tinting treatment that helps to further enhance your brows to best suit your face/hair color: You can go for darker brows for a more defined and striking look, or lighten your brow colors for a softer look that complements your hair color!

The process was fast and took barely twenty minutes, a natural vegetable dye was applied to my brows (I look like Santa Claus!) to color my brows to a dark brown shade, before the experienced therapist used a combination of threading and tweezing techniques to shape my brows to perfection!

In the treatment room!

And the results of my Browgraphy session: you can see how my brows are now a really natural looking brown shade that complements my hair shade! (Yay! No need for application of brow mascara anymore!) My brows have also been shaped into a clean and well-defined shape!

The results of a Browgraphy session can last for a good three weeks, and I loved how my tinted eyebrows needed less “work” every day, all I needed to do was to fill in my brows with some powder and I was good to go! Loved it!

Brazilian Waxing at Strip

I’m no virgin when it comes to Brazilian Waxing, but it’s not something I do on a regular basis, due to the ouch factor and the embarrassment of having someone dealing with your private bits… Lol.

At Strip however, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the thoughtful little steps taken to ensure that the experience be as comfortable and pain-free as possible, including a cute Virgin Forest Rescue Book to ease the fears of first-timers, as well as a Rescue Remedy essence that’s supposed to help calm the nerves.. there’s even squeezy toys available to help you cope with the pain. How cute is that?

My Waxpert (waxing expert) was extremely friendly and put me at ease immediately: the entire procedure was over in twenty minutes or less, and it definitely wasn’t as bad as I remembered! The soothing smell of the chocolate wax was a plus point, and rest assured that Strip practices very high standards of hygiene, with no double dipping. I left the waxing room with a thoroughly clean down under, and intend to go back again!


We ended off the day with a little fun concocting our very own customised shower gels, with the selection of high quality essential oils and blends offered at Spa Esprit! There were so many different essential oils to choose from, my nose had trouble smelling them all after awhile. Hahaha.

I am a sucker for refreshing, lemony scents, and I went with the Citrus Bliss, which is supposed to have cleansing and invigorating purposes! It contains wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, clementine and vanilla, and smells absolutely delightful. If you’re looking for a customised gift for a friend, this would be a really lovely choice!


Especially for all readers, all you need to do is to quote my blog/my name, and you get to enjoy 10% off any Brow Construction treatment from BROWHAUS and 10% off any waxing services from STRIP! (Only available at STRIP and BROWHAUS Beauty Emporium.)

Thank you for the invitation, Weiying! 🙂


Beauty Emporium at House

8D Dempsey Road, Level 2, 

Singapore 249672

For appointments, reservations or enquiries, please call: 

Browhaus: 6475 7020 

spa esprit: 6479 0070 

Strip: 6475 7833 

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 9pm (except selected eve of and
public holidays)


I can’t believe it’s Friday again 🙁 WE ARE MORE THAN MID-WAY INTO JANUARY OMG.

Wednesday’s make. I am all into natural make-up lately. So tired of the big eye lens and super heavy falsies.. Had enough of them! Less is more.

Woooo I have got aegyo sal (Korean eyebags) HAHAHA no actually I wish I had less eye bags cos when I dont get enough sleep my eye luggages are like bigger than my eyes! 🙁 

And the outfit: I attended Lancôme’s press event with the theme of Black and White!

Wore the upcoming TheVelvetDolls leather panelled skirt, which is mad love! Necklaces layered from SortandPepper, and House of Harlow 1960. Still can’t do without a pop of color, so it’s my trusty Bimba and Lola bag again. And a pair of new nude heels from Charles and Keith!

Okay, gotta scoot off now. Til the next entry!


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