2D1N at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort!

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How many of you have ever experienced camping 3000 feet above sea level..? 😀 After my 2D1N stay at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort, I can now tick off this experience off my bucket list!

I’ve been to Genting Highlands twice, but it was NOTHING like this trip! I’m gonna let the pictures do most of the talking here… So read on! :)))

We had to set off at insanely early hours as usual for the six hour coach ride from Golden Mile Complex, past customs, and all the way up the mountains! Reporting time was at 6.30am and I didn’t sleep a wink the entire night! Thank goodness, the coach was so comfy that I spent most of my time sleeping during the coach ride. Heh.

As the activities on the trip this time was more focused on outdoor activities, I decided to go sporty instead of worrying about makeup and hair and clothes.. 😀 Which is honestly a refreshing change for once!

Guess who came along as my plus one? 😀 Hehe. None other than the boyfriend! Thank goodness he is an extremely sporty and sporting person so I knew he would have fun on the trip! 

Super puffy morning faces!

We finally reached Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort in the afternoon! Yay! Mad happy to be off the coach because I was famished and our first stop would be for lunch at Rajawali Coffee House at Awana!


Passed by a swimmming pool in the resort on the way to the restaurant.. It looked so inviting I wanted to jump right in!

Rajawali Coffee House serves an awesome variety of local and and western delights, buffet style!

There’s also a lovely view of the rolling green hills and highlands.. We were dining at the terrace and got to enjoy this beautiful sight!

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked into Rajawali.. HUGE HUGE HUGE desserts and cakes selection. Just seeing them made me happy. Muahaha.

My next favourite food station! DIY soup with lots of fresh ingredients for you to pick from. Got my Ba Chor Mee prince YZ to make me the best soup ever 😀 YAY!

I couldn’t decide which desserts to pick. There were just too many! Spoilt for choice!

Local favourites like Beef Rendang are also served.

Time to tuck into lunch!

My extremely satisfying lunch. 

At the end of lunch.. All fuelled up and ready for the day’s activities!

A shot with these two fun girls Meiting and Michelle while waiting for our buggy pick-up to get to our accommodation, Awana Long House! Hehe, so glad they came along for the trip as well because they were closest to my age 😛 

And with le boyfriend!! First time I’ve packed so light for an overseas trip by the way. Haha. Those two handcarrys on YZ were all that we brought!

We took buggies across the grounds to our accommodation for the next two days: Awana Genting Long House!


The super amazeballs view.. A thick layer of clouds lay over the mountains and it was so so so picturesque!

AND CHECK THIS OUT! HEHEHE. Where we’d be sleeping in at night… HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I SLEPT IN A TENT. I have got to admit something slightly geeky here, I used to be in Girl Guides/ Scouts (in fact I was the Company Leader of my Girl Guides Coy ok hahahahaha) and I always LOVED camping and campfires! :S Was super excited already!

The grounds are really pretty and it’s so refreshing because of the cool mountain air!

Upstairs at the Long House!

We got to meet our friendly campsite facilitator, Zul, and after a short briefing and some silly warm-ups and games, we embarked on the first activity of the day: ECO Sport Treasure Hunt!

All of us were split into four teams, and my team mates were Billy, Michelle and Lydia!!! I swear I couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic and sporting team! FANTASTIC FOUR for the win!

The treasure hunt started with an intellectual challenge to think out of the box.. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to complete these puzzle pieces to form the indicated shapes to win points! Seriously made me feel stupid. HAhaha. But good team work always helps and we were the first team to be up and running to the next check point!

Billy was our team leader and I know Billy from our filming we did for ReelityTV… this guy is one competitive dude and I’m glad he was on my team this time instead. HAHA. We were figuring out where we had to go next from this super lousy “map” that was provided to us!

Took a random stop halfway to snap a picture of the gorgeous view.. I only wish we weren’t rushing for time because it was BEAUTIFUL! We were supposed to make our way to the next checkpoint with the clues provided.. and as luck would have it, we managed to hitch a buggy ride instead of having to go on foot. LOL. This is not playing cheat, it’s called being resourceful! 

We arrived at the next checkpoint in double quick time! And it was the Flying Fox! Getting our harnesses on for the ride!

The facilitator explaining what we needed to do, we had to score points by dropping golf balls into hoola hoops WHILE doing the Flying Fox! Damn challenging please.

HERE I COME HAHAHAHA. Unfortunately my golf balls missed the hoops!!! :((( Damn sad. But the ride down was super exhilarating!

Once we got the clue for the next checkpoint, we quickly made our way across the grounds to the Sports Complex, and the next challenge was definitely interesting: Archery!

Not much explanation needed, haha. Combined effort from all four team members to score as many points as possible!


I have only tried Archery once before, and I was super proud of myself cos i managed to shoot ONE bullseye!!! HAHAHAA. Admittedly it’s abit erm borderline bullseye but lol whatever. I’m so cool!

I wish we had more time to spend at the Archery station because it was really fun! There’s this satisfying “THUD” sound when you release the arrow and it flies through the air and lands on the target board!

Moving on to the next team challenge we had to complete: Rock Climbing!

Billy was like a monkey!! Super super super quick and he reached the top in no time at all.. D: I thought I didn’t do a bad job either, I really enjoyed it too! Maybe all the training at the gym paid off hehe.

Making my way up..

And at the top! WHEEEE!!

The next challenge involved us answering a Q&A about Awana Genting, as well as looking for various landmarks and taking a picture with them!

Here’s a picture of my crazy and fun team: Billy, Michelle and Lydia! HEHEHE.

Our favourite buggy. 

Trying to decipher the malay words in order to answer the Q&A… It wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be!

Unfortunately, the rain cut our activities a little short, it started pouring heavily, thus we had to head back to Long House slightly earlier than planned! I didn’t mind, cos I was quite exhausted by then already O_O Was hungry too, and looking forward to dinner already! 

We had some time to rest and shower for those who wanted to do so, before it was time for dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar (loosely translated as Grilled Fish Market), which is located just next to the Long House! I was way too lazy to even shower, so I just rested while waiting hungrily for dinner time :X

At the Pasar Ikan Bakar!

Fruit sections

Fresh seafood all ready to be grilled and barbequed for us!

My silly boyfriend made a small commotion cos he thought one of the crabs were alive. HAHAHAHA.

Our friendly chef! ^-^

Look at the BBQ food… I was drooling already!!!

There were also steaming hot curries and other dishes available! Perfect for the cool weather in the evening.. It started getting colder and colder as the sun set!

Hehehe happy it’s-time-for-food face

Michelle and Meiting with overflowing plates of food too, we were all hungry from all the energy expended during the treasure hunt!

I love BBQ food 😀

With the boy!


Favourite! BBQ crabs!

And we had delicious kueh as desserts too.

This one is mad yummy!!!

I honestly didn’t feel like doing anything after dinner already.. I was so full and sleepy! Hahaha. But we still had night activities planned, and I really think the person who planned these activities is very cruel. It was DAMN BLOODY COLD once night fell, and guess what the next “game” involved.

You can’t tell from here, but we had a relay match that involved eating ice creams in double quick time and it was seriously brain freeze OMG! But all of us still gamely ate THREE Solero ice creams each! 

Glo-in-the-dark light sticksssss! Makes me feel like secondary school days. So nostalgic!

It’s time for campfire!

My favourite part of the night. Cos it was just too bloody cold. 

We proceeded to play more games, such as Charades (OMG… I NEARLY DIED LAUGHING I SWEARRRRR) and a version of Musical Chairs (we passed around a balloon like a hot potato instead and once the music stopped, the person had to burst the balloon and do the dare printed on a piece of paper inside the balloon to score points!)

Poor Peishi was damn unlucky and had to do two dares! But she was super sporting and did a really good job!

Michelle and Meiting doing a dare that involved getting lipstick on Meiting’s lips, without using any hands. Haha!

We ended the games pretty late, and had a good supper before bed time!

Snapped a picture of the fog/clouds that descended upon the Long House.. Couldn’t even see anything at all! Pretty cool, huh?

I thought I wouldn’t be hungry anymore cos I had so much food for dinner, but NOPE. STILL HUNGRY.

Best beehoon ever seriously.

We got to choose between sleeping at the Long House dormitory or shacking up in a tent..

What the dorm looks like! Mattresses and pillows and blankets, all laid on the floor. However, decided to go for option two instead: camp in the tent! ‘k 

YAY! No regrets cos it was seriously damn shiok in the tent like a little cocoon! At least we were protected and sheltered from the cold air! Had an AWESOME night’s sleep!!!

Woke up early for breakfast back at Pasar Ikan Bakar!

French toast, sausages, noodles, sunny side ups and more!!


All refreshed after a good night’s sleep ^^


Fantastic view.. I loved waking up to this!

We had our last activity after breakfast: Tele-match!

DAMN FUN. HAHAHAHA. Also because we were very good at it. Go Fantastic Four!! We had to do a eight-legged walk lol! It’s all about the team work baby!

First one there and back while the other teams got stuck during U-turns and all that. We are gooooood.

The next one was even funnier, a balloon relay! We had to hop and scramble our way with balloons under our armpits and in between our thighs lolol. 

Hahahaha spastic or what!

We did other silly games including using all the clothes and accessories we had to see which team could form the longest “rope”.. And also each team had to present a group cheer!

Random self-shot!

One of the other team games we did.. spinning ourselves dizzy on a balloon while trying to pick up rubber bands with a straw in our mouth. Hahaha.

So… after ALL the games and challenges we did, GUESS WHOS TEAMS WON.

YZ’s team consisting of Meiting, Nick, Esther and himself won SECOND PLACE! 😀 They got a free stay at Theme Park Hotel at Genting Highlands!

And obviously, MY TEAM WON FIRST PLACE. We are the best!!! We each won a stay at  a Superior Deluxe Room at First World Hotel! Wheeeee!!!!

Group picture of all the participants in our 2D1N stay at Awana Resort! We had a really really fun time getting to know one another better and spending these two days together!

YZ looking happy with our “prizes” hahaha.

Group shot with most of the bloggers! (Meiting not in picture!) Peishi, Nick, Billy, Esther and our lovely Nuffies Jayne and Huixian!

Happy happy! ^-^

Time to pack up and go.. I was just a little reluctant to leave my cozy tent!


With Billy AKA Blackology! Awesome team leader. We were so super awesome YO!

Too comfy to leave our tents while waiting for the buggy to pick us up to return to the main Awana Genting resort building!

We went back to Rajawali Coffee House for a good lunch before it was time to depart back for Singapore..

Definitely gonna miss the breathtaking view! ;(

Sumptious lunch om nom nom nom

Picked from a selection of local Chinese dishes this time.

Our last meal at Awana Genting!

Oh yes, my favourite dessert was available that day: Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce! SUPER DELISH.

My plateful of kueh and bread butter pudding. Last chance to eat ’em all!

With the dear Nuffies, Jayne and Huixian! Thanks for taking care of us during the trip! ♥♥♥

While waiting for the coach to arrive.. we decided to go get some ice cream cos there’s a Baskin Robbins ice cream station at the resort!

Eating ice cream in cool weather = SHIOK.

After an adventurous 2D1N.. It was time to leave Awana Genting to return to home sweet home! It was indeed a memorable trip and I truly enjoyed myself, alot more than I thought I would. Hehehe. Got to experience a different side of Genting, and I had so much fun experiencing the outdoors at an incredible 3000 feet above sea level! Unforgettable, indeed!

Thank you Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort as well as Nuffnang for making this experience possible!


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