Female 50 Gorgeous People 2012

Attended Female Magazine’s Fifty Gorgeous People Finals last Friday, only to support our very gorgeous Evonne, who was one of the 50 finalists!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

By the way, this is only the third time I’ve stepped into Zouk, and every time I’ve been to Zouk, it’s for an event. Yes, I’m really very guai one. I don’t club nor drink! Though people always tell me that I don’t look like it. HAHAHA. Please do not judge a book by its cover.

Anyway, guess what, Felicia is even more guai than me. It’s her FIRST time in Zouk, and the bouncer even requested to see her ID wtf. I asked him if I needed to show mine too and he just looked at me and smirked. Lol.


Felicia and I! Fully decked out in TheVelvetDolls… D:

Spotted Eve, who also came down to support Evonne, and went over to join her!



And our pretty Jayne managed to come down damn early too! Impressed. Lol


I gotta say that I felt SUPER PROUD of Evonne when she strutted out and did her catwalk!!! Looking super poised and cool and calm, and absolutely gorgeous, I thought! We were screaming and cheering like mad until my throat went hoarse o_0


Didn’t manage to get very good shots of Evonne on stage 🙁 But I am not being biased, I thought that Evonne definitely outshone alot of the other finalists on stage. Some of them looked kind of sloppy or weird in the way they walked or posed. Hahahah. I’m not judging… If it were me up there, I’m sure I’d be even worse! But Evonne did sucha amazing job!


Even though you didn’t win, YOU ARE THE WINNER IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER. We will support you all the way!

Yay! A group picture with our star of the night!! That’s Eve, myself, Evonne, Jayne, Juli and Fel!


PROUD OF YOU my mostest gorgeous friend!!!

We left the event pretty early, around 10PM and went for dinner after that. Feeling the old bones, not meant to party.

My outfit:

Lilith Printed Peplum Dress from TheVelvetDolls,

Vintage 2.55 Chanel

Wedges from Sœurs!

These wedges have been saving me lately. Injured my knee from running and I’ve been limping around the place, thank God these pair of shoes are so uber comfortable they feel like I’m wearing flats! Hope the knee gets better soon. I rested it for 1.5 weeks but it started acting up again when I ran on Friday! 🙁

I love this upcoming peplum dress to bits, it is super chic with an extremely flattering cut! Wore it in a different print in this entry here as well! Comes in three prints, and it’ll be available next week on TVD!

Make-up! Was trying them new Dollywink lashes in No.16, they are pretty thick and I’m not used to them! And I switched my hair parting over too, can you tell?

Last pic with the gorgeous one! Super proud of you!!!


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