The LilyVelvetGamie Warehouse Sale!

MIA-girl is back in action!!! 

I swear, I have never had a more exhausting weekend… You would know if you were there at the LilyVelvetGamie Warehouse Sale on Sunday/Monday!!!

The OT started from Thursday night and lasted all the way til Monday night.. It was insanely tiring, but thank God for the successful warehouse sale and the wonderful turnout! 

Queues started forming on Sunday morning 2 hours before we even opened for admission.. Imagine my panic because we were still tagging stocks, hanging clothes up, and setting up all the tables, boxes and clothes…

The night before Sunday. Office in state of utter chaos. Tagging clothes like crazy. Deciding which clothes to sell at what prices.. Turning out every single corner of the office to look for more left-over stocks to put on sale.

The queue on Day 1. It snaked past four shops all the way to the back alley!

And I couldn’t have managed without my most wonderful friends. I am so grateful and honestly wonder what I did in my past lives to deserve such lovely friends! Trish came over to office after work for 3 nights in a row to help me with tagging the clothes and preparing for the sale, and we stayed til 12-1am every night! YZ also came to help me organize and lug stocks around, and fetched me home too. ♥

Nancy, HJ, Wendy and Debs reported for “work” 9AM sharp on Sunday morning, and manned the sales all the way til the end of the day. And they were SO SO SO good! All the customers were leaving comments on my twitter and formspring and instagram, complimenting our TVD staff for being so helpful at the sale! :’) Trish and Fish also dropped by on Sunday, and were immediately tasked to tagging more new stocks to top up the sale racks with!

With my beautiful LBNs from Megagamie and Lilypirates, whom without them this sale would not be possible too ♥ And my wonderful pixies and minions!

In fact, the response was soooo good on Sunday that we held a last minute conference and decided to extend the sale for one more day, because there were some customers who weren’t able to make it down on Sunday, especially as it started raining heavily halfway through the day! So yup!!! We ended the sale at about 8PM, and started to make preparations for the next day already, sending out the mailers/Facebook notices and re-organising all the clothes and racks so the customers who have an easier time looking through the clothes!

We only managed to go for dinner at around 10PM, by which all of us were mad hungry because we were only able to call in Macdelivery for lunch earlier and all of them were too busy to eat properly! Went back home around midnight and fell right into bed and crashed after a shower omg.

I wasn’t sure how the turn out would be like for Day 2, but it honestly exceeded my expectations!! The queue started forming almost 2 hours before opening time at 4PM, and luckily I had the help of another two super lovely persons.. Eils and Apple! ♥ 

For those of you who don’t know, Eils is the minion called “Kitty” who has been replying to your TVD emails! Heh. She’s been working part time for me for about half a year, and she is one of my most hardworking minions. And our most gorgeous and always super helpful model.. Apple! These two people offered to come down to help (I didn’t even ask!!! What did I do to deserve so many awesome people around me?) and really saved the day by being my real-time models, and also being extremely helpful with all the customers. 

My two pretty sales assistants all clad in TVD sales apparels because I made them! Teehee. We were practically like at a pasar malam, I was like shouting across the crowd, going “LAI LAI LAI, DENIM FLORAL DRESS ON APPLE, $15! THREE SIZES, THREE COLORS! RAINBOW SHORTS ON EILEEN, $15!! TOP $15!!!”


Which was also why I lost my voice by the end of Day 2 =.=

Edwin (YZ’s cousin) and Shirl also came down on Day 2, and they were the ones who helped me to pack up after we finished everything at almost 11PM! 

We were so exhausted while packing up, haha. Imagine having to sort through hundreds and hundreds of clothes, across three blogshops! By the end of the day, all the clothes were all over the place already, MGG clothes in LP boxes, TVD clothes in MGG boxes etc. Ended the day finally after packing up all the stocks and also doing the sales closing and we only went for dinner at 12 plus AM.

So today is Thursday, and I think i am finally quite recovered from the hectic weekend. 

Lastly, I would like to express a very heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!!! to every single customer who came down (some on BOTH days!) braved the hot run, and the rain, and queued for hours just to come for our sale! It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy to be able to meet so many of our customers, and to put faces to names! Thank you so much for making our first warehouse sales a huge huge success, and I hope everyone snagged great buys and left the sale happy!!! Despite all the hard work and exhaustion, it was really worth it and I would definitely do it again in future!!

Here’s some pictures I grabbed from Instagram.. From all the cute and lovely customers who came up to say Hello, and to ask for a photo! Thank you for tagging them #lilyvelvetgamiesale so I could see them and find these photos! 😀 You customers are all very adorable! ♥

Thank you to a very sweet customers who came down with a handmade card, and little gifts, I was really very touched at the effort made! :’) You girls really really showed me how much joy this little business of ours has given me, (and also you too, I hope)

Also, thank you to all the friends who came down to support us during the sale!!! ^.^ I love all of you!

Lastly, and also probably most importantly, thank you to our dear LBNs at Lilypirates who lent us the venue and also shared with us their experience for this warehouse sale, it only went so smoothly because of you! Thank you to every single person who helped out in some way!

And now it’s back to resuming normal operations at TVD! I decided to postpone this week’s launch because we are still clearing alot of backlogged emails and transactions from last week, due to the warehouse sale. Hope everyone will be a little patient with us, because we are still getting back into full swing operations and will get back to every customer soonest possible!


PS. I’m so sorry this entry is so inadequate. But I just want to express my general sentiments of being extremely grateful and happy to everyone. 

PPS. Blogging also resumes soonest possible, haha. Simply too tired to even turn on the laptop to blog the last few days! 🙁 I will be as hardworking as possible and blog more soon!


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