Lunch at Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery)

There’s just something enticing about seeing rows and rows of beautiful cakes and pastries, isn’t it? Such mouth-watering temptations.. And Antoinette, beyond any doubt, has got one of the most attractive cake displays in town!

Evonne and I decided to drop by Antoinette for lunch on a weekday, and thankfully, the crowd was quite manageable, thus we did not have to wait long to be seated in a cozy corner of Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery. I’ve heard that the queues are insane on weekends, so I’m glad we didn’t have to fight those weekend queues!

When Antoinette comes to mind, I think of all the above: rich decadent cakes, delightful macarons, and everything sinful ever created. As I mentioned previously, I’m still on my “healthy diet” thing… so when Evonne first suggested Antoinette, I was like HELLO, DIET??? Hahahaha. And then Evonne went like, “You can eat salad there, lah!”

Right. Since I’ve always wanted to try the food at Antoinette, I acquiesced to her suggestion.. so say hello to my cute lunch partner with kitty ears haha! Act 一个可爱 but okay, pass.

Her stunning purple blue ombre hair has just been touched up by Stephanie at Salon Vim, and it is really incredibly gorgeous!! So jelly, but I know I can’t maintain hair like that, because it’s really too much of a chore!

We ordered quite a few dishes to share.. Ended up not being able to finish what we ordered because the portions are considerably large!

Country Style Mushroom Soup

We started off the meal with this hearty mushroom soup that was flavorful and chunky, just the way I like it! Really tasty, and isn’t so creamy that you get sick of it after a couple spoonfuls.

Good Morning (Breakfast Tea)

My favourite tea is English Breakfast Tea, so I ordered this and had the entire pot to myself! Evonne isn’t a tea drinker, haha. It has quite a mild flavour to it so I didn’t have any trouble finishing the entire pot! You can ask for a refill of hot water, but only once.

Salade Antoinette

I really did order salad! And we were both surprised at how yummy the salad was! The Salade Antoinette contains a generous portion of crab meat, tossed together with fresh greens, boiled egg, tomatoes, pine nuts, giant pieces of toasted brioche and yuzu dressing. I loved the yuzu dressing because it was so light and fruity! Very refreshing on the palate, definitely recommended for salad lovers.

French Toast with Caramelized Banana

What Evonne was dying to try at Antoinette, the French Toast! This dish did not disappoint either, Every piece of toast was lightly caramelized and crispy at the edges, but had a soft fluffy centre. It was deeeeelicious!! Especially when eaten with the accompanying whipped cream and caramel sauce. Extra decadent and melt-in-your-mouth! 

However, as the French Toast is pretty much soaked in oil, all three pieces might be a little too much to be stomached by one person alone. We gave up at two pieces and ended up doing a take-away for the last piece haha :X Didn’t want to waste such delicious food!

Seafood Aglio Olio

I ordered this upon Evonne’s recommendation! It’s also one of the healthier pasta dishes around as it doesn’t contain any creamy sauces which are calorie-laden, so it’s a reasonable choice!

Fresh mussels, prawns. squid and scallop accompany the al dente spaghetti in a savoury white wine and olive oil sauce and I thought it was delectable! I used to dislike Aglio Olio becaue my impression of the dish is that it is bland and tasteless, but after trying some really good ones, such as the one at Antoinette, I have really started to enjoy Aglio Olio! Portion was huge as well and we couldn’t finish it.

We certainly had an extremely satisfying meal, even without succumbing to the desserts! Although I was sorely tempted by the beautiful cakes and macarons, I managed to resist them this time. HAHAHA. Would really love to come back for more food, desserts included, the next time round!

The bill comes in a ornate silver box. Plus points for the lavish finish! Our meal for two came up to a rather pricey $80 odd, which I feel is fine for an occasional dining treat, the high quality of food considered.

On the whole, I thought the service was reasonable, but I don’t really like the branch at Mandarin Gallery because it’s rather cramped and tiny, although the furnishings are lush and luxurious. We had to share two ends of a sofa with another two ladies seated at the next table, which I thought was kind of strange! The lighting was very dim as well, which made me feel a little too sleepy. Haha.

Perhaps next time I’ll visit the outlet at Palais Renaissance or Penhas Road!


Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery) 

333A Orchard Road
#02-33/34 Mandarin Gallery 

Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6836-9527 

Open daily 9am to 10pm (last order 9.30pm)


Pretty in Crochet Sundress in Jade (Size M) from TheVelvetDolls
Rainbow Weaved Bag from Bimba and Lola
Nude Pink Jelly Wedges (one of my favourite pairs that’s super comfortable and versatile!)

My girly and dainty get-up which I deem suitable for a nice lunch. Hahaha. It’s been so long since I did an outfit picture like this, I feel like I travelled back in time two years ago to when I was noob modelling for TVD. Eeks.

Last thing: I am so super super super uber excited because I AM GETTING MY BRACES OFF THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!

*jumps about in glee* I hope my teeth won’t look weird!!! So so so so looking forward to getting them off, after twelve months! (Yes, my amazing orthodontist managed to get all my teeth straight in just twelve months!) EGGCITES very much. Slightly apprehensive to see what the final result will look like too! Let’s pray that all turns out great!

Keep y’all updated soon! 😀 😀


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