Event/Review: Make Up Store Bon Bon Collection

I admit it.. I secretly (okay maybe not so secretly) REALLY REALLY enjoy attending events and also dressing up/making up for them. And then at those events I get to take nice pretty photos of myself in nice pretty clothes and nice pretty makeup (or other exciting new things), sometimes I get to eat nice yummy food, and then I get to have exclusive previews of nice pretty NEW makeup, and I even get to bring some home! (Such superficial joys in life. But it is okay. One can be superficial whilst one is able to be.)


It sounds very very awesome, I know. BUT DON’T FORGET. It’s hard work too! Like now, I’m blogging at 2.30AM and turning into a dark eye-circles panda…. @_@ Because my job is to share with you (my readers) all the awesomeness I enjoyed so that you can get to know of awesome products and other awesome things. 

I love it when Winter rolls around, because all the beauty brands start launching beautifully themed collections for the holiday season, and I am really excited to share Make Up Store’s Bon Bon collection that’s out in stores already!

We had a media/press event held some time ago at Canele, which was totally in line with the theme. With this season’s Bon Bon collection, Make Up Store is indulging in all things fun and sugary sweet!

As quoted from Mika Liias, the founder of Make Up Store, the inspiration behind Bon Bon actually comes from Katy Perry’s music video “California Gurls”, and is a combination of the fun and a little crazy, fused with some old-fashioned styled pastry shops where you’ll find cupcakes in punchy colors like red and green.

(Katy Perry is so strange sometimes)

I love how the event was styled so extravagantly, with the collection being displayed on cupcake stands and cake plates! We had tasty little treats in the form of mini cakes and biscotti, and even learnt how to bake our very own macarons as taught by Chef Christophe Grilo of Canele. Which was definitely not as easy as he made it look. But they turned out delicious anyway! Anything with that much sugar is almost impossible not to turn out tasty.

Back to the Bon Bon collection: I got to bring home some products from the collection, and I love them!

I’m gonna highlight some of my favourite items:

Microshadows in Pistachio Bioscotti and Cupcake (SGD27)

Despite the bright and colorful theme of BonBon, I found these shadows surprisingly wearable, in toned down shades of green and a mauve with a purple tinge so faint it barely shows when worn. While Pistachio Biscotti is quite true to color as seen in pan, Cupcake shows up as an almost brown-ish hue with just a tinge of purple. Both are slightly frosty and have gorgeous iridescence to them!

Vitamin DayPrimer (SGD87)

This superhero primer not only moisturizes and calms, but also cushions the skin with ingredients such as shea butter, vitamine A, E and carrot extract, and works perfectly as a primer for seamless makeup! The texture is light-weight and oil-free, suitable even for sensitive skin.

Twingloss in Nougat (SGD29)

This cool lipgloss comes with an “inner pigmented gloss” and “outer high shine gloss”, which mixes perfectly for a rich glossy color! Depending on which part of the tube you squeeze, a different proportion of gloss comes out, so you can customise the look to your liking! Super cool, and one of my favourite products!


Evonne and I had a ball of a time making those macarons: or rather, failing epicly at them. Hahaha! 

(As you might be able to tell from our hair colors, this media event was some time ago!)

I love the psychedelic candy look on the model, from head to toe!

Macarons in the making!


AND…. I AM VERY PROUD OF THESE THREE MACARONS. The only three that actually turned out looking pretty!!!! Shells complete with feet and all. #missionaccomplished

They are sakura and matcha flavoured. Anyone interested in the recipe? ^.^

Us swatching the products like crazy. The back of our hands are always covered with a variety of different products at the end of each event, haha.

A lovely shot with the beautiful owners of Make Up Store Singapore and Indonesia! Thank you for having us! 🙂


Crochet shrug from Forever New

Embroidered Cottage Dress in Pink (M) from TheVelvetDolls

Saccharinely candy for such a sweet event. For the girls asking about the jelly wedges, I brought them in, intending to sell on TVD but then the shop said they were out of stock later on! So I’m not sure where you can get them. But I love them, extremely comfortable and easy to pair!


I spent my weekend doing practically nothing productive.. which is terrible! 🙁 Feeling stressed for next week already and it’s not even Monday morning yet. Hope I survive the week!

Oh I am still feeling a tad strange in those pearly whites.. Re-mastering the art of smiling! 😀

And an outfit from last week when Evonne and I attended an Elizabeth Arden event: Upcoming Kate Trench Blazer in Peacock Blue from TheVelvetDolls matched with Zara floral shorts and my Bimba and Lola rainbow weave bag! Shoes are from Sœurs! LOVE the peacock blue shade so much, I received many compliments on it!!

By the way, NARS is new in town, and I got my hands on the highly-raved NARS Orgasm! Tested it out today with my new Lancome Cheek Brush #6 which is a joy to use! Oh, i am such a makeup junkie. (But I love)

Here’s to a duper awesome week ahead for everyone, including myself!!! Thank you for reading!


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