Event: Minnie’s Vivendi Tea Party! (Poh Heng X Minnie Mouse)

The Minnie Mouse Limited Edition collection by Poh Heng Jewellery was ceremoniously unveiled at a very special tea party held at Poh Heng Jewellery at Orchard Shopping Centre, and thanks to the babes at BrandStory, I was invited to be a part of it!

If you grew up watching Disney cartoons as I did, Minnie Mouse is certainly no unfamiliar figure: created in 1928, she constantly appears in many Disney productions, as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, who is sweet, beautiful, fun-loving, and a stylish fashionista to boot!

This girlish and feminine appeal of Disney’s Minnie Mouse has been translated into a beautiful collection of eight limited edition charms set in 18K white gold and 22K yellow gold. They are oh-so-dainty and bear an irresistible appeal for all of us who still treasure fond memories of this classic and iconic figure that has been much-loved since her creation in 1928!

Don’t the charms look absolutely lovely when worn on a bracelet?

Prices range from $650 to $3300. The Minnie Style Icons, Rose, Peep-Toe Pumps and M for Minnie go for $650 while the Bow goes for $750.

The Minnie Fashionista ($3000), Minnie Stellar ($33000), Minnie Fashionista Petite ($820) and Minnie Stellar Petite ($880) are also available.


Here’s Charlene, Evonne and myself with pet doggy balloons.. specially procured by the BrandStory team! I love the attention paid to details like these 😉

Isabella, Juliet, Charlene, Evonne and myself, all sporting Minnie ears! (Evonne, you’re the odd one out! Haha)

My favourite charm of the collection. The Rose! It’s really the classic icon of femininity and doesn’t it just look stunning worn on its own? Simple and elegant.

“Minnie Mouse is such an incredible influence when it comes to style and fashion, we liken her to the preciousness of the gold from which the collection is crafted – always valuable and yet so trendy. She truly remains today as a powerful fashion icon. The charms double up as trendy keepsakes as well, giving them versatility in addition to the rich meaning that they carry, especially for a gift-giving season like Christmas.” 

– Ms. Pamela Seow, Marketing and Communications Manager of Poh Heng

If you’re looking to charm a loved one with something beautifully classic and feminine this Christmas, head on down to Poh Heng Jewellery to admire these lovely pieces in Minnie Mouse Limited Edition collection!

Thank you for the invitation, BrandStory! 🙂


My outfit:

Neon Zipper Denim Bustier in Light Wash (Size M)

Geometric Tribal Bandage Skirt in White (Size L)

Kate Trench Blazer in White (Size M)

all upcoming on TheVelvetDolls! 🙂

Bracelets and earrings are from Sort & Pepper!

Hehe. I always enjoy dressing up for events! And year-end is my favourite “season” of the year, because there are always lots of dinners, events, Christmas gatherings to attend 😀 Yay! And now it’s time to go back to work. Editing photos for the next collection! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 🙂


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