Christmas at Jipaban: My Christmas Wishlist!

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Tis’ the season to be jolly! Christmas is just around the corner again (I can never figure out how the year passes by so quick!) and with less than two months to go, I think it’s about time to start shopping for Christmas presents for the loved ones!

Christmas shopping can be an ultimate chore, especially when you’re shopping for so many people at the same time! I don’t believe in getting generic presents or just presents for the sake of it, but it’s certainly not an easy feat to pull off when you have got to get something special for everyone important in your life… But with Jipaban’s Christmas Gift Guide, Christmas shopping has never been easier and more convenient! 😀 

Thanks to the ingenious guide that Jipaban has come up with, you can now shop unique gifts for everyone: It’s really really cute and extremely well-thought of!

There are different categories, such as Mother, Father, Siblings, Couples, Kids, Colleagues and more! And then even sub-categories, for instance, if your mum is a Masterchef Mum (like mine is!) you can simply check out the recommended handpicked items that mumsy might like!

From kitschy baking cups to measuring spoons to useful recipe books, surely something my MasterChef Mum would like!!

And of course, thanks to the convenience of online shopping, all you need to do is to shop in the comfort of your own home, and TADAAAA! PROBLEM SOLVED!!! No more running around the shops cracking your brains over sourcing presents for everyone anymore!


While I’m at it, I’m just gonna share my very own Christmas Wishlist… OKAY FRIENDS. You can get any of the below for me! 😀 MUAHAHAHA. (I is buay paiseh one.) It took me a really long time to shortlist these few favourite items from the huge variety available on Jipaban!

Wishlist #1: Diana F+ Metropolis and Flash

I am kinda a photography geek at heart! Or actually, it’s quite apparent. Is it normal for a girl to own 5 cameras (and counting)? Yikes! But I definitely won’t mind one more to the collection, with this supaaaa cute Diana lomo camera!

Wishlist #2: Birds On A Wire Picture Hanger

Sorry, can’t resist cute things. I think more than half of my wishlist consists of too cute items which are just irresistible! These birdie paperclips are toooo cuuuuuute! I NEED THEM so that I can display my photo print outs!

Wishlist #3: Mood Light Switch Sticker

And I am always amused by how common household devices like light switches can be transformed into quirky and happy looking objects with something as simple as a sticker! Buy this for me please! 😀 My room is currently undergoing renovation and once its done, i intend to cute-ify the entire room LOL.

Wishlist #4: Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

If you get this for me, I promise to make Pac-Man cookies for you. I swear! These Pac-Man Cookie Cutters are gonna make my cookies too cute to eat! 

Wishlist #5: Masking Sticker Set

More cutesy things to keep me happy 😀 I am really very easy to please! Loving this set of happy looking masking stickers that comes in so many different prints and colors! I’m thinking of the hundred and one things I can do with them already ^^

Wishlist #6: Matryoshka Salt and Pepper Shakers

I know I said how everyone’s giving me doll related gifts… but honestly, I LOVE THEM! Hahahahah. They are really too endearing and quaint! This pair of salt and pepper shakers nest inside one another and are uberly adorable. Love!

Wishlist #7: Tamagotchi ID L

This is totally random, but I found a Tamagotchi selling on Jipaban and it is even in full-color display D: The old ones were hardly so amazing! I remember playing with Tamagotchi as a kid (all those cheat codes haha) and having so much fun with it! So cute that I wanna play with a Tamagotchi again!

Wishlist #8: Trioxide Tinsel Set

Last item on my wishlist but definitely not the least.. If you still don’t know what I like (other than cute stuff and gadgety stuff) you can always get me accessories.. I am an accessories junkie!!! This necklace and earrings set come in my favouuurite shade of purple and I imagine it will be stunning when worn with all my classic year-end dresses for Christmas!


Jipaban is also having an awesome Christmas Giveaway where you get to win items of your choice!!!

Simply share your Jipaban Christmas Wishlist on Jipaban’s Facebook page, and one lucky shopper will be chosen every week by Jipaban to receive one item from their Wishlist!

Hop over to Jipaban to start shopping now and you might just be that lucky person to get a surprise from Santa this year! :o) Merry merry Christmas in advance and good luck with the gift-hunting!!


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