3X Whiter Teeth with Darlie Expert White!

Imagine you’re going on a first date.

You spend the entire week prior to date night bouncing about in anticipation. You call up all your girlfriends to squeal and ask for fashion advice, gush about just how cute that boy is, and fantasize about how the date is going to end.

On the night itself, you dress up to the nines, spend an hour applying make-up, another twenty minutes on those soft, loose curls. You slip into your most feminine pair of heels, and when you meet that cute crush who has finally asked you out, you smile at him shyly.

He glances at you with admiring eyes and takes you in from head to toe, telling you that you look good tonight. Then, he says something funny, and you break out into laughter, and he does a double-take immediately.




Stained yellow teeth that’s enough to turn off even the strongest-hearted pursuer.
Yellow and stained teeth just ain’t attractive, even if you’ve got the most gorgeous face and hottest figure to boot!

And that’s exactly what this entry is all about: Achieving 3X whiter teeth with Darlie Expert White, the latest professional whitening toothpaste to come into town!

There are many causes of yellow/stained teeth, and most of you may be thinking right now, “BUT I DON’T SMOKE! AND I BRUSH MY TEETH TWICE A DAY, AND EVEN FLOSS!” You might be surprised to know that other than poor oral hygiene, it is actually the consumption of certain foods and beverages that’s the main culprit of stained teeth!

In fact, drinks like coffee, tea, coke, or even wine can be the biggest offenders when it comes to staining teeth. But for all of us caffeine addicts out there (I’m a huge tea drinker) it is practically impossible to tear us apart from our beloved beverages, no?

Here comes help: Darlie Expert White is inspired by professional whitening treatments used in daily dental care – Ultrasonic scaling and Polishing. Specially enhanced with Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp), an ingredient similar to what dentist uses, it helps to provide a professional teeth-whitening experience for all, revealing a shiny confident smile!

Prevention is always better than cure, and Darlie Expert White is scientifically proven to have up to 3X Whitening Effect and also helps prevent up to 80% of stain and tartar accumulation! PS-mp, the key whitening ingredient in Darlie Expert White works by forming a protective whitening shield that prevents stains, effectively reducing accumulative surface stain!

If you still don’t believe me and need to see it with your own eyes, I’ve even conducted a video experiment to prove my claims!

With the above ingredients:
HAP Tablets (main mineral that forms tooth enamel)
Darlie Expert White Toothpaste solution
Normal Fluoride Toothpaste solution
Black Tea

Watch my video below!!!

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste VS Normal Fluoride Toothpaste Efficacy Test

In case you couldn’t see it properly in the video.. here’s the results of the experiment! Darlie Expert White really helps to prevent stains!! The HAP Tablet that was soaked in Darlie Expert White Toothpaste solution was significantly MUCH MUCH MUCH whiter, than the one that was soaked in Normal Fluoride Toothpaste!

My review on Darlie Expert White

I’ve been using the Darlie Expert White twice daily for a week already, and I swear my teeth are definitely whiter! D: Love the minty taste of Darlie Expert White which freshens my breath up instantly, and I like it that the texture isn’t thick and gooey! (You know how some brands of toothpaste feel like cement in the mouth) In short, I love it!

So, remember to brush and floss daily, and see a dentist periodically to keep your teeth sparkly white! And most importantly of all… USE DARLIE EXPERT WHITE! Tested and proven.

Darlie Expert White retails at $5.90, available in most leading supermarkets, pharmacy and convenience stores! Get yours today for those pearly white teeth!

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