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Salon Vim: Hair Coloring + Treatment!


Long overdue blogpost here 🙁 I have been extremely busy since last week, due to work and other commitments! So many posts waiting to be blogged… and not enough time for me to sit down to get to them.

Let’s get back on track first… with my hair post! As you know, I have been with Salon Vim for almost TWO years now (since Dec 2010!), and I feel extremely grateful to have found such a wonderful hair sponsor that has taken care of my hair for so long! It’s really not easy to find a hair salon that you trust and feel comfortable with, and before Salon Vim, I was salon-hopping across the entire island O_O

I have now come to realise the importance of staying with one reliable hair salon, because relationships take time to nurture and build, and that includes your relationship with your hair stylist! I am so at ease with Stephanie, my hair stylist, that it’s easy for me to voice out any concerns, and from her experience with dealing with my hair for the past two years, Stephanie also understands my hair best, and can advise me on what will work for me and what won’t!

From brown hair to pink hair, straight hair to curly hair, long hair to short(er) hair, bangs to side swept, I’ve done it all, and despite the constant torture I put my hair through, my hair is in surprisingly good condition and I frequently receive compliments from friends and strangers alike on my hair color/styles! If you have been a salon-hopper like I was previously, I urge you to look for a trustworthy and reliable salon like Salon Vim, and stick with it! It will be one of the best decisions you can make for your hair in your lifetime, for sure.

And here it is: my most adventurous color (or so I think!) yet, and I really, really, really, reaaallly adore it! The results of two separate visits to the hair salon, but I will do a quick summary of what I’ve done this time.

After a terribly busy two months, I finally managed to find a good date to book my appointment with Stephanie, and I have gotta say that my hair is looking as bad as bad can be.. black roots threatening to overwhelm me, hair color that’s gone faded and yellowish, and in general, a rather unkempt head of hair.

Surprisingly, the pink streaks that I did during my last visit has lasted all the way til now, and I’ve grown so fond of them, I decided to work my next hair color with pink in it too! It is definitely one of my favourite hair colors of all time, and somehow I feel that the pink in my hair really brings out my personality, without being too in-your-face at the same time. Opt to go for hidden highlights like I did, especially if you have to keep your hair color office-friendly, it will be a subtle yet refreshing touch to the usual dull brown/black hair color!

This time round however, I wanted ash highlights as well, so Stephanie picked out small streaks all over my entire head to bleach for the ash highlights. I asked for a darker base color, because I wanted a change from the brighter color I had previously!

While waiting for the hair color to set… I am always amused by the saran wrap turban look. Hahaha.

GIMME MY PINK HAIR!!! Muwahahahaha.

For the past few visits, I have been asking for the same treatment because I feel that it really does wonders for my hair! It’s the Redken Chemistry Cocktail Treatment.. specially mixed and tailored for your hair’s needs! This treatment always leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and nourished, while strengthening my brittle hair at the same time!

And this time round, instead of using that big steam machine, Stephanie used this new Loreal SteamPod on me, it’s a new technology by Loreal and it looks really cool! Basically, it works like a flat iron, except that steam emits from holes and all the steam goes right into your hair follicles, helping to intensely moisturise and hydrate your hair, as well as allowing the hair treatment to penetrate deeper, thus producing better results! 😀


Final step: Stephanie always spends a long time blow-drying my hair, ensuring that I always always leave the salon feeling damn pretty! ^^

HELLO WHO IS THIS NEXT TO ME?!!!!!!!!! My favorite salon buddy Eils baybeh who is so annoyingly pretty now, I feel like murdering her sometimes. Just kidding. Both of us with mad nice hair!!!!

If you’ve noticed, my highlights this time round are slightly different, because they are done with a different technique, which involves backcombing the hair to pick up very small amounts of hair, so as to get very fine streaks of highlights! It’s a very different technique,and it works well for me especially because I need more volume on my hair, which is flat, although thick. The individual strands of highlights help to visually volumise my locks by adding more dimension and depth to them!

My most awesome-est, prettiest, and best-est hair stylist, Stephanie! 😀 I can’t recommend Stephanie enough, especially when it comes to color, she does an amazing job!

I loved the ash and pink highlights, but somehow got the idea of combining it with purple highlights too… it must be under the influence of Evonne who just recently got herself an entire head of purple!

Alright, I am definitely not so adventurous, but since I wanted to head down to Salon Vim to get my hair styled for an event, I decided to ask Stephanie if she could work in the purple highlights for me, and she said it would be OKAY!!! 😀

Sooo excited to see the purple! It was a quick job this time round, because the purple highlights were done over some of the ash streaks, so there was no need to do bleaching or anything else!

Back from the wash/rinse…. and I asked Stephanie to braid my hair for me, because I was heading to the GUESS event!

I asked for braids because I wanted to show off the new purple streaks.. Mad love! Rushed off for the event, so I didn’t take any proper “after” photos to show, but after 1-2 hair washes, this is what my hair looks like!!

The purple is sooooo gorgeous! Doesn’t look scary at all, but blends in so well into the rest of my hair color!

Pink, purple and ash. Damn love.

I am definitely going to touch-up the purple on my next visit! It’s a little faded now and doesn’t show up so much already. I love it so much I think I will stick with this hair color until Chinese New Year! 😀

Thank you Salon Vim, and thank you Stephanie, for always working magic on my tresses!

I also got to bring home the Loreal Mythic Oil hair mask! This series is HIGHLY raved.. and I’ve been using this mask at least 3-4 times a week for the intense nourishment my hair needs! 

Here’s a tip from me: use a hair mask in place of hair conditioner, and just allow it to sit in your hair for about 5 minutes (better yet if you have a shower cap, just slap the mask onto your hair and leave it in for a while!) before rinsing off! It will do much more for your hair than a regular conditioner will. Your hair will thank you for it! ^^



313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09




check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! 🙂

remember that you can quote my name YINA for 10% off all hair services at Salon Vim! 


As you may be aware, we are currently hiring for TheVelvetDolls! (Because yes I really need the extra help here)

If you think you have what it takes, please email us at thevelvetdolls.hire@gmail.com! Only shortlisted candidates will be notified! 🙂 


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