Look of the Day: Rainbow Eyes! + Join me on NuffnangX

Good Friday, all! 

I went for GUESS’s 30th anniversary party/event last Wednesday (will post up some pictures soon!) and decided to have some fun with my eye shadows.. I usually do quite neutral and subtle eye shadows, but I do love experimenting with different looks, and thought I’d share the look i created for the day: Rainbow Eyes!

Here’s the main shadows I used for this look:

Majolica Trick On Eyeshadow in GR750 (the white shimmery shade for the inner corners)
MAC’s Gorgeous Gold (all over the eyelid)
MAC’s Parrot (to blend the gold into the purple)
ZA Eyes Groovy Palette in Mauve Berry (the dark purple for the outer corners)

These two MAC shades are some of my favorite MAC eyeshadow colors ever! In fact, the Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow is one of the first ever eyeshadows I ever purchased in my life, and i still love it up til now! It’s like the perfect gold shade with iridescent shimmer. And the MAC Parrot is a super pigmented turquoise/blue that is absolutely beautiful, it’s one of the most loved shades by MAC fans, and thankfully i got my hands on one during its second run because it’s discontinued now!

What do you think?

Despite how colorful it is, I actually find this look extremely wearable, because the colors are so harmonious and pleasing to the eye! Perfect for dressier occasions without looking too over the top.

Barely shows actually when my eyes are fully open.

But it is super va va voom in real life! I also winged my eyeliner at both the upper and lower corners, for that extra sultry touch.

I really love this look! Anyone up for a tutorial?

To go with the stronger eyes, the rest of your make-up should be just a little more toned down: I used my favourite new shade of nude pink lipstick to complement this look: Lancome L’Absolu Nu, shade 310! It’s from Lancome’s latest range of lipsticks and i love this sheer pinkish shade that’s just slightly glossy. It’s not drying at all and gives my lips a moisturised shine.

And look what i did! An animated GIF LOLOLOL.
Soooooo spastic but i thought it’s quite funny!!


You can really see how dreamy and gorgeous this Rainbow Eyes look is. Mad looove 😀

Did I mention that I just went back to Salon Vim to spice up my hair color further, and it is absolute loooove? Now it’s a dark brown base, streaked with magenta, purple and ash highlights, and I even have random strangers coming up to me on the street and complimenting it! It’s SO SO SO SO SO CHIO.  *hearts*

More on that soon, but if you are positively dying to do your hair before I even blog about it properly, here you go! 😀



313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09



Quote my name, Yina, for a 10% off all hair services! (And please look for Stephanie, my hairstylist, because she is absolutely genius!) Check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! 🙂


Moving on, I was privy to an extremely exclusive launch event last month… may I say that I think this is probably THE COOLEST thing to happen to the blogosphere, in the entire of 2012? 

A special launch event with only twenty bloggers invited. PRIVILEGED MUCH?! *nods* But you don’t have to be jealous, because NuffnangX is now oficially launched, and available to anyone with an Android or iOS phone!

(Super cool! A silver thumbdrive with my blog URL engraved on it!)

There you go, the latest revolutionary SOCIAL STALKING app… NUFFNANGX!

I don’t know about you, but nowadays, my fingers and line of vision are practically GLUED to my iPhone whenever I’m on-the-go, bored, or basically just have nothing better to do. I keep on refreshing my Twitter, my Instagram, and even my email inbox, just to keep myself occupied while waiting for time to pass! But you know lah, you can finish looking at an entire day’s worth of Instagram pictures in like what, 10 minutes? Same goes for Twitter! Short-lived entertainment.

What better way now to keep myself occupied while on-the-go, than by reading all my favourite blogs, all in one convenient feed via NuffnangX? 😀


What is NuffnangX?

NuffnangX is a mobile application that helps you find, follow and communicate with blogs the world over. 

Search and follow the blogs you already know, find more from our extensive list of recommended blogs, and discover interesting pieces daily as selected by our editors. 3 modes of discovery to start you on your blog reading journey! 

Our patent pending technology breaks down wordy blogposts into just one engaging line, allowing you to decide if the post has piqued your curiosity. Organised as a chronological and instantaneous feed, you will never miss a blog update, and will be able to follow more blogs than you ever have! 

If the blogger has integrated NuffnangX conversations with their blog, commenting on their blogs is as easy as 1,2,3, via your mobile phone! A reply from a fellow reader or the blogger himself gets stored as a conversation. Perhaps you have asked a food blogger for recommendations on great eats in Paris? Have that information stored forever!


In a nutshell, NuffnangX is something like Instagram meets Twitter! By following all your favourite blogs, you get an instant feed of all the latest updates and entries, all in one convenient timeline!

Each item with your feed comes with a thumbnail of the first photo in the entry, as well as a tantalising one-liner that has been specially picked out! WTF, magic? Nope, it’s NuffnangX’s exclusively developed algorithm that somehow manages to scan the entire blog post and pick out that ONE line that best represents the blog post! LOL… we suspect there is a dictionary of like XXX-words involved.. how else to pick out the most exciting and interesting sentence leh?

You can favorite the blog entry (by doing so, it gets saved in your favourites, so you can go back to re-read it at your own leisure!) or even start a conversation with your favourite blogger!!! LIKE ME, MUWAHAHAHA.

Yay! Interacting with your favourite bloggers has never been easier, it’s practically like messaging or Whatsapp-ing cos everything can be done in NuffnangX app on your phone! It’s super awesome and convenient, because i can reply comments on the go too 😀 Come come come, talk to me on NuffnangX!

Another feature of NuffnangX: the Recommended page that showcases a variety of blogs from all over the world, via category and country! Heyyy look! That’s my blog under the Individual Lifestyle category! *blushes* Eh, the description not I write one hor. I’m not so buay hiao bai :S

And a list of the blogs that I’m following… 😀 Including myself. Teehee.

So, go and download NuffnangX, right now! And the most most most important thing you need to do once you download the app and create an account: click on ADD BLOG at the top of the Feed page, and add my blog URL: www.yinagoh.com so that you’re following me!!!

Please pretty please with a cherry on top? Follow me and i promise you more updates, and rainbow eyes makeup tutorial! HAHAHA. Steady or not.


See you on NuffnangX!


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