Event: Guess 30th Anniversary Party!


I fell in love with my first pair of GUESS jeans only recently, but have always been a fan of GUESS (especially their shoes!) and i was really thrilled to be invited to GUESS’s 30th Anniversary Celebration!

I was really blown away with the entire do, from the roving projected GUESS logos along the red carpet walkway, to the incredibly well put together looks on every single model during the Holiday 2012 Fashion Show, and the exclusive Tiesto Capsule Preview!


Invited Felicia and Evonne to join me as guests, thank you for coming along, girls! 😀 This is the interior of the cargo lift that was especially decorated for the event: perfect spot to cam-whore! AWESOME leopard prints, and I’m glad I was dressed right in theme with my leopard printed scarf. 

And especially for the event, i was clad in my pair of GUESS Ultra Skinny jeans, which also received compliments from the friends that saw me that night! The theme was party chic, so i put together a rather sophisticated look (if I do say so myself) with the Ashford Blazer from TheVelvetDolls, the leopard printed scarf, a tank top, jeans, and my favourite pair of GUESS heels! 😉


with Evonne who looked amazing in her newly refreshed hair color, she was getting stares from the crowd for sure… heh!


The show started with DJ Beats and a live percussion showcase, loved the atmosphere!

And I was just oogling at all the hot male and female models… endless legs, toned abs and just looking so gorgeous in every single outfit! What a feast for the eyes!

The Tiesto Capsule Preview. Hot hot hot!

with my two lovely friends Felicia and Evonne! 🙂

And managed to grab a shot together with Bea and Mel as well! 😀 They were clad in GUESS jeans as well and looking smooookin’ hot!

With lovely Mel!


Left the event real happy with the super functional denim tote bag filled with goodies!

Been proudly carrying around this denim tote bag, it now serves as my laptop bag! Love the huge ass GUESS logo on it too, heheh. 

Happy 30 years, GUESS!!!


My past few days Instagram-ed… are you following me on Instagram (@yinagoh) yet? 😀

Evonne surprised me with a very belated birthday present… the new Urban Decay Vice Palette!!! OMG.. I LOVE IT! Played around with it today, will post up more pictures of looks and the palette soon… 😀 Thankkk youuuuuuuu Ah Ling! I cho love it!

Hair entry also coming up soon… with my really really chio purple hair! So excited to share more pictures soon!

And I spent last Sunday morning sweating it out together with Rachell at the Marigold HL Yoga Singapore 2012 event! Enjoyed myself so much together with Rachell!! It was a great morning of good exercise and fun! Hoping to post more pictures soon too, heh. Sooo many things to update!

Going off right now for dinner with some of my favourite girlies, yay! Be right back real soon with another blog entry ASAP!


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