Guess Denim: Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans!

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jeans have always been a sensitive topic for me.

ask any pear-shaped girl out there, and i’m sure they’d all share my woes! how to fit into a pair of jeans without looking like my legs have been transformed into short stumpy objects? i’d all but given up on jeans… thinking that they’re a lost cause for girls like me. i always envy those who can pull off those jeans so effortlessly! and i hate to admit it, but jeans are a staple that every girl needs in their wardrobe.

i was rather apprehensive when i went down to GUESS boutique at Paragon for a jeans fitting session. would i truly be able to find that elusive perfect pair of jeans that i’ve been searching for, to no avail, since the beginning of time?

thankfully, i wasn’t alone in my quest: help came in the form of a GUESS Denim Specialist, and i knew i was in good hands! The Denim Specialist at GUESS very patiently explained to me about various washes, cuts and fits of GUESS jeans! did you know that GUESS offers more than seventy different styles of jeans? I was SO amazed with the huge selection and felt heartened: finally, a ray of hope to end those dark jeans-less days of mine….
GUESS denim jeans are categorized into three collections: the Core, Fashion and Premium. pictured above are some of the selections from the Fashion collection, which showcases jeans with tasteful and stylish details such as prints, distressed treatment, and embellishments.

 the Core collection is the basic jeans collection, while the Premium collection features jeans that are made from higher quality materials, such as Italian fabric.

without further ado, my Denim Specialist very efficiently streamlined and picked a selection of different cuts and washes for me to try on, and off to the fitting room i went!

here are some of the fits available at GUESS: Power Ultra Skinny, Brittney Skinny, Venice Skinny, Starlet Straight and Starlet Boot! with such a varied selection of styles and cuts available at GUESS, i was all set to find my perfect pair of jeans!

started off by trying the Starlet Straight style… hmmm, it didn’t do the trick for me! 🙁 not with my big hips and small calves, as i turned out looking un-proportionate and shapeless instead. also, it was kind of long on me, so i had to cuff it up at the bottom instead! definitely a no-no for me.

the Starlet Boot was much better, i love how the wide leg opening helped to balance my heavy bottom so that i looked slimmer and more proportionate! what do you think of it? i thought that it looked best with heels though, the wide legged ends looked a little strange when i tried it with flat shoes.

and when i pulled on this pair of jeans, i was SO excited cos i knew i’d finally found what i’ve been looking for! the Power-Ultra Skinny fit was simply amazing! thanks to the super stretchy and soft denim, it managed to hug my thighs and calves in all the right places, and had an instant slimming effect on my thunder thighs! mad love!! one of the reasons i stay away from jeans is because they are just too stifling hot in our weather, but i was completely sold with this pair, they are really the most comfortable pair of jeans i’ve tried on!

i also tried on the Brittney Skinny in the super cool leopard prints and fell in looooove with it! it’s such a chic and mod look!

tried putting together a couple of outfits, with all the latest arrivals at the GUESS boutique! this slouchy chiffon blouse lends a super laid-back and minimalistic touch to the outfit! and i am loving these suede booties, they are incredibly comfortable to walk in! D: decided to pair it with a pop of color with a red leather tote to pull together the whole look!

don’t you just love the prints! they are quite subtle, and that makes it alot more wearable and easy to style!

and… the outfit i would totally wear if it were autumn/winter in Singapore. we need four seasons so that i can wear all these gorgeous clothes! the printed jeans goes sooo well with this fur vest and a simple black top! i would want to be so well-dressed even in winter! paired this with a classy cream tote to keep the color palette neutral and wearable ;D

and a totally different look put together with my favorite Power Ultra Skinny jeans! with a chic leather jacket over a simple white tee and accented with this awesome studded velvety tote! i love the contrasting fabrics of the leather, denim and velvet! it is incredibly chic and yet not too over-done. the nude pumps with snake skin accents also helped to complete the outfit!

just how flattering are these jeans??? i love them! and yes, this is the pair that i decided upon bringing home! i can’t wait to start wearing them out already!

THANK YOU so much, to the two GUESS Denim Specialists who did so much to help me find that perfect pair of jeans! my days of jeans woes are now over!

i love you, my GUESS Power Ultra Skinny Jeans!

if you’ve been struggling with finding the perfect pair of jeans, just like me, fret not! here’s your chance to get $20 off GUESS’s denim collection, by simply going down to try on their denim!

THREE lucky readers also stand to win tickets to an exclusive GUESS party on the 10th of October

all you need to do is to go down and take part in the denim try-on event, and take a picture of yourself in a pair of GUESS jeans, and upload your photo in a tweet with the hashtag #GuessJeansParty! (please note that only public tweets can be seen. tweets by locked accounts cannot be viewed)

i will be there at the party as well, alongside other awesome bloggers, so here’s your chance to come and get to know us better! 😀 😀 😀 on top of that, you’ll also be the lucky first to preview GUESS Holiday 12 and Tiesto collection!! of course, i will be in my GUESS Power Ultra Skinny Jeans, so see you then!


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