Genting Highlands: Day 1!

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finally… the long awaited post is up!!!

remember how i blogged about going to Genting Highlands last March here? that was a trip with YZ and his family, and it was also my first time to Genting Highlands! and i honestly didn’t have a very good impression of Genting Highlands during my first visit.. because all i did while i was there with YZ’s family was to go to the casino :X

so right now, i take back EVERY SINGLE WORD i said about Genting being boring and having nothing to do and nothing to eat and all that.


and blame it all on myself, for not doing the appropriate research before going on that first trip! this time round, i went on a 3D2N trip with Zoe, Rachell and Sarah, and guess what, we had soooo many things we wanted to do and see and eat that we didn’t have enough time to do them all in our time there!!!

i totally didn’t realise that the last time i went to Genting Highlands, i only explored such a limited part of the place! O_O i didn’t know about the cable cars, nor about the incredibly luxurious M Spa (shiok until bliss), nor about the strawberry farm, nor about all the amazing amazing (really really amazing) restaurants with super good food! and this time round, we went to the theme park too and it was so so so so fun O_O

what a totally wasted first trip to Genting πŸ™

but FEAR NOT. if you’re a Genting Highlands first-timer, or if you were like me (previously unenlightened about how much Genting Highlands has to offer) then read on to find out about our fun-filled 3D2N in Genting Highlands! πŸ˜€ and you won’t suffer the same sad fate anymore!

(i swear, i am not making this sound so incrediballz only because this is a sponsored post. my view on Genting Highlands has turned 180 degrees around!)

(hello, me on coach ride to Genting!)

if you didn’t already know, Genting Highlands is nestled on a mountain peak (maximum elevation about 1,860 m) in Malaysia, about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. it takes a 6 hour coach ride from Singapore all the way to Genting, with a couple of pit stops along the way, so i assure you the 6 hours are quite bearable!

we left at insane hour of 5 something am so yay for low traffic and speedy driving conditions!

took Five Stars coach, which is the same one as i took previously, and it is really shiok, so much leg room until i dont know where to put my legs! plus, every seat has their own TV screen with movies and games and entertainment.

see all those buttons at the side? you want reclined seat, or massage or foot rest, everything also have!

spacious interior of the coach!

during pit-stop at Yong Peng! please ignore our half-awake and chui faces. super funny coach driver come and photobomb us. lolol.

it was an uneventful coach ride, i just slept most of the way and we reached Genting Highlands quite early, around 1pm ish!

time to check into our hotel: First World Hotel!

PS. did you know that First World Hotel is the fourth LARGEST hotel in the world, with an insane 6,118 number of rooms! explains for the mad crowded lobby, haha.

hey look, all our luggages are all red! πŸ˜€ co-ordinated much?

Rachell and Zoe doing the checking-in! it was quite fuss free, and once we were done, we hurriedly headed up to our rooms to place our luggages and freshen up!

we were checked into two adjoining deluxe rooms: nothing fancy, but clean and comfortable! 

YAY got two pillows per pax somemore πŸ˜€

first things first: FOOD for the hungry!!! 

walked from First World Hotel lobby which is all connected to all the other parts of Genting.. just follow the signs!

super amused by this “Effiel Tower” in the indoor theme park.. so is it Paris or Genting? πŸ˜›

indoor carousel for the little kids!

random candid shot of me Sarah took… my outfit for day 1!

i mostly wore shorts or just a normal dress with no leggings/stockings for all three days.. layered with a scarf or cardigan! which is quite enough for me! to me, Genting is kind of like air-con weather. comfortably cool, but not freezing cold! just a scarf or cardigan made do to keep me warm πŸ˜€

we had our first meal at Restoran Hainan Kitchen, Level 2, First World Plaza!
i remembered eating here previously on my last visit too, and the food there is quite cheap and good!

with Zoe, my roomie! πŸ˜€ 

all four of us hungry girls while waiting for food.. camwhore first D:

the menu offers quite a selection of local specialties.. spoilt for choice! but we all went for Western in the end πŸ˜›

yummy Fish and Chips!

my Hainanese Chicken Chop~

Lamb Chop!

after we got our tummies settled, the next most important thing to do, and something that many of you would be concerned about: getting a sim card and data plan during your stay there!

there is a telecom shop, called DiGi Concept Store,
located at First World Plaza Level Ground, Store Number (G/LG 14.00)

a local sim card with data plan costs 48RM, and can last for seven days! the four of us bought just ONE sim card, cos with iPhone’s internet tethering, all of us can just connect to the 3G on one phone, via the personal hotspot πŸ˜€ super cheap and save money! micro sim card is available, just ask the staff to help you insert into your iPhone! 

YAY to 3g and internet and Instagram and Twitter! πŸ˜€

now that we got all the important things settled, it was time to start on our sight-seeing and fun! we’d already planned out our itinerary before hand, and everyone agreed that we all must visit the Strawberry Farm in Genting!

read around and researched online, it seems that there are a few ways of getting to the Strawberry Farm,   you can either take a taxi straight from the hotel lobby, or taking the cable car ride down and then take a free shuttle bus/buggy to the farm!

we decided to go via cable car/buggy, so off we we went to look for the Genting Skyway, which was about a 20 mins walk from First World Plaza.. head in the direction of Highlands Hotel, and follow the signs for Genting Skyway!

my bestest travel companions! πŸ˜€

excited to board the cable car! costs RM12 for a two way ticket back and forth πŸ˜€

anyway, it was SUPER foggy while on the ride, sometimes, we were only surrounded by nothing but white mists! D: SCARYYYYYYY.

acting δΈ€δΈͺ cool πŸ˜€

wear comfy shoes cos you should be prepared to do quite alot of walking! πŸ˜€

kena scammed into making a scared face while everyone looks like they’re enjoying the cable car ride -.-

happy foursome! we were super noisy on the cable car ride, hahaha. kept on squealing whenever the cable car stalled for awhile, and when we started descending into a seemingly white nothingness, everyone was like OMG OMG OMG. oops. #bimbomoment

but it was damn fun!!!

once we alighted at the other end, we immediately spotted the buggy that took us to the Strawberry Farm! it costs RM2 per person. the buggy is soooo cute, it’s painted like a giant strawberry!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

arrived at the farm after a short ride!

aiyo, so cute. strawberry fountain!!

must take touristy shot with the signboard!

entry into the Strawberry Farm is FREE! πŸ˜€ also, there is a Lavender Farm, and Mushroom Farm, all within the same compound!

pretty flowers surrounding us in the canopy above!

and omgggg look!!! STRAWBIES!!!! *squeals*

inside the farm, there’s a stall selling strawberries and other produce, like strawberry jam, dried strawberries etc…

got pretty flowers at the farm too! morning glories? πŸ˜€

nice backdrop for a photo πŸ˜€

we paid to self-pick strawberries.. i forgot how much, 6RM for 100 grams? but i think because it was not strawberry season, cos all the strawberries looked so sad and misshapen and puny :(((

but still, also ηˆ½ε•¦. where to pick strawberries in Singapore, you tell me!


spotted the lavender farm section.. so pretty!

this species of lavender is called Plectranthus Ecklonii Mona Lavender.

there is also a cafe within the compound, selling food and lots of stuff made with strawberries!

our fresh strawberries, dried strawberries, strawberry juice, chocolate covered strawberries, and strawberry jam pastry. (getting tired of typing the word strawberry here)

anyway, only the chocolate covered strawberries were nice in my opinion! the pastry was very dry and hard πŸ™ and the juice was too sweet πŸ™ i heard that the strawberry ice cream is nice too!!

last stop: Mushroom Farm!

i was super fascinated by the way the mushrooms were grown.. they’re grown from these bags of soil (?) kept in a dark and moist sort of greenhouse!

SO CUTE HOR? my first time seeing how mushrooms are grown!

and here’s the information for Genting Strawberry Farm for those who want to pop by for a visit! PS. i also heard there’s a chocolate factory nearby but we decided to give that a miss!

we took the cable car back up to Genting Highlands, and walked around a bit before settling on a place for dinner! it’s actually quite crowded at the more popular restaurants during dinner time, so if you really want to get a table, it’s best to drop by earlier in the day and make reservations!

ended up at Bubbles and Bites! it’s at Level 2, Highlands Hotel! now i know why i never found all these good food places the last time i was in Genting, i only stayed around First World Plaza and didn’t even explore the other hotels and restaurants! stupiak.

we walked in after seeing the yummy selection of desserts for display πŸ˜›

it’s Italian style, and serves mostly pastas, pizzas and some other western dishes!

HUNGRY MUCH. greedy us ordered five different dishes to share! πŸ˜€

beef lasagna

squid ink seafood pasta!

wild mushrooms on toast πŸ˜€

mac and cheese (damn yums!)


the food was served piping hot and fresh, yay! dug right in and enjoyed the lasagna, mac’n’cheese, and the pizza especially ;D

decided upon two desserts to share as well… nom nom!

lemon meringue tart, it came with candy floss somemore haha so cute!

bread pudding!

super satisfying meal! especially after all the walking around we did. they say that cold air makes you feel hungrier too, so maybe that accounted for our huge appetites! :X but despite the amount of food we ordered, i think the bill only came up to about SGD15-20 per person or something! surprisingly cheap!

our last stop for the day: the perfect thing to do to relax and unwind ourselves after the long coach ride and activity-filled day: we went for the ultimate luxurious relaxation at M Spa and Fitness, located at Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE spas and massage sessions… it’s one of my favourite indulgences!

snapping a shot at the posh mirrored corridor that leads into the M Spa!

extremely soothing and calming ambience. i’m so looking forward to my massage session already!

we made reservations before hand, and were courteously received at the reception by the lovely staff with smiles, a hot tea and warm towel, while they prepared our rooms for us!

every spa session starts with a foot steam/soak and shoulder massage. woaaa…. i could feel all those knots in my shoulders ease up immediately with the shoulder massage, it was soooo comfortable!

all of us did a scrub and a massage each, and these were the ones i chose from their menu!

Marine Body Scrub 
 This scrub gently eliminates dead cells and impurities in order to optimize the penetration of the active ingredients in subsequent treatments. Skin becomes brighter and more supple. This body scrub can be carried out at least once a week. 

 Balinese Massage

60 Min 
 The long, firm and kneading strokes using the palm and lower hand pressure offers a deep and therapeutic massage. This technique originates from the island of Bali where it is done to relieve muscular strain, headaches and frayed nerves. Essential oils made from selected ingredients add to the healing effect.

Highly recommended – an ideal enhancement to a body scrub.

entered the treatment rooms, which looked even cozier than the reception area of the spa… HEAVEN!

we had to change into paper undies and tube for the session! πŸ˜›

shared a couple room together with Sarah, and two very experienced and professional therapists/masseurs tended to us.

it was one of the BEST ever spa sessions i’ve experienced!!! the soft lighting and soothing music was so relaxing, and once the therapist started to work her hands on me, i felt like my entire body was turning into jello, cos i felt so so so so relaxed!

we started off with the Marine Body Scrub, it’s my first time doing a scrub at a spa, and i thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of a full body scrub! it wasn’t painful at all or unpleasant, and at the end of the scrub session, we were asked to go for a shower to rinse off the scrub, and i was shocked to see the amount of dead skin and dirt on the towel i was lying on! woaaaa!

after the scrub, the therapist continued with the Balinese Massage! it was so good, i could feel all the tension melting away from my muscles with every touch of her hands, and the pressure applied was just right for me, hard enough to work out all the knots in my tight muscles, but not to the extent of being painful. i’m sure i fell asleep during the massage, and only woke up with the therapist asked me to turn over when she was done with my back :X i felt totally refreshed and relaxed after the massage, almost didn’t want it to end!

soooooo shiok please. if you like spa and massage like me, you HAVE to go to M Spa!

the spa facilities are amazing too! there’s a mega huge spa room with a jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, showers and toilets, and we went there after the session to take a soak in the jacuzzi, and stayed in there forever because it was sooo comfortable.

there’s even hairdryers, combs, and all that provided so you can doll up after the session! very very thoughtful.

got lounge chairs and a huge TV too! πŸ˜€

all of us look so sleepy and happy after the spa session hahaha, i felt so relaxed i didn’t want to go anywhere anymore! it was really good!

and that concluded a day of fun and activities and lots of good food!!! ^^ my favourite parts of the day were the visit to the Strawberry Farm, and the M Spa! stay tuned for Day 2 and 3, coming up next!

thanks for reading!!!


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