FotD: Dolling up

i’ve been experimenting with different looks lately,

and i think that’s really one of the advantages of being born the fairer sex: no one ever accuses a girl for wanting to doll up… no? 😛

(don’t you just love the iPhone with all its beautifying filters and apps?)

did a more Japanese-inspired look to play with some new items i picked up at Watsons: Koji Springheart’s brown eye shadow in #01 Mocha, and Heroine Make’s bottom falsies in #09! this is not a makeup tutorial of any sort, but would there be any one of you interested in a step-by-step walkthrough or something?

i do love how drugstore brands are so affordable, and with all the Japanese brands Watsons has been bringing in, it’s really getting much more interesting to step into Watsons, and i absolutely adore that!

i don’t have a swatch for the eyeshadow, but you can check out Evonne’s blog post here on the four shades available for Koji Springheart’s brown shadows. i like shade #01: Mocha best (which is the shade i used!) it works perfectly as a shimmer shadow to contour the outer corners of my eyelids, and the look is extremely subtle but still sparkly! 😀 yes, i’m always one for shimmery eyeshadows. i like how they brighten up my eyes instantly! matte shadows just don’t hold the same appeal for me!

the trick to making your eyes look bigger/rounder with bottom falsies: stick them just a wee bit lower than your actual lash line, and taadaaaa! instant big-eye effect. it does take some practice to get it right, i had to re-do it a couple of times, it being my first clumsy attempt at bottom falsies!

here’s a close-up: took these shots at the end of the day so some of my makeup wore off already, but you can use a white eyepencil to line the area below your real lash line and above your bottom falsies to really open up the eyes. i wore a very natural pair of falsies from Dolly Wink (i forgot which number because i opened this pair so long ago and have been re-using it!) on top of mascara, because i wanted to keep it looking more natural. upper falsies that are too bombastic make my eyes look tired and heavy sometimes!

the contact lens are a pair that i got in Malaysia during my Genting trip, they are really gorgeous but i’m not sure how authentic they are! (bought them off a random counter in a departmental store..) the brand is called Airashii or something like that. suprisingly comfortable, but i wouldn’t wear them everyday because they are a little too dramatic for a daily look!

oh yes, eyebrow mascara is a must too! i blogged on some of my favourite eyebrow products from DollyWink here (yet another Japanese brand available at Watsons!) including eyebrow mascara, which is really really awesome if you have light colored hair like me.

i’m also using a new BB cream as base, and this new BB cream is currently my favorite! the last BB cream i really loved is Biotherm’s White D-tox, which i’ve been using for almost 2 years, but i think i’ve found a new contender for that position of favourite BB cream! 😀 i’ll blog more about that BB cream in a future post, so stay tuned! 🙂


and a couple of random outfit pictures..

with possibly my most extravagant indulgence of the year! i’m not sure exactly how it happened… i just walked past a 2nd hand shop, spotted the gorgeous vintage Chanel in the window display, walked into the shop, and bought it on the spot! TSK. but instant euphoria!

i’m so happy to finally own my own Chanel flap, and i am loving the vintage as it comes in a larger size, without the double flap, which is perfect for me since i like to carry lots of stuff around! plus i won’t be feeling so leery about carrying it out, as compared to getting a brand new one, since it’s already vintage and is pretty much in a well-used condition. heh heh heh. and obviously, it is way way cheaper than a brand new Chanel, so yes!! score! one off the bucketlist.

upcoming on TheVelvetDolls, Aztec tube romper, paired with an obi sash and the (previously launched and sold out) Ashford Blazer in White. i have come to the realization that nothing really looks very bad with a white blazer thrown over. in fact, white blazer over practically anything = awesomely stylish looking hahahaha.

and the perfect slip-over-and-go dress, the Lace Sleeve Skater Dress, in Wine. just one of those dresses you need because it’s so easy to wear! comfort, check. great fit, check. lovely lace accented sleeves, checkkkk. i’ve been wearing it more times than i can remember because it’s really just slip on and out of the house! we all need more dresses like that.

and an abrupt end to this random post. i shall go and squeeze in another two hours of sleep before i have to be up again! and i’m taking an off day today for dating (my boyfriend out. hahahaha). it’s been way too long since the last time we took the effort to dress up, go out, and spend some pak tor time! 


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