Happy Birthday Daddy!


Happy birthday to daddy dearest! My dear old daddy is 51 years old! Love you so much. Please stay healthy and dont be such a grumpy old man okay? Hugs and kisses!

Decided to do a short scrapbook style entry since I haven’t done it in some time ^^ and since it’s a special occasion! How do you like it? I downloaded scrap booking resources from online and used photoshop to put everything together. Love how my dad and mom look so silly and cute in the shots. Teehee. It’s rare that Daddy is in such a good mood, and makes me happy to see him like that 🙂

We had a simple family dinner at our favourite zhi char stall: I swear it’s the best! Good and cheap, really. And everything is really yummy too! They are pretty crowded on weekends so either go early or after the peak dinner hours!

Must try dishes are the sambal kangkong, 家乡豆腐 which is deep fried with chai po, the salted egg yolk sotong and herbal chicken! My favourite feel dishes ^^



Blk 21 Toa Payoh Lorong 7



Sitting on Evonne’s bed and typing this out on my ipad while i wait for her to get her makeup done! I’ve been busy with work this week, and gym sessions at Amore Fitness! Went for personal training session on Monday as well as Pilates, and today I attended the BodBlitz for the first time! It was fun but superrrrr tiring D: it’s kind of like a full workout class using a gym stick, my first time working out with one and it was really challenging! tomorrow is personal training session again! Gosh. And I’ve been trying to eat healthily: replacing all my white rice with brown rice whenever possible, and white bread with multi-grain bread. Somehow, it feels like the harder I try to watch my diet, the more I eat 🙁 why is it so difficult??

Nonetheless, I hope the effort pays off and that my fat percentage is going down with all the workouts I’ve been doing! According to Nani, our personal trainer at Amore, you need to workout at least 300 minutes a week in order to lose weight/gain muscle mass/lower fat percentage! That’s a lot of work 🙁 Jiayou baaaaaa!

On the work front, I wanted to launch tonight but wasn’t able to edit the photos in time so launch will be pushed back to tomorrow instead. The full preview will be up on Facebook tonight! Mad love the romper and lace shorts and Aztec dress too, hehe. I do love my job, I get to manufacture awesome clothes and wear them everyday, though I haven’t been dressing up so much lately, especially not when I head to the gym 😛

Cut me some slack ok? Promise to be a much more hardworking blogger once I get more time on my hands! I need to hire a full-time staff 🙁 if interested, email in to ask.thevelvetdolls@gmail.com! Meanwhile, I’m off for an event now, so take care everyone and hope all of you have had a great week 😛

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