Salon Vim: Color Touch Up + Hair Treatment!

BACKKKK from the land of pizza and pasta!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ yes, back to reality and back to work too πŸ™ i’m still suffering from jet lag and post holiday syndrome, boohoo ;__; the worst part of going on holiday must be returning back to work, all my lazy bones are screaming at me in protest!

nonetheless, i’m glad to be back!!! with my dearest boyfriend, family, friends and colleagues, despite the three huuuuge pimples that have invaded my chin right after i arrived back home in Singapore. major breakout! i swear i haven’t had such giant pimples ever since puberty or something πŸ™ just went for a facial today and i hope the raging hormones calm down so that my skin stops acting up.

other than the pimples, everything else is great and i am so thankful for the wonderful holiday that i had. having two weeks to relax and smell the roses (yes i did smell some really lovely roses, literally!) has refreshed me mentally and physically, but it has also made me realize how hectic life in Singapore can get, and how unhappy and ungrateful we can be. here’s a reminder to all of us to be happy and loved every single day! don’t sweat the small stuff, and always be thankful for the blessings in your life.

while i edit the photos from the rest of the trip that i’ve yet to blog about, here’s photos from my latest trip down to Salon Vim! 

i popped by the salon just a day before i jetted off, teehee. one must always look her best for all camwhoring opportunities, and hair is very very important! i only planned on getting a trim and treatment done, but somehow got carried away and ended up getting my hair color touched up as well: not complaining because i am really loving my hair color to bits and pieces! now i understand why people dye their hair all kinds of crazy colors and can’t go back to “normal” hair colors anymore. i am so used to having the pink streaks in my hair! D: heh. 

i finally decided i had enough of the annoying fringe and asked Stephanie to cut it off! though i am slightly regretting it :S but it was really getting waaayyy too annoying!

getting my hair trimmed, off with the damaged ends for healthier and prettier hair! went a couple inches shorter too. i was itching to cut my hair real short but decided against it, again.

my previous pink that i did had faded a little already, so instead of doing just a touch-up we decided to go one step further with my hair color, using the color splash technique to further enhance my pink streaks! 

plant acid based color dyes that helps to protect lightened colored hair instead of causing further hair damage! it’s amazing! you would usually expect such brightly colored hair dyes to make bleached/lightened hair feel really dry and coarse, but i can’t even feel any difference in hair texture when i run my fingers through my hair, be it the pink highlighted streaks or the rest of my hair!

Stephanie skillfully picking out strands of hair to highlight pink!

and of course, following up with the RedKen Chemistry Cocktail hair treatment: it really leaves my hair feeling so silky soft and smooth!! one of my favorite hair treatments at Salon Vim at the moment!


part 2 of the cocktail treatment: leaving the concoction in the hair to do its magic while the machine generates heat to open up the hair cuticles so that all the goodness can be absorbed into the hair!

and finally.. after a wash and a blow dry, we are doneeeeee!!!!!!!

superrrrr chiooooo hairrrrr pleaseeeeeeeee!!!


mad love it!


and the back view just looks stunning with the pink streaks as well as color splash! see how the bottom of the hair does a subtle ombre into red? that’s the color splash technique, basically it’s a two tone color technique and i love how it works so well with the pink streaks blending into the red at the bottom of the hair!

you can really see how the color splash creates a gradient into red here from the root of my hair to the bottom. isn’t it lovely!

thank you Salon Vim for always giving me beautiful hair β€ and remember to look for my super talented and pretty and awesome hairstylist, Stephanie!

and guess what, i was just mentioning to Gary about how i asked YZ to get me a hair dryer for my birthday because i really needed a decent hair dryer, and he was super sweet to gift me with one instead! my favorite birthday present of the year!!!! THANK YOU GARY! β€

TUFT professional hairdryer can be purchased from Salon Vim, and it costs $180! and i swear, a good hair dryer REALLY makes all the difference!!! i mega love this hair dryer! it has some super ionizing technology and my hair feels much softer and looks so shiny after using it!

my outfit! white blazer, bandage top and Aztec shorts, all from TheVelvetDolls, bag from Bimba & Lola, and shoes from SΕ“urs! πŸ™‚

ending off with a shot of how the hair looked a couple weeks post-salon! it’s amazing how lasting the hair color is! i really love the gorgeous pink streaks and red color splash!

remember that you can quote my name YINA for 10% off all hair services at Salon Vim! πŸ™‚



313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! πŸ™‚


gonna get all my gears back into action so check back for new updates real soon, both on my blog and TheVelvetDolls! it’s time to work real hard! πŸ˜€

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