Salon Vim: Hair color + Texturizing perm review!


my apologies for the long overdue post ;__; i’ve been buried under a pile of work for the past 2 weeks! (i don’t know why, actually. but there’s been a thousand and one things to do and i feel desperately short on time at the moment. haven’t even been looking at Formspring as often and opening my inbox the past week cos doing so just stresses me out even more)

but anyway, i believe it’s all just a state of mind so i have to meditate and be zen until this feeling passes.

and also, i actually still have a million and one things i’ve yet to blog about, including my last trip to Salon Vim, when i did my insanely chio pink streaks! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it’s my first time getting such an outrageous color on my hair, but surprisingly enough, it looks really really good and i’ve received tons of compliments on the pretty hair color ever since!

the first thing i get done every visit is to of course get my hair style refreshed! this time, i opted to keep the length and just got some of the dry/damaged ends snipped off! i’m now thinking if i should go shorter, though. hmmmm.

i normally just waltz into the salon every visit and pretty much expect Stephanie, my hair stylist to work her magic and make my hair gorgeous. haha! most of the time, i’m open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions from Stephanie cos i trust that my hair is in good hands with her!

so when Steph suggested i do a soft texturizing perm on my hair ends, i agreed to it straight away! the texturizing perm will curl in my hair ends, so that it’s easier for me to style: everyone knows what a pain shoulder-length hair can be, when it comes to styling. as we only wanted the curl on the ends, only the lower half of my hair was set into curlers and then hooked up to the machine. it took about 30-45 minutes of heat setting, before we carried on to the next step: coloring!

i’ve been going for pretty safe color choices so far, and we thought it was time to try something more exciting πŸ˜€ i still wanted something that wasn’t too shocking though, so in the end, we settled for pink/purple streaks on a brown base! sounded awesome already, and i couldn’t wait to see the end result, but we still had one last step to go: hair treatment!

i got to experience Redken’s Chemistry Cocktail Service: it’s a personalized hair treatment that reconstructs and conditions the hair with a “cocktail” of different ingredients specially chosen for your hair needs! the hair treatment left my hair feeling ultra soft and conditioned, i love it! ^_^ Redken Chemistry Cocktail Service is currently having a 30% off promotion til the end of July, so i think it’s really worth experiencing for yourself!

and after hours of sitting in the salon chair… finally finally ended it off by getting my hair blow-dried to perfection πŸ˜€ i swear there’s magic going on at Salon Vim, how do they always always manage to blow-dry the tresses so gorgeously every single visit?! not that i’m complaining, but i can never manage to do the same myself at home!

check out the gorgeous results, love love loooove those pink streaks! surprisingly, the texturizing perm and crazy hair color didn’t leave my hair as damaged and dry as i thought it’d be. the end result of the perm was really quite natural, and noone could even tell that i’d permed my hair!

and a shot with my hair stylist, Stephanie! do look for Steph if you’re considering getting your hair done at Salon Vim too! she’s amazing with hair colors and also offers really great recommendations and suggestions if you’re stumped and at a loss about what to do to your hair! πŸ™‚

here’s some pictures i took of my pink hair the past few weeks, i’ve been courageously washing my hair with cold water instead of hot water so that the color lasts longer! and it’s been quite a few weeks since i dyed my hair already, but the pink streaks are still there! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ another helpful tip for crazy hair colors to last longer is to only shampoo the scalp and top of your head, leaving the ends alone! works quite well for me!

gorgeous or what? πŸ˜€ it looks especially awesome when braided, cos the pink streaks look so nice when interwoven!

i’ve also been masking my hair as regularly as possible: between the hair color and perm, i don’t want my hair to become all dry and damaged, so intensive conditioning is the way to go! L’Oreal Professionel’s Serie Expert’s Force Vector hair masque helps to strengthen my brittle hair and condition it, for stronger and healthier hair! ^_^ and i am absolutely in love with the Absolut Repair Cellular hair spray: i spritz it on generously before blow-drying, and it helps to protect and repair damaged hair at the same time! my hair always feels soft and silky after using it!


it’s only two more weeks to the end of July, so hurry and book an appointment with Salon Vim before July ends, in order to enjoy the fantastic GSS deals they’re having! it’s the best time to head over to Salon Vim because 30% off for the texturing perm and also creative cut/color/highlight is so so so worth it! this special deal only comes by once every year, so don’t miss it!

also, i highly recommend the Redken Chemistry Cocktail Service as well! with 30% off, it’s perfect for giving your hair a special treat.

remember to call to book your appointment in advance!



313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

 check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! πŸ™‚


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