Review: Laneige Brightening Sun Powder SPF50+ PA+++

a sunscreen in powder form? i was definitely piqued with interest when i first heard of the Laneige Brightening Sun Powder! dropped by a Laneige counter at NEX a couple days ago, so i grabbed one of these Brightening Sun Powder compacts for myself!

i make it a point to apply liquid sunscreen everyday as part of my skincare routine, but did you know that sunscreen should actually be re-applied every two hours when you’re under the sun? 

honestly, that is really impractical, because how do you actually re-apply sunscreen without getting your make-up all messed up? D:

thus, the brilliance of this powder sunscreen reveals itself. due to its powder form, it can be used with ease for extra sun protection for when you’re out and running about under the hot sun, even with a faceful of make up! sounds awesome already!

the powder comes in a handy compact with a lovely holographic cover, which is mesmerizing! opens up to reveal a pink powder that’s embossed with a geometric pattern and a beige diamond in the middle. it’s so pretty i almost can’t bear to use it.

and yes, that beige diamond isn’t there just for decorative purposes, it actually contains Vitamin C essence that prevents sebum oxidation under UV rays, to leave the skin bright all day long! the powder also contains Comfrey extracts that effectively soothe skin that’s been dulled and reddened skin by the  sunlight.

when applied on the skin, the powder is so finely milled that it’s non-cakey and barely visible. it blends right in after awhile, with a slight brightening effect from the pink powder! 😀

i’ve been using it for a couple of days already, and to be honest, i have no idea just how effective it is as a sun screen! it’s supposed to contain SPF 50+ PA+++, so that should count for something. since it’s near impossible to re-apply sunscreen once i’m out, this is definitely the next best option, and for kiasu people like me, better be safe than sorry, right? :S however, i feel that it’s still a must to apply your liquid sunscreen as per usual, as your primary protection.

also, there is no coverage at all, and it also cannot be used to set your foundation base. i tried it, and ended up getting white splotchy bits on my face instead! thus, you’d still need to use a loose powder or pressed powder on top of your foundation. it does help with mattifying my oily T-zone, so if you’re like me and don’t bother with touching up your loose powder/pressed powder often while you’re out, this would work well for extra sun protection while reducing any oily shine at the same time! i have to say, the sponge isn’t very useful when it comes to application, and i think a brush would do the job better! IMO, this powder should be applied as the last step of your make-up routine, and subsequently you can touch it up in the course of the day if you’re under the sun and require more sun protection.

overall, i really like this product! the idea of being able to ensure that i get as much sun protection as possible throughout the day appeals to me, and being able to brighten my skin slightly and mattify at the same time! the price of the product seems fairly reasonable too and i would re-purchase it for sure, especially if i see visible results from the extra sun protection!

Laneige Brightening Sun Powder costs SGD48, and it’s available at Laneige counters locally. i got it from Isetan at NEX, Serangoon! 🙂


on a another note, i am flying for Italy tomorrow night omg and yes i STILL haven’t packed my luggage yet u__u no sleeping tonight so that i can wrap up all the loose ends before i depart on my two week adventure! i’ll still be active on Instagram and Twitter and my blog, hopefully, because there should be internet while i’m over there, so, please don’t abandon my blog!

meanwhile, here’s some Instagram pictures of my lovable doggies to entertain you. they are mad adorable and are my four-legged clowns in the house to perk up my day!

i hope they don’t miss me when i’m gone! :S

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